E-mail me your Berrien County Surnames and their townships if known, and I will add them to the list.
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Surname Place Submitted By Notes/Comments
Farling Berrien County Cathy Strunk Offsite Link
Farley Berrien Springs Steve Harrison  
Faurot (e) Berrien County Lin Meeker  
Fausak Lincoln, Lake & Baroda Lee Fausak  
Feather Berrien County Sue "Rough" Mack  
Fehlauer Lake Township Lee Fausak  
Feige St. Joseph Twp. William Scholtes Offsite Link
Fernwalt Berrien County Lance Righter  
Fitzgerald Berrien County Suzanne Offsite Link
Fitzner Berrien County Paul Anderson  
Forton Berrien County Patti McKean  
Freier Berrien County J. Zerbe  
French Buchanan Rebecca Siciliano Offsite Link
Freyer Berrien County Matthew J. Bridges  
Frick Berrien County Bob Owens  
Frobel Berrien County J. Zerbe  
Fulton Berrien County Erin Pierce  
Ferguson Berrien County Susan Clark  



Alphabetical Surname List

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