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Veterans Of WW II

Benton Harbor Honor Roll
Benton Harbor, Roll of Honor
WW II - Dec 8, 1941
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Tribute: The following list is of the brave service men and woman that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country; their lives. There are over 300 names on this listing and it reflects the period
1941 to 1945, wars end. They left behind, mothers, fathers, wives, children, sweethearts, and other loving family members to answer the call to defend and protect this great land of ours. From the day Pearl Harbor was bombed to the surrender of Germany and Japan they fought for us, to keep us free.
--Please let me know if there is a spelling error or duplications on any of the names below. I attempted to read the listings the best that I could. Deanna Branson West- at

1941 to 1945 Killed During World War II

Surname, Rank & Given Residence DOD Place of death Additional Info
Achterberg, Lt. Robert Walter Saint Joseph 07/07/44 USA  
Adams, Staff sgt. Charles J Niles Mia 1943 Mediterranean area  
Adcock, Pfc. Frederick Saint Joseph 04/24/45 Italy  
Adler, Sgt. Ray Saint Joseph 11/25/44 France  
Airgood, Sgt. Ellis V Berrien Center 08/19/44 France  
Albright, S/Sgt. Vern C Watervliet 12/02/45 France  
Allen, Calvin E Niles 11/21/44 Germany  
Allen, Pfc. Calvin E Niles 02/09/45 Europe  
Altizer, S 1/c Goerge Saint Joseph 12/25/45 Hawaii  
Amon, S/Sgt. Cleland Niles 05/05/44 Italy  
Amon, seaman, Frederick Purdy Niles 12/07/41 Pearl Harbor Mia later reported dead-member. Army Air Corps
Ande, Pvt. LeRoy Niles 1942 Africa parachute battalion
Anderson, Lt. (jg) Arthur Niles 07/23/45 Japan  
Ankli, T/Sgt. Edward Benton Harbor 10/06/45 Germany  
Armstrong, Sgt. Howard Niles 03/26/45 Engiena  
Arntz, Pvt. Marvin Benton Harbor 02/10/45 Luzon  
Avery, Staff Sgt. William A Benton Harbor      
Balistrerl, Pvt. Jack Benton Harbor 11/19/44 Europe  
Barmore, Elect. Mate 3/c Martin LeRoy Benton Harbor 1943 USS Juneau at Guadalcanal so Roy E Barmore
Barry, Sgt. Eugene Benton Harbor 02/26/45 Tokyo  
Bayman, M/Sgt. Rex Benton Harbor 01/09/45 USA  
Beall, 2nd / Lt. Harold Kenneth Niles 03/05/45 Mediteranean - Italy  
Bender, Pfc. Franklin Jr. Saint Joseph 03/06/44 USA  
Bishop, Cpl. Ronald M. Benton Harbor 1943 Nautilus hospital, Miami Beach, FL so A. H. Bishop
Bishop, Med. Corps. Arthur Jr moved to South Bend, IN 1943 Italy – killed in action as stretcher bearer ho Betty Thomas
Boggs, 1st /Lt Gholson Niles 07/26/42 Jap Prison Camp reported in 1945
Bond, Staff Sgt. George W New Buffalo Mia 1943 Asiatic Area husband of Peggy C Bond
Bone, Pfc. William Saint Joseph   Pacific  
Brandt, S/Sgt. Donald H Benton Harbor 03/15/45 Germany  
Brant, Cpl. James Benton Harbor 03/17/45 Germany  
Brant, Cpl. James Benton Harbor Mia 10/8/43 radioman on US bomber – European area so William A Avery Sr – declared dead 11/23/44
Brant, Wilson E Benton Harbor 08/21/44 France  
Brewer, Pfc. Delos Galien 04/07/45 France  
Brown, Pvt. Leroy J Benton Harbor 10/22/44 island of Pelelin in Pacific  
