Submitter's note. This list of supposed Seniors is in the Junior
section of the yearbook. I can't explain it nor have I seen any
explanation in the yearbook.

Benton Harbor - Junior Class Roll – Senior Group
Submitted by: Beth Richards – July 2009
Extracted from 1924-1925 Benton Harbor School Annual

Senior I Roll

Bender, Hannah 
Bittner, Minnie 
Biermman, Alden 
Clark, Marion 
Curtis, Bertha 
Dorgan, Virginia 
Eaman, Marjorie 
Edwards, Chas.
Foeltzer, Lucile 
Freeman, Opal 
Green, Evelyn 
Henderson, Wava 
Hadley, Henry 
Hilton, Margaret 
Hirsch, Chas.
Hoppe, Virginia 
Ireland, Irene 
Jarvis, Margaret
Karras, Jacob 
Kessler, Flossie 
Lutes, William 
Messner, Clarabelle 
Mitchell, Robert 
Morrow, Norma 
Peapples, Arthur 
Peters, Kathleen 
Roush, Walter 
Sager, Viola
Ross, Malcolm 
Sahlin, Harry 
Schneider, Erwilli 
Schilla, John 
Shaffer, Marjorie 
Shipman, Dorothy 
Shippy, Neil
Sweet, Florence 
Yourd, Marjorie