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Bedinger Grade School


Bedinger Grade School - 1933

1933 Bedinger School. Oronoko Township
The teacher was Candice Neighlinger.
Front row: 1. Marjorie Keeble, 2. Elizabeth Babb, 3. Charles Richards, 4. unknown, 5. unk, 6. unk, 7 Beverly Prillwitz, 8. Bobby Lemon
Second row: 1. ? Stevens 2. unk 3 unk 4. Fred Wroblewski 5, ? Street 6. unk 7. Edna Babb 8. Harold Henderson
Third row: 1. Laura Zech 2. Joe Wroblewski 3. Evedine Wenger (correct name) 4. unk 5. Unk 6. Unk 7, Dan Wroblewski, 8. teacher, Candice Neighlinger
Fourth row: 1. Roy Wenger, Eddie Baab, 3. Evelyn Zech, 4, Dorothy Lemon, 5, Selma Baab, 6. Vivian Porter, 7. ? Porter
contributed by: Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly -

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