Brown, Robert Niles Mia 1942 Alaska Army air corps bomber crew gunner
Brown, Sgt. Warren Benton Harbor 05/12/45 Germany  
Burridge, Lt. Albert     Phillipines  
Bush, Donald Three Oaks 1943   Army Air Force – so Mrs. C. V. Jennings
Carlson, Ensign Robert C. Saint Joseph 1943 Operational flight over Rhode Island so John Carlson
Carroll, Lt. Com. Wells W Benton Harbor 11/24/43 Liscome Bay off Makin Island saved sevearl of his men before gas tanks exploded
Carter, Pfc. Harold F Benton Harbor 06/15/44 France  
Caseinger, Pvt. Eugene New Buffalo 04/08/45 Okinawa  
Casey, S/Sgt. Paul Saint Joseph 03/11/45 Italy  
Casper, Pvt. William Niles 01/13/45 Belgium  
Cauffman, Pvt. Frank Buchanan   Germany  
Chase, Pvt. James S Benton Harbor 05/01/45 Okinawa  
Chinery, Pfc. Willett S Saint Joseph 04/11/45 Okinawa  
Clark, Lt. Richard Berrien Center 03/11/44    
Clarke, Bernard Saint Joseph 1943 New Guinea Decorated with Silver star
Clemens, Pvt William F Benton Harbor 06/12/45 Pacific  
Clements, Lt. Richard Paul Benton Harbor 06/03/44 USA  
Clements, Pfc. Russell Buchanan 07/27/44 Pacific  
Cole, Cpl. Duane O Niles 01/11/44 Pacific  
Covert, Cpl Jimmie Lakeside 1943 North Africa so Clyde Covert
Craft, Pvt. Jesse A Jr McCord St., Benton Harbor 1943 North Africa so Mrs. Anna Craft
Crouse, Pvt. Jack L Benton Harbor 06/11/44 Gen MacArthur's troops in New Guinea  
Curtis, Pvt. Leo Niles 04/18/45 Germany  
Curtis, Sgt. James Niles 08/03/44 France  
Dahlberg, 1st Lt. Douglas n/a 1943 bomber crash in California, USA so A. A. Dahlberg
Dahlke, S/Sgt. Gene C Bridgman Mia 1944 Austria Official reported dead 1945
Dass, Pvt. Amiel Jr. Benton Harbor 02/18/45 Camp Joseph T Robinson, Ark.  
Davis, Lt. Frank Foy Saint Joseph Mia 11/1943 European area - declared dead 1944 bomber pilot
DeMorrow, Pfc. Frank E Lakeside Mia 1943 Italy  
Dewey, Fireman, Henry W Benton Harbor Mia 1942 na  
Diederich, S/Sgt. Raymond John Saint Joseph Mia 1944   Official reported dead 1945
Doan, Pvt. Raymond E Saint Joseph 02/02/45 France  
Dohm, Cpl. Ernest W Niles 04/20/44 Italy  
Douglas, Pfc. Joseph H Eau Claire 11/07/44 Peleliu Island  
Dumbauld, Robert Edwin Benton Harbor 11/14/44 France  
Dunifin, Cpl. Donald Niles 03/18/44 Italy  
Dunning, Ava. Cadet, Raymond E Bridgman 1943 training plane crash at Pensacola, FL so Mrs. Lois Dunning
Eichler, S/Sgt. William Benton Harbor 02/06/45 Luzon  
Ellis, Pfc. James Buchanan 08/21/44 France  
Elo, S/Sgt. Frank Niles 02/10/45 Germany  
Failman, F 2/c Clarence Henry Saint Joseph 03/06/44 North Atlantic  
Fargas, Pvt. James Buchanan 12/02/44 France  
Faurote, Pvt. Glenn R Saint Joseph 04/04/45 Germany  
Frosolone, Pfc. Peter William Benton Harbor 09/22/44 France  
Fuller, Sgt. Harold Buchanan 11/23/44 China  
Gano, Pfc. William Tunis 1943 n/a bo Allen Gano, Townline Road
Gantz, Marine Pvt. Alfred Benton Harbor 1945 Europe  
Gimlin, Capt. Forrest Buchanan 05/21/45 Phillipines  
Giner, Pvt. Harry Niles 04/07/09    
Good, Pvt. Harold Buchanan 11/27/44 France  
Good, Pvt. John Buchanan 08/13/44 New Guinea  
Goodwin, Pfc. Jack Franklin Baroda 11/11/44 Italy  
