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Penn Yan School 1946

Mr. Henry Beall - teacher

Note from Cheryl Parks - This picture was found in my great-aunt's collection. I'm not sure of the year, but it had to have been in the early 1940's. All of the students names are listed on the back of the photo (including the teacher, although my aunt thought that he was "Mr. Bill" instead of "Mr. Beall"). When I asked my grandmother the name of the school, she pronounced it "Penny Ann". My great-aunt is Melvina Sandefer (2nd row from the top, 5th from the left in black shirt & jumper); my grandmother is Shirley Sandefer (little girl standing on the bottom row at the far left with her arms crossed). The 5th boy from the left in the top row is James Hughes, my grandmother & great-aunt's step-brother. Also, 2nd boy in the bottom row from the right is Bobby Scroggs, my grandmother & great-aunt's step-nephew.

According the Chet Pelton ( he is the boy in the front row second from the left.  He identifies the year as 1946 and the students as: 

Back Row:  James Jung, Jack Le Plante, Lester White. Dick Wilson, James Hughes, Dale Long, Robert Bahus, Duane Wilming, Mr. Henry Beall
Third row:  Robert Cerny. Ray Cerney, Dorothy Lephet, Betty Westerhoven, Melvina Sanderfer, Alice Bahus, Bob Harkey , Pauline Pelton
Second Row:  Shirley Sandefer, Barbara Smith, Harold Harkey , Pearl Bahous , Sally Vucich
Front Row seated: Lenard Flagel, Chet Pelton,  Donald Pica, Clerance Lephet, Donnie Wilson, Evelyn Bahus ,Shelia Ray, Bobby Scroggs, Mark Long   

Penn Yann 1947

Penn Yann School 1947

According to Chet Pelton ( students are:
Back Row:  Bob Bahus, Mark Long, Dick Wilson, Duane Wilming, Lester White, Jack Le Plante, Bernice Atkinson, Jim Jung, Mr. Henry Beal
Third Row:  Chet Pelton, Donald Wilson, Donald Pica, Harold Harkey, Alice Bahus,  Gretha Kizer,  Pauline Pelton, Rose Flagel, Bob Harkey, Lenard Flagel
Second Row:  Barbara Smith, Vicky Smith, Pearl Bahus.  Charlotte Geible, Evelyn Bahus, Mark Long, Robert Flagel, Jackie Keine,

Front row:  Ronnie Stubelt, David Wessendorf, Bobby Scroggs

Penn Yann 1951
Penn Yann School 1951

According to Chet Pelton ( students are:
Back Row:  Mr. Henry Beall, Donnie Pica, Richard Dick, Chet Pelton, Martin traucine, Mary Lyons,?, Madonna Keth, Maxine Jackson, Evelyn Bahus, Mr. Isabelle  Beall
Third RowSherrill Miller, Charlote Geible, Billie Smith, Barbara Smith, Niky Vucich,  Donna Shilling, Sandra Harris, Donnie Wilson, John Harris. Bill Lewerenz, Mark Long ,  David Wessendorf  , Robert Flagel
Second Row: Unknown
Seated first Row: ? Pica, Vern Stubelt,  Harry Flagel, Ronnie Stubelt, Kenneth Pica, Forrest Wessendorf,?,?, Enos brown

Mr. & Mrs. Beall 1951
Mr. & Mrs. Beall 1951 Acoording to Chet Pelton (  "Mr. Henry Beal was the teacher at Penn Yan from about 1939 to the time it closed in about 1955. Mrs. Isabell Beall, Mr. Beall’s wife, started teaching at Penn Yan in about 1948 . Mr. Beal was my teacher for all nine elementary grades."
Penn Yann School 1951
According to Chet Pelton ( this picture is of Penn Yann school circa 1951
Class Room Penn Yann
Photo contibuted by Chet Pelton ( of inside of Penn Yann School
Penn Yann Christmas Play
Photo contibuted by Chet Pelton ( of Christmas Play students are:  "Clara Moore, Chet Pelton, Sandra Harris Mr. Henry Beall"

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