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Kellar, John Homer Donner, Angeline Edith Gedders 09 Jan 1920
Benton Harbor
John was age 31, born IN. Father; Lewis C. Kellar, mother; Pennington. Angeline was age 48, born RI.
father; Robert
mother; Unknown. Married by Ara Welden, Justice Witnesses; Nina Belle Buyer, Benton H'br
Olive M. Welden, Benton H'br

Keller, John
Geidemann, Malinda 18 April 1899
John was age 25, born Niles, Father; Charles Keller, mother; P. Wikmann. Malinda was age 24, born Niles, father; Henry Geidemann, mother; Caroline Fleehom. Married by F. Rahm? Pastor. Witnesses; Ed J. Geidemann, Niles
Annie Frockenbood?, Niles

Keller, John Munson, Carrie 02 Aug 1905
St. Joseph
John was age 26, born Illinois, father; John Keller, mother; Hartman. Carrie was age 22, born Sweden, father; Nels Munson, mother; Nelson. Married by M. Weber, J.P.
Witnesses; S.B. Miners, St. Joseph. Bertha L. Miners, St. Joseph.

Keller, John H.
Parker, Thelma K. 26 July 1913
St. Joseph
John was age 26, born IN. father; George Keller
mother; Hayes. Thelma was age 18, born IN.
father; Bassell Parker
mother; Parker. Married by Joseph R. Collier Jr., Justice Witnesses; W. R. Stevens, St. Joseph
Paul Kull, St. Joseph

Kelleher, John Vincent Fay, Catharine G. 5 Oct 1902
St. Joseph
John was age 21, born Chicago, Ill. father; Dennis Kelleher, mother; Keating. Catharine was age 21, born Boston, Mass. father; Thomas
mother; Butler. Married by J.O. St. Clair, J.P.
Witnesses; Thos. O. Banowe, St. Joseph
Paul Jastro, St. Joseph

King, Alexander Marshall, Mina Dunn 23 Feb 1903
St. Joseph
Alexander was age 34, born MI. father; Moses King, mother; Gouyon. Mina was Age 34, born MI. father; Byron, mother; Ketchew? Married by H.A. Decker, Minister Witnesses; Eurus? Decker, St. Joseph
Mildred Decker, St. Joseph

King, Frederick F. Freeman, Susan F. 16 March 1845 Port/BIO Berrien/Cass 1893 Laura (King) Stanzel
King, Charles Baker, Hannah 21 Feb 1903
St. Joseph
Charles was age 32, born Germany father; Ludwig King, mother; Unknown. Hannah was age 20, born Russia father; Unknown, mother; Unknown. Married by J.S. Kliug?, Minister Witnesses; Albert Loukeus, St. Joseph Bertha Grass, St. Joseph
From grandson, Don Janke
King, Charles M. Hart, Nancy 23 Nov 1894
Sodus Twp.
Charles was age 36, born MI. father; Fred Kin
mother; Susanna Freeman. Nancy was Age 26, born MI.
father; Olando Hart
mother; Elizabeth Rush. Married by Josephus Fisher, J.P. Witnesses; Wilbur Likes, Sodus
Cora Likes, Sodus Record # 0361
Laura (King) Stanzel
King, Charles Nelson, Anne 18 April 1905
St. Joseph
Charles was age 44, born Ill. father; Thomas B. King, mother; Wilson. Anne was age 36, born Sweden father; Lars Nelson mother; Louise. Married by FrankBrarelin?, J.P.
Witnesses; Jon R. Collier Jr. St. Joseph, S.B. Miners, St. Joseph

King, Charles Prein, Viola 14 Dec 1907
Charles was age 22, born MI. father; Greenbury King, mother; Dawson. Viola was age 21, born Ill. father; Prein, mother; Unknown. Married by G.H. Bachelor, Justice
Witnesses; Frank R. Sanders, Buchanan
Joe Vincent, Buchanan

Konrat, Edward Zipple, Huldah 23 Jan 1909 Edward Konrat (son of Jacob Konrad), age 24, living in Dowagiac [Edward Konrat/Conrad died in 1930
Huldah Zipple, age 19, living in St. Joseph. Clergyman was E.H. Opathelf.
Knapp, Otto B. Bessey, Emma J. 2 March 1876
Otto was age; 2?.
born; Penfield, Lorain, Ohio. Bessey was Age; 2?. born; Eagle,Waukesha, Wis. Married by Ira B. Werick,Minister of the gospel. Witnesses; Albert Blakenley, Millburg.
Dora Rose, Millburg.

Kruger, Fred (Frederick) Schulz, Emma 30 April 1899
New Buffalo
Frederick was age; 38, born; MI. father; Carl Kruger, mother; W. Redrack. Emma was age; 25, born; IN. father; Christ Schulz, mother; Mary Kuchs. Married by Charles Kirchner, Pastor.
Witnesses; John Sensord? Maria, Mass. Walter Schulz, New Buffalo.

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