Graham, Wesley E Benton Harbor 12/07/41 Pearl Harbor Attack on Pearl Harbor
Green, Cpl. Robert C New Buffalo 01/17/45 Catandauaes Islands  
Grundman, Lt. Fred L Benton Harbor 12/23/45 Germany  
Haase, Joseph E Niles 08/22/44 USA maritime service
Haase, Sgt. William Niles 08/03/44 Germany  
Hafer, William C Coloma 06/27/44 Italy  
Haka, T/Sgt. Victor Joseph Saint Joseph Mia 1944 France died Dec. 31
Hall, 1st Lt. Thomas W Benton Harbor 02/27/45 Iwo Jima  
Hamm, Pvt. Ira Benton Harbor 02/07/45 Belgium  
Hancock, Pvt. Henry Niles 05/06/44 Jap Prison Camp  
Hancock, Pvt. Henry Niles Mia 1942 Phillipines reported dead 5/8/1944
Happala, Pvt Arne E Saint Joseph Mia 1942 Phillipines so William Happala
Harper, Pvt. Marvin W Watervliet 03/14/45 Iwo Jima  
Harris, Musc. 2/c Louis E Jr Benton Harbor 12/07/41 Pearl Harbor Attack on Pearl Harbor
Hartline, Sgt. Victor Buchanan 02/02/45 Germany  
Hayes, S/Sgt. Walter LaVerne Niles 06/06/44 Normandy died D-day
Head, Pvt. Marvell Benton Harbor 10/06/44 Holland  
Heim, S/Sgt. Francis L Buchanan Mia 1944 India Official reported dead 1945
Helm, S/Sgt. Francis E. Buchanan 04/03/44 China  
Hemminger, Pfc. Jay Benton Harbor 06/12/44 France  
Henerson, S/Sgt. Ray Niles 06/06/44 Romania – over Romania died D-day
Hennes, Pvt. Parnell Benton Harbor 01/10/45 Germany  
Herman, Sgt. Arnold Buchanan 08/18/44 France  
Herriger, Pfc. Leonard Buchanan 11/16/44 Germany  
Heyn, Lt. Donald G Bridgman 04/10/45 Chickasha, OK, USA  
Hiler, S 2/c Robert Watervliet 1/1945 South Pacific  
Hiler, S 2/c Robert Watervliet 01/05/44 South Pacific  
Hill, Lt Charles D. Benton Harbor 09/19/45 England  
Hines, Pfc. Marion L Benton Harbor 08/10/44 Italy  
Holland, Capt. E. J. Benton Harbor 10/25/44 Saipan  
Hollis, Pfc. H. J. New Buffalo 02/24/45 Iwo Jima  
Howell, S/Sgt Ernest B Benton Harbor Mia 1944   reported dead Sept 14
Howell, S/Sgt. Ernest Benton Harbor 09/13/44 France  
Ingles, Lt. Harold Berrien Springs 11/07/44 over Yugolslavia  
Jackson, AMM 3/c Harvey J Buchanan   Pacific  
Jarrell, Pfc. Russell B-Marine Niles Mia 1944   declared dead 10/27/1944
Jaynes, Sgt. James F Niles Mia 1943 Missing in Southwest Pacific so Mrs. Pearl V. Rose
Jennings, Lt. James F Benton Harbor 1943 AAF bombadier over Hanover, Germany so Earl Jennings – now Logansport
Jetzke, Sgt. Edward H Watervliet 03/09/45 Germany  
Johnson, Pvt. Raymond Niles 1945 Germany  
Johnson, S. Sgt. Robert Eau Claire Mia 8/26/44 France Official reported dead 1945
Jones, Petty Officer George Saint Joseph 12/07/41 Pearl Harbor Attack on Pearl Harbor USS Destroyer Downes
Karsen, Pfc. Kenneth Charles Benton Harbor 08/24/44 France  
Kaslinger, Pfc. Eugene H New Buffalo 1945 Pacific  
Katsbach, Staff Sgt. Theodore Bridgman 11/21/44 Leyte  
Katzbach, S/Sgt. Theodore Stevensville Mia 1944 Leyte Official reported dead 1945
Kennedy, 2nd Lt Charles F Benton Harbor 1945    
Kepil, 2nd Lt. Leonard Coloma 03/09/45 Egypt  
Kern, Pfc. Eugene J Three Oaks 11/19/44 Germany  
Kerns, Eugene Three Oaks December 1944 France  
Kieti, Mach Mate 2/c Lloyd E Berrien Springs Mia 1942 Missing at Manila Bay grandson of Mrs. L A. Spaulding
