Excerpts from 1919 - 1926 Moccasin/Wagner Grange Secretary’s Book
Submitted by Marge Hess Yetzke and her Aunt Virginia Hess Harroff

Moccasin Grange No. 1658 Berrien County, Michigan
Was organized November 21st, 1918 by Dean Clark of Buchanan with 32 Charter Members as follows:

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wynn
Mr. & Mrs. Ira Neiswender
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Middlecamp
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lapolise (am not sure this is spelled correctly as old copy is very blurry)
Mr. & Mrs. F. C. Sterns
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Fedore
Mr. & Mrs. James Reed
Mr. & Mrs. August Ernst
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Letcher
Mr. & Mrs. Manual Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fryman
Benj. Rusack
A. H. Modaff
Frances Modaff
Carrie Modaff
Fred Miller
Chas. Dodge
George Wells
Miss Vera Benson

FIRST MASTER – Ira Neiswender, Buchanan
FIRST SECRETARY - George Wells, Buchanan

“The name of the Moccasin Grange was first published in the (Grange) Roster of 1919. The name was last published as Moccasin in the 1926 Roster.
In 1927 it was published as Wagner Grange with the same number, so the change of name was permitted by National Grange some time within that year.
This is all the information I can find on the old records. Sorry I can not give you more but the records are rather ‘stingy’ on details. Sincerely and fraternally, Maude E. Lovejoy”


Excerpts from 1919 - 1926 Moccasin/Wagner Grange Secretary’s Book
Submitted by Marge Hess Yetzke and her Aunt Virginia Hess Harroff

Note that these farmers had many of the same discussions heard today.
They also had interesting Roll Call questions.

Moccasin Grange Minutes from October 23, 1925
Grange #1658 met in regular session. Reported that a dish was presented to Mrs. Weaver, by Charity committee. Committee on Hard Time Social reported that
they thought best to postpone the event. This seemed agreeable to Grange. Decided to take E. Conrad Sale. Moved and supported that Master appoint someone
to see about fuel. Chas. Hess was appointed. Roll Call – Your favorite breakfast food. Reading on Ceres – Mrs. Wright Reading – What is Happiness – by L. Burbank.
Read by Mrs. Mitchell. Discussion – on corn borer. Short report from County Grange. Mr. Whittaker spoke of best grains for community.
Next program announced as Home night. Roll Call – What my home means to me.
Readings by Mr. & Mrs. Whittaker and Mr. Morley. Discussion – Has a young man of today as good a chance to become a farm owner as he did fifty years ago.

Moccasin Grange Minutes from Nov. 20, 1925
Moccasin Grange met in regular session for installation of officers. Regular order of business taken up. Bill for wood of $4 was presented by Bert Mitchell
and a bill of $2.25 for new lock was presented by Perry Morley. Moved and supported that Portage Prairie troupe of home talent players be asked to come and give their play.
A recess was declared to make preparations for installation.
Installation followed with Bro. Howard Neib from the Bend of the River Grange acting as installing officer, assisted by Bro. and Sister Young.
After installation, the regular order of business was taken up again . The new Worthy Master stated that he had $2 to present to (the) grange from paper contest.
The C. E. President presented the Grange with a check for $40. Moved and supported that Sec’y. write a note of thanks to the C. E. members for this gift. Carried.
Moved and supported that Grange pay $100 on building note. Carried. A good report of State Grange was given by Sister Nieb. A reading was given by Sister Harroff also by Worthy Master.
Next program was announced to be in charge of Milton Mitchell and Glen Whittaker.
Cora Hess, Sec’y.

Moccasin Grange Minutes from December 4,1925
Moccasin Grange met in regular session. Mrs. (May) Mitchell thanked the Grange for postcards sent her father Mr. (John) Coveney.
Moved and supported that bill due Bert Mitchell of $4 for wood and 70 cents for wick and generator, also bill of $2.25 to Perry Morley for new lock be paid.
Motion carried.
Moved and supported that hereafter when a bill is presented that it will be referred to Finance Committee.
Moved and supported that ladies may have the privilege to set aside a sum of money from special lunches given by them, to help equip the kitchen. Carried.
Two members were named on Ex. Comm. Lovega Harroff and Charles Hess. In absence of regular overseer it was decided to postpone further appointments until next meeting.
Master read duties of each officer. Suggested that each family take their turn at the janitor work. Moved and supported that the time of meetings be changed from Fri. night to Sat.
night until this change proves unsatisfactory. Carried. Lit. Program. Roll call – What home means to me.
Program for next meeting to be in charge of Laurene Wright and Virginia Hess. Roll call – Some old saying or proverb.
Cora Hess, Secy.

Minutes from December 19, 1925 Moccasin Grange met in regular session, 13 present.
Worthy Master reported two applications, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hartline and Mrs. Harroff reported the application of Russel Wright. Perry Morley, Lovega Harroff &
Bert Mitchell were appointed as an investigating com. Two bills were presented, $1.65 to Runion Bros. for glass for windows and 25 cents due Mrs. Mitchell for ad. for Grange play.
These bills were referred to Finance Com. Standing Committees Appointed. Executive - Lovega Harroff, Chas. Hess and Mrs. Frank Wright. Finance –
Perry Morley, Virginia Hess, Glen Whittaker Charity – Worthy Lecturers Mrs. Morley, Mrs. Mitchell Moved and supported that Master confer with some degree
team to see about initiating new members. Carried A recess was declared for Investment Com. and Finance Com. to act. Meeting called to order again.
*Penny march. Roll call – Some old saying or proverb. Song – “Holy Night” Each one told what they would like for Christmas if they could have just what they wanted.
Review of Van Dyke’s Book “The Other Wiseman” – Mrs. Mitchell Song – “The Little Brown Church” Reading – “The Night Before Christmas” –
Doris “The Night After Christmas” – Thelma “Hang Up Your Stockings” – Glen Next program to be in charge of Mrs. Harroff and Mrs. Whittaker. Roll call –
New Year’s Resolution.
Cora Hess, Secy.

Above piece typed and submitted by: Marge Hess Yetzke

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