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Schmalfuss, William E. R.

Burtzloff, Lena M

12 April 1899
Benton Harbor

William was age 30, born Germany Father; A. H. Schmalfuss Mother; G. Bilderwein. Lena was age 26, born MI Father; Unknown Mother; Unknown. Married by L.W. Earl, Minister
Witnesses; Mrs. G.W. Classon, Benton Harbor
Mary Maddox, Benton Harbor

Sheeley, Edward Allen

Abele, Lillian May

28 June 1941

License no. 418

Eric E. Kraus

Shemley, Samuel

Feather, Betsey

10 July 1834

Shoemaker, Jacob

Burke, Mary

08 May 1833

Shrader, John C. (Schrader

Hill, Carrie B.

24 June 1900
Three Oaks

John was age 27, born Three Oaks Father; John Shrader Mother; Louise Dryer. Carrie was age 20, born New Troy
Father; Eugene Hill
Mother; Eva Boyce. Married by George E. Pooler,
Pastor of M.E. Church
Witnesses; Clark Hill, New Troy
Lena Schrader, Three Oaks. Record # 0355

Laura (King) Stanzel

Sides, John A.

Loux, July Ann

06 Dec 1868/Sodus

John was age 40 of Benton. July was age 26 of SodusWitness: William Sides Joseph Sides Liber E, p39

Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com

Sides, John A.

Hoadley, Sarah (nee Sorrell)

06 Oct 1875/Pipestone

John was age 48 of Pipestone Born: Sugar Creek, WayneCo., OH. Sarah was Age 33 of Pipestone Born: Hagar, Berrien Co., MI. Liber E, p.242, #416

Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com

Sides, Jery

Somers, Maud A.

18 July 1901

Benton Harbor

Jerry was age 31 of Benton Harbor Father: William Sides Mother: Margaret Koontz. Maud was age 19 of Benton Harbor. Liber H,p.208,# 653 JP: S.B. Kimball Witnesses: Arthur Manning Olive Manning

Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com

Sides, Louis Springs

Partage, Libbie

04 Sep 1890


Louis was age 23 of Sodus. Libbie was age 25 of Sodus. Liber G, p.77, #138 JP: Lewis Marquissar Witnesses: Ada Franz Clara Deck

Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com

Sides, William

Harvick, Sarah

25 Apr 1889

Benton Harbor

William was age 52 of Benton Harbor. Sarah was age 46 of Benton. Liber G, p39, #584 JP: M.G. Lawport

Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com

Signs, George Liber

Sides, Sabe

12 Sep 1868


George was Age 45 of Sodus. Liber E, p39, #276

Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com

Slocum, Kenard

Woolridge, Allie nee Powell

26 Aug 1892

Kenard was Age 21, born IN. Father; Benj. Slocum
Mother; Jane Right. Allie was Age 19, born MI.
Father; John Powell
Mother; Sarah Jane Brant. Married by Clement L. Barrou, J.P.
Witnesses; Wm. R. Metcalf, Niles
S.S. Lansing, Niles. Record # 0989

Laura (King) Stanzel

Smith, Ariel

Jane, Betsey

09 Sept 1832

Smith, Edward

Obrien, Mary

02 Jan 1832

Smith, George

Harner, Caroline

22 Feb 1846

Oronoko Township

George was 32 yrs. of age and Caroline was 23 yrs old. Witnesses were John Harner and Peter Smith. Caroline was the daughter of John and Susanna (Haney) Harner.

William Brackett

Smith, George S Wigent, Tempa M Nov 2, 1890
By Rev. W. B. Dada At residence of Mr. Richard E. Wigent, Sharon Ray Renno

Spooner, Allen Lorenzo

Ludlow, Catherine

05 Oct 1901
Benton Harbor

Allen was Age 21, born Florida Father; Charles W. Spooner Mother; Allen. Catherine was Age 18, born IN. Father; Talama Mother; VanArsdall. Married by C.E. Maxfield, Clergyman Witnesses; Emma C. Maxfield, Benton Harbor Jenny H. Kennedy, Benton Harbor

Deanna West

Spooner, Allen L.

Vaughn, Maud

25 Aug 1920
St. Joseph

Allen was age 39, born Florida Father; Charles W. Spooner Mother; Allen. Maud was age 43, born MI Father; Daniel Vaughn Mother; Unknown. Married by Perry V. Dawe, Pastor
Witnesses; A. Gertrude Dawe, St. Joseph
Mrs. Jennie Cressey, St. Joseph

Stanton, George Washington

Tomlinson, Nettie Blanche

4 July 1881

George was age 26, born Troy, Ohio. Nettie was age 18, born Buchanan. Married by J.D. McCord, Clergyman Witnesses; Kate Smith, Buchanan
Joseph L. Clout, Buchanan

Stewig, Isaac William

McIntyre, Sarah Ellen

25 June 1882
New Buffalo

Isaac was age 2?, born Toledo, Ohio. Sarah was Age 1?, born LaPorte, IN. Married by Henry P. Nourse, J.P. Witnesses; Annie Shultz, New Buffalo Fanny Holt, New Buffalo.


Fern Eddy Schultz

Stowe, Alonzo [Ernest Alonzo]

Mars, Jennie D.

20 May 1882
Berrien Springs

Alonzo was age 21, born Fulton, Ohio. Jennie was age 17, born Berrien Co. Married by Isaac ?, Minister
Witnesses; Lewis Potts, Berrien Springs Nellie Potts, Berrien Springs

Ella Hauser

Summers, James

Smith, Ellen C.

24 Feb 1832

Swain, Irvin

Weber, Carrie

10 June 1905
St. Joseph

Irvin was age 27, born MI. Father; Walter Swain
Mother; Stringer. Carrie was Age 21, born MI.
Father; Charles Weber
Mother; Weber. Married by Frank Bacelin, J.P.
Witnesses; Henry Miller, Benton Harbor Amanda Miller, Benton Harbor

Swain, Tyler A.

Lambert, Florence

23 May 1906

Tyler was age 53, born NY. Father; Lafayette Swain Mother; Plantze. Florence was age 43, born MI. Father; James Lambert Mother; Unknown. Married by C.J. Croix, Clergyman
Witnesses; George A. Lambert, Niles
Juliette Lambert, Niles

Swain, William W.

Stringer, Mary A.

31 July 1877

William was age 24, born Niles. Mary was age 18, born St. Joe Co., IN. Married by S. Bienbauer, J.P.
Witnesses; B. Prettyman, Niles
James F. Cross, Niles

Swet, Alandon

Shaw, Emily

31 March 1833

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