Berrien County
Michigan Marriages



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listed by Groom


Groom Bride Date/Place Notes Contributor

Teeple, Frederick H

Bloomer, Elizabeth

17 Aug 1889

Berrien County

Teets, Isaac

Neiman, Mary N.

28 SEP 1873


CTY REC# 0321

Tomlinson, Alton M

Huff, Rachel

27 July 1898


Tomlinson, Benjamin F

Barbour, Harriet A

30 June 1867

Berrien County

Tomlinson, James Alexander

Stevens, Thankful Jane

14 Nov 1861

Berrien County

Tucker, John

Brong, Lucy Anna Maria


Weesaw Township

Anita's Great Grandmother

Anita Frucci Rodgers

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