Kirk, Pfc Charles L Niles 03/06/44 Pacific  
Kiste, T/Sgt. Clayton Niles 08/16/44 France  
Klimek, Cpl. Joseph L Niles 1943 SW Pacific so Casmer Klimek
Kline, S/Sgt. Gordon Niles 04/25/45 Germany  
Konkey, S/Sgt. John Niles 05/18/44 Italy  
Koziel, Daniel Galien 08/08/44 France  
Kriel, Lieut. Erwin R Saint Joseph 1942 Singapore  
Kriel, Pvt. John H Stevensville 1942 Williams Field, AZ killed in training plane crash
Krugman, Sgt. Laverne Watervliet 12/22/44 Germany  
Kuehl, Pvt. Carl E Benton Harbor 03/14/44 USA  
Langston, Pfc, William Saint Joseph 03/07/45 Iwo Jima  
Lantry, Pfc. Charles T Benton Harbor 06/12/44 France  
Larking, Jerry, US Marine Corps Coloma 10/16/44 South Pacific  
Larson, Pvt. Duane Niles 02/26/45 Corregidor  
LaVanway, Pvt. Alex Donald Benton Harbor 02/24/45 Germany  
Lehocky, Pfc. Frank Bridgman 1943 Italy – awarded purple heart  
Lehr, Pvt. Lawrence W Niles Mia 1943   so Daisy Lehr
LeRoy, Edward A Niles 1943    
Lervold, Capt. Carl Benton Harbor 03/17/44 Pacific  
Linville, Kenneth Franklin Niles 03/26/45 Phillipines  
Locke, Sgt. Leo Edward Benton Harbor 1943 AAF in South America  
Lucas, Lt. William F. Benton Harbor 1943 SW Pacific Plane crash
Lucius, Pfc. Milton Adolph Saint Joseph   Phillipines  
Lumley, Pfc. Robert H Three Oaks 01/15/45 France  
Lynch, Pfc. Bernard Spinks Corners 05/23/45 Okinawa  
Lyon, Lt. Dale Buchanan 10/15/45 USA  
Maas, T/Sgt. Albert Barnard Benton Harbor   Austria  
Marks, Pvt. George Niles 10/03/44 Germany  
Martelle, Harold Territorial Road, Berrien Co. Mia 1942 Corregidor so H D Martelle
Martin, David Three Oaks 04/25/44 South Pacific  
Martin, PHM 3/c Vernon Niles 1945 Pacific  
Marutz, Pfc. Harold Saint Joseph 06/24/44 Italy  
Mather, 1st Lt. Howard Saint Joseph   Pacific  
McCoills?, Pfc. Frank Benton Harbor 08/08/44 France  
McCray, Pfc. Martin L Benton Harbor 01/10/45 Germany  
McDermott, Pfc. Bernard Saint Joseph Mia 1944 Italy Official reported dead 1945
McWilliams, G/Sgt. Lyle Niles 05/05/45 Belate Pass, Luzon  
Miller, Cpl. Dick Saint Joseph 05/03/45 Dutch, New Guinea  
Miller, George Harold Niles 1943    
Miller, John Benton Harbor 1942 na so Henry Miller
Miller, S/Sgt. Marion Benton Harbor 06/18/44 England  
Miller, Sgt. George E Coloma 04/07/45 Germany  
Mischke, Cpl. Martin A Baroda 4/1944 Italy  
Morey, AOM 2/c Richard F Saint Joseph 1945 Pacific  
Morrison, Pvt Francis Benton Harbor 11/13/45 USA  
Mutz, Cpl. Edwin B Saint Joseph 07/27/44 France  
Nelson, Cpl. Howard Niles 04/13/45 Germany  
Nernberg, Pfc. Walter Saint Joseph 03/01/45 New Hebrides  
Newsom, Pfc. Chester L Buchanan 02/10/45 Germany  
Nicholson, Pfc. George Niles 10/23/44 France  
O'Neill, Pvt. John E Benton Harbor 05/24/45 Pacific  
Ochenryder, Pfc. Robert Niles 10/27/44 France  
Oles, Pfc. Vincent Stevensville 03/10/44 Italy Official reported dead 1945
Olmstead, Mast. Sgt, James N Watervliet Mia 1942 Missing at Manila area so William M Olmstead
Olney, T/Sgt. Ralph Saint Joseph 08/30/45 Yugoslavia  
Omweg, Chester D Benton Harbor 1942 New Guinea Anti-tank Corps
Orlas, Michael Niles, Platt Street Mia 1943   US Nayve so Michael Orlas St.
