Wagner School Files
Contributed by: Marge Hess Yetzke and
compiled from "files in the attic".

(Compiled by Virginia Hess Harroff student and neighbor of Wagner School , from school records left with her father, a school board member)

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Wagner School District No. 5, Buchanan Township, Berrien County, Michigan. A list of students in Grades 1st-8th, 1928-29 school year; taken from "Teacher's Attendance and Scholarship Records and Reports". Charles H. Hess was on the Wagner School Board for years, when Wagner School was merged into Buchanan School. While Wagner School was being cleaned out others were going to toss the school records. Rather than have that happen, Mr. Hess brought the school records home with him and they were left in boxes in his attic for many, many years.

Teacher - Bessie L. Dunkelberg

Grade Name Age

2 Lilian Abele 8
5 Emmitte Burns 12
6 Martha Burns 13
5 Gertrude Crothers 12
8 Genevieve Glassel 13
3 Marion Glassel 8
6 Oren Glassel 12
4 Bessie Harroff 9
3 Dorothy Harroff 7
2 Donald Harroff 7
1 Charles Hess 6
7 Esther Marsh 12
4 Gaylord Marsh 8
7 Raymond Marsh 10
5 Donald Ochse 11
5 Odis Reid 10
3 Donald Shetterly 8
5 Marvin Shetterly 10
7 Ross Shetterly 12
7 Dohn Weaver 12
1 Frank Weaver 5
4 Galen Weaver 9
4 Marlin Weaver 8
8 Ralph Whittaker 14
3 Jane Wilson 8
3 Marjorie Wolkins 7

In October six students came down with chicken pox, missing 31 days total, a very serious illness in those days.
Surprisingly only 2 students were siblings.

There was no school January 10 &11, 1929 "because of icy roads". They had to attend school 5 extra days, May 20-24; "to make up lost time
on account of icy roads and the day before New Years." On March 28, Oren Glassel missed 16 days because of a broken arm.
Emmitte and Martha Burns left the district in March 1929. Georgia Anna Topping from Indiana joined 7th Grade also in March 1929.
Submitted by Margaret (Hess) Yetzke (Charles H. Hess was my grandfather.)