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Hambrick, David L.
Clay, Lavonne 09 Dec 1950
David was 21 yrs of age and Lavonne was 17 yrs. David was the son of Thad and Gussie (Rapert) Hambrick. Lavonne was the daughter of Harold and Ethel (Copper) Clay. William Brackett
Hagar, George

Sides, Ella 29 June 1878
St. Joseph
Liber E, p.312, #596 George was age 20 of St. Joseph and Ella was age 19
Harner, Frank A.
(See below)
Bedinger, Maggie 04 Jan 1893 Mary was the daughter of Martin S. Bedinger. Marriage performed by Re. S. P. Fryberger William Brackett
Harner, John Jr. Quick, Elizabeth 25 Feb 1862
Lake Township
John was 25 yrs of age and Elizabeth was 17 yrs. Marriage performed by N. E. Tauelen Justice of The Peace. Witnesses: Michael Dixon and Loren Heathman. William Brackett
Harner, Walter J. Hall, Bernice 03 Dec 1929
in St. Joseph
Walter was 19 yrs. Of age and Bernice was 17 yrs.
Hart, Orondo

Rush, Elizabeth

22 Aug 1844

Berrien County

Laura (King) Stanzel

Hartindale, Robert

Webster, Susannah

11 May 1834

Berrien County

Henspeter, Charles H.
Snodgrass, Ruth
30 Dec 1914
in Niles
Charles was 34 yrs. Of age and Ruth was 24 yrs. Charles was the son of Christoph and Alvina (Zordel) Henspeter. Ruth was the daughter of Henry Snodgrass and her mother’s maiden name is given as Esper.
William Brackett
Henspeter , Christoph C. J. Zordel, Alvina 28 Dec 1877
in St. Joseph
Christoph was 25 yrs. Of age and Alvina was 17 yrs. The marriage was performed by Ed. Ch. Georgii. Witnesses were Frederick Westfal and John Rosirtzki William Brackett
Henspeter, Fred Angolin, Clara License number 1452, License date Oct. 25, 1910
Fred - laborer age 23 of St. Joseph who was born IL & Clara Angolin age 20 of Glendora born in MI
Clergyman. - W. Tabbert Witnesses - “H. Angolin” of Glendora and “Clara Dombrowski” of St. Joseph.
William Brackett -
father of groom - listed as “Christ” and his mother’s maiden name is given as “Zordell”. Clara’s father is given as “Charley” and her mother as “unknown
Henspeter, William Beldin, Barbara 02 Nov 1912
in St. Joseph
William was 26 yrs. Of age and Barbara was 22 yrs. William was the son of Christoph and Alvina (Zordel) Henspeter William Brackett
Higbee, Lewis Benjamin Swain, Carrie Matilda 15 Oct 1880
Berrien County

Hill, Eugene

Boyce, Eva Jane

30 May 1875
Berrien County
Record # 0201 Laura (King) Stanzel
Hoadley, Aaron Sides, Rebecca 26 July 1868
Sodus , Berrien County
Aaron was Age 28 of Pipestone, born Pontiac, Mi. Rebecca was age 25 of Sodus, born Sugar Creek, OH JP: David Daniels Witnesses: William Sides of Sodus William Moore Liber E, p28, #113 Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com

Homear, George

Pages, Josette

28 July 1834

Berrien County

Hoston, Ludwell

Inman, Elizabeth

17 April 1832

Berrien County

Harner/Bedinger - wedding:
The following is a wedding announcement dated 1893, possibly from the Berrien Springs Journal? Frank A. Harner and Maggie Bedinger were both 21 years of age when they married on 04 Jan 1893 in Oronoko Township of Berrien County, Michigan. Frank A. Harner was the son of William H. and Mary Ann (Feather) Harner. William Harrison Harner was the son of Michael and Sophia (Plank) Harner.

“Married, Wednesday evening, Jan. 4, at the home of the bride’s father, by Rev. S. P. Fryberger, Frank A Harner and Maggie, daughter of Martin S. Bedinger. The high contracting parties to this affair were born and raised in the neighborhood where they live and in which they propose to live in the future. They are among the best respected young people in Oronoko and it was to be expected that numerous friends should assemble to see them launched on what they all hoped might prove the placid sea of matrimony. The big house was well filled with interested friends and all enjoyed themselves.

As will be seen a lot of presents were turned in that will go far toward equipping the young couple in style.
  Grandpa Harner, set silver teaspoons; Cal Wire and Amanda Ender, fruit spoon; Dr. and Mrs. Mason, set christie knives; F. A. Zerby, “The Old Oaken Bucket;” Mr. and Mrs. Bliss, silver toothpick holder; Ved Murphy, toothpick holder; Mary Shunkwiler, breakfast caster; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harner, bread plate; John Stemm, pepper and salt set; Mr. and Mrs. Bowles, silver napkin rings, Nina Magill, set nut picks; Herbert and Chas Ewalt, crumb duster; Harriet Feather, sugar sifter; John Feather, glass fruit dish; Mr. and Mrs. A. Lemon, set silver teaspoons; Elmer Clark and Cora Small, set silver teaspoons; Paul and Clare Bedinger, set silver teaspoons; Mr. and Mrs. S. H. and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harner, set silver teaspoons; Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Feather; Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Feather, set silver teaspoons; Geo. Dunkleberger and family, silver pickle caster; Alden Stover and Zella Skinner, fancy pickle caster; Mrs. Mary K. Ewalt and daughters, china fruit dish; Roscoe Harner and lady, glass tea set; Mr. and Mrs. Will Harper, silver butter knife; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Myers, glass fruit set; Loy, Nie and Zella Skinner, stand lamp; Gus Feather, cracker jar and butter dish, Mrs. George A. French, china cup and saucer; Geo. J. French, china mustache cup; Linnie and June Harner, glass water set; J. R. Stemm and family glass tea set; Mr. and Mrs. A. Harner, celery dish and china cake plate; D. A. and Calvin Feather and lady, stand lamp; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jones, caster and silver napkin rings; Mr. and Mrs. Win. Dester, bread and milk set; Edna Boyd, fancy lace picture throw; Mr. and Mrs. Willis Wire, set linen napkins; Mr. and Mrs. John Lord, set linen napkins; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Satler, Jr., set linen napkins; Chas Cohn, set linen napkins; Adalina A. Feather, set linen napkins; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Feather, linen table cloth; Mr. and Mrs. L. Satler and mother, linen table cloth; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Feather, linen table cloth; A. J. Barnhart and family, linen table cloth; Michael Martin. Two pairs linen towels; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Camfield, pair linen towels; Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Stemm. Pair linen towels; Mr. and Mrs. Shunkwiler, linen towels; Mr. and Mrs. C. Fisher, linen towels; Mrs. M. Feather, pair linen towels; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Snuff, two fancy plates; Mr. and Mrs. Bedinger, $20; and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harner. $20.
  There was eating and drinking galore and all hands felt that it was good to be there. And the excellent judgment displayed in not appointing the next evening for the wedding has since been highly commended.”

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