Owen, Ens. William Lea Niles Jul 1942 mia Later reported dead
Paul, Valentine Lester Buchanan 1943    
Paulsen, S/Sgt. Richard M Benton Harbor 07/07/44 Europe  
Pawloski, Pfc. Edward Frank New Buffalo 7/23/45   body shipped home 21 February, 1949
Peters, Pfc. Stanley Benton Harbor Mia 1944 Germany Official reported dead 1945
Petrac, George Benton Harbor 08/15/45 Michigan City, Indiana killed in auto accident
Philips, MM 3/c Stanton Watervliet 05/17/44 USA  
Phillips, Pvt. Robert E Benton Harbor      
Platt, Mach. Gunr, Robert Benton Harbor Mia 1942 Phillipines- Jap Prisoner ship, China coast so Mrs. Ruth Goetz
Porter, James Watervliet 03/25/45 Iwo Jima  
Poschke, seaman 2/c, Robert Saint Joseph 1942 na so Albert Poschke
Pound, Capt. James H Benton Harbor 5/33/44 USA  
Pulliam, Charles Wesley Jr Benton Harbor 1943 on U S S Quincy so Mrs. C. W. Phillips
Purlridge, Pvt. Murl W Eau Claire 5151945 Okinawa  
Radke, Pfc. James J Benton Harbor 09/16/44 Germany  
Railsbaach, Keith Three Oaks 9/1944 France  
Randall, Lieut. J. W. Higman Park 1943 Sicilian Campaign so L. M. Randall
Rantz, Pfc. Dale Benton Harbor Mia 1944   reported officially dead
Ray, A/C Floyd L Jr Coloma 01/10/44 USA  
Reed, Lt. John IV Benton Harbor 04/29/44 Europe  
Reinhardt, BM 1/c Richard Saint Joseph 1945 South Pacific  
Reitz, Sgt. Henry Bridgman 11/20/44 Germany  
Rennhack, Erich Baroda 1942 Phillipines killed shortly before Manila fell
Repine, Sgt. Robert L Niles 06/08/44 France  
Reschke, Cpl. Henry M Eau Claire 07/07/44 France  
Reschke, Pfc. Emil W Eau Claire 03/10/44 Italy  
Reynolds, Pvt. Millard A Benton Harbor 9/1945 Phillipines  
Rholfs, MM 3/c Gordon Ford Niles Mia 1943 Solomons declared dead July 1944
Riley, Pvt. Robert D Niles 08/16/44 Pacific  
Roderick, Pvt. Joseph Three Oaks 07/27/44 Italy  
Rogers, Lt. Glenn Benton Harbor 1943 Benton Harbor, MI, USA heart attack at home
Rogers, Pvt. Willard L Benton Harbor Mia 1943 North Africa so Mrs. Wilhelmina Rogers
Rohlfs, Gordon Ford Niles Mia 1943   US Navy – so Cecil Rohlfs
Rosenbaum, Pfc. Melvin New Buffalo 07/29/44 France  
Rosenthal, Cpl. Paul Saint Joseph 04/11/45 Germany  
Rosenthal, Pfc. Alexander Baroda 06/06/44 France  
Ross, Sgt. Anthony Twelve Corners   Europe  
Ross, Ships Cook 3/c Gerald R D Sodus Mia 1942   so Joseph Ross
Roth, Lt. Merle J Berrien Springs 11/19/44 France  
Rue, Pfc. Bruce C Benton Harbor 03/03/45 Alexandria, LA, USA  
Ruth, fireman 2/c Charles D Buchanan 1942 na so J. A. Ruth
Rybarczyh, Arm2/C Albert Peter Benton Harbor Mia 9/17/1944   Officially reported dead 10/3/1945
Sachy, Pfc. Peter Benton Harbor 08/08/44 France  
Salerno, Sgt. Joseph Benton Harbor Mia 11/2/1944   Officially reported dead 3/14/1945
Saltzman, Sgt. Robert Coloma Mia 1944   Reported dead 4/5/1945
Sayers, Pfc. Allen Marshall Saint Joseph 1943 South Pacific grandson of Mrs. Anna Marshall
Schaaf, Lt. Claire Vander Saint Joseph 05/07/44 Europe  
Schmaltz, Lt. Arthur Bridgman 06/17/44 USA  
Schultz, T/Sgt. Earl Stevensville 07/01/45 Italy  
Seiters, Pfc. Roland D Watervliet 07/28/44 France  
Shaffer, Sgt. Clyde L Jr. Buchanan 1943 European theater of operations so Mrs. Ulrica Shaffer
Sharai, Pfc. Raymond Sodus 1943 Utah Hospital after being wounded N. Africa so Mrs. Amos Thomas
Shipperley, S/Sgt. Richard Buchanan 06/13/44 Asiatic Area  
Shook, T/5 John A Niles 05/28/44 Italy  
Simpson, Sgt. Dale Buchanan 11/17/44 Leyte  
Siriano, Pfc. Carl L Benton Harbor 07/27/44 France  
Sisk, Cpl. Jesse Niles 04/06/45 Germany  
Smith, Lt. Conger Three Oaks 03/15/44 Africa  
Smith, Pvt. Rufus Benton Harbor 09/12/44 Belgium  
Sommers, Sgt. James Berrien Center 09/09/44 mia Reported officially dead 7/20/1945
Sorenson, Pvt John Benton Harbor 02/05/45 Belgium  
Stafford, Aviation Cadet Olin A Benton Harbor 1943 Gadsden, Ala killed in training plane crash
Stakley, Cpl. Donald Benton Harbor 1943 Italy so Clayton Stakley
Stanton, Amm 3/c Phillip Watervliet 05/17/45 USA  
Stathopulos, Pfc. Steve Saint Joseph 09/24/44 France  
Story, Pfc. Elmer Coloma 07/26/44 Pacific  
Stretch, fireman Robert Eugene Buchanan 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea  
Striby, Lt. Frederick H Benton Harbor 07/08/44 France  
Strong, Pfc. Robert Duane Berrien Center 05/03/45 Pacific  
Stygar, Pvt. John Benton Harbor 03/11/44 Italy  
Suwarsky, Pvt. Stanley Coloma 06/08/44 Normandy D-Day invasion
Swartz, S 1/c Robert Buchanan 9101945 South Pacific  
Swinford, Robert Watervliet Mia 1944   Official reported dead 1945
Symons, M/Sgt. Lowell Hagar Twp 1943 Killed on duty with AAF in S. Pacific  
Templeton, S 1/c James Roy Benton Harbor 06/19/44 USA  
Templeton, Seaman 1/c James Roy Benton Harbor 1943 washed overboard from ship at Hampton Roads so U. G. Templeton
Tennyson, Pfc. Robert Niles 11/11/44 Leyte  
Thomas, Pfc. Robert Three Oaks 04/12/45 Okinawa  
Thurston, T. Sgt. Charles New Buffalo 11/20/44 Leyte  
Tiefenbach, mach. Mate 1/c Robert E Saint Joseph Mia 1942 Missing at Manila Bay so Carl Edward Teifenbach
Tiscornia, Capt. Edward Saint Joseph 05/02/45 Okinawa  
Tulacz, Sgt. Edward A New Buffalo 4/1945 Pacific  
Victor, Pvt. Thomas Benton Harbor 12/44 Europe  
Wagner, Major Edward New Buffalo 07/27/45 Wisconsin, USA  
Wagner, Pvt. Arthur Berrien Springs 05/25/44 Italy  
Wallace, Capt. Harold A Niles Mia 12/14/1944 Phillipines Officially reported dead
Walton, Cpl. Virgil Saint Joseph 01/05/45 England died in plane crash
Warner, Theodore Jr Niles 03/25/45 Europe  
Waters, Capt. Harry L Niles 1943 Choiseul Island so Clarence Waters
Watkins, Ensign Lowell Benton Harbor 07/28/45 USA  
Watson, Pvt. Charles Benton Harbor 04/23/45 Luzon  
Webster, Sgt. Leo Berrien Springs 07/19/44 Pacific  
Welch, Roscoe Wilbur Benton Harbor Mia 1942   US Navy
Wenger, Sgt. Alvan E Baroda 1943 bomber crash near Sioux City, IA so Samuel Wenger
Weschke, T/5, Edwin E Benton Harbor 06/07/44 England  
Weyrouch, Sgt. Russell Saint Joseph 1943 Greenland accident bo Mrs. Mildred Paul
Whitten, Lt. Vance Bridgman 08/13/44 USA  
Wilkinson, Pvt. Cornell Saint Joseph 06/13/44 Italy  
Wilson, Lt. William D Benton Harbor 10/22/44 China  
Wiltbank, Lt. Glen G Benton Harbor 06/27/44 Burma  
Winters, Sgt. Donald Keith Niles 1943 Texas Killed crash in TX
Woodward, T/5 Roger Coloma 02/07/45 Germany  
Worster, Keith Niles 10/25/44 Germany  
Yarrick, Cpl James Niles 01/09/45 France  
Yokubaitis, Pfc. Raymond Saint Joseph 11/10/44 France  
Yore, Patrick E Benton Harbor 11/44 declared Dead 11/1944  
Young, Pfc Russell T Benton Harbor 02/06/45 France  
Yuran, S/Sgt Thomas Benton Harbor 04/01/45 Okinawa  
Zavoral, S/Sgt. Frank Jr. Bridgman 03/25/45 Germany  
Zelkowski, Pfc. Tony Jr. Benton Harbor 1943 Italy bo Miss Stella Zelkowski, Benton Harbor
Ziegler, Capt. Leo Benton Harbor 08/15/44 France  
Zupke, S 3/c James Louis Buchanan 11/1945 in route to China Pneumonia

Benton Harbor, Roll of Honor - Photo Above - Benton Harbor placed this War Memorial for Service men from 1941 to 1943. More were to be added as needed. The observance took place on November 11, 1943. The Kiwanis Club of Benton Harbor held drives to raise funds. And it was placed on the Lawn of the Municipal Building. In November of 1943 there were 1600 names representing those in the armed forces. Plans for more names of the enlisted would be added later.
Under the Large Gold Star in the photo are the names of 16 who gave their lives in service of their country.
Those Service Men were:
Chester D.Omweg, Bert Agens, Wilbur E. Ucek, Jessie Craft, Jr., Leo Edward Locke, Martin L. Barmore, Elmer A. Sommerfeld, Lloyd E.Klett, Charles L. Price, Ray L Evans, Ollin A. Stafford, J. W. Randall, Louis H. Harris, Chester W. Pulliam, Donald Stakley, Robert Poschke.

Also placed under the star is a quote by General McArthur: "I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of his death."

St. Joseph WW II Memorial – No photo at this time - On the same date as above, the Elks Lodge of St. Joseph erected an Honor Roll Memorial for the St. Joseph service men that served in the armed forces for WW II. The ceremony took place at Point Park.

Roll Of Honor Continued on Next Page - Veterans & Killed in Action

Let me know and I will add your ancestors and loved ones to the roll of honor.

Names Those Under The Star
Dumond, Gladys Elizabeth
Dumond, William James
Probst, Floyd S.
Agens, Bert
Barmore, Martin L.
Craft, Jessie Jr.
Locke, Leo Edward
Omweg, Chester D.
Ucek, Wilbur E.

WW II Veterans Buried in Berrien County Michigan

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Service Information
Allred, Earle F.
5 September 1923
2 November 2005
Rose Hill Cemetery Staff SGT US Army
French, Charles David
7 March 1921
29 October 2000
Rose Hill Cemetery CPL US Army Air Forces
Haase, Arthur R. Sr. June 2, 1927 Feb. 9, 2009 Riverview Cemetery US Army Veteran
Hubbard, Clare W.
8 September 1914
5 April 2002
Union Cemetery US Army Air Forces
Kennedy, Harry M.
Howe Cemetery US Army Air Forces
Lantz, Michael J.
7 October 1910
23 November 2000
Rose Hill Cemetery US Army
Moore, Vernon E.
8 June 1919
28 October 2005
Rose Hill Cemetery PVT US Army
Plumb, Stanley Edwin
1 August 1921
9 August 1997
Rose Hill Cemetery TEC 5 US Army
Pool, Robert M.
15 September 1915
12 June 2003
Rose Hill Cemetery TEC 5 US Army
Seaman, Clayton Elwood24 Feb, 192315 May 1996North Shore Memory Gardens82nd Airborne in Operation Market Garden. His ashes were spread at the Benton Harbor County Club - he was a scratch golfer. 
Sherwood, Milo E. 30 October 1915 4 December 1998 Rose Hill Cemetery US Army