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Bachman, Ernest
Age 21, born Ill.
Father; Edward Bachman
Mother; Thompson
Faist, Henrietta
Age 21, born Ill.
Father; John Faist
Mother; Erickstrin
3 Aug 1912
St. Joseph
Married by Joseph R. Collier Jr., Justice
Witnesses; Paul Kull, St. Joseph
Ida M. Collier, Royalton, MI.

Bachman, Ernest Archibald
Age 23, born IN.
Father; Charles F. Bachman
Mother; Ingersol
Marx, Marie Frances
Age 22, born MI.
Father; Matties Marx
Mother; Wiederman
8 Nov 1913
Three Oaks
Married by Jas. P. Welch, Catholic Priest
Witnesses; Edson G. Bachman, Three Oaks
Esther M. Marx, LaPorte, IN.
Ernest A. Bachman, Jr.
Baker, Benjamin T. Nixon, Katharine 4 Feb 1844
Berrien Twp.
Married by Michael Hand JP Leslie Baker
Beselt, Albert Konrat, Huldah 14 Jan 1933 Albert Beselt (age 40) of St. Joseph. Born in Poland.
Hulda Konrat (age 43) of Dowagiac. Born in Poland and daughter of Mary Mayp and Adam Zipel.
Record of Marriages, Libre E 1911-1937
From grandson, Don Janke
Bartz, Charles
Age 40 of Benton Harbor
Born: Germany
Married 2 times
Brant, Bernice (Felty)
Age 25 of Benton Harbor
Born: Indiana Father: William
Mother: Unknown
Married one time
11 Apr 1923
Benton Harbor
Liber N, p.239
Min:George Chessman
Wit: Mrs. George Chessman
Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com
Blanchard, William B. Morley, Julia A
nna (Julianna)
21 Oct 1858

Bernard W. Wolff

Bowden, Fred
Age 26, born Benton Harbor
Father; William Bowden
Mother; Susan Harrison
Bennett, Jennie Huddelson
Age 28, born Ohio
Father; John Huddelson
Mother; Maggie Porks
17 April 1899
Benton Harbor
Married by S.B. Kimball, Justice
Witnesses; Bert Martin, Benton Harbor
Ida Martin, Benton Harbor

Boyce, Chauncy Loane, Mary 9 Feb 1847 Married by William Morley,
Minister of the Gospel
Frances McPartlin
Brackett, Edgar

Wooldridge, Sarah Jane

03 Nov 1890
married in St. Joseph

Edgar age 21 yrs. Sarah 18 yrs. Witnesses William H. Wooldridge and Olive Powell William Brackett

Brackett, Harold Earl

Arvena U. Daniel nee Hambrick

08 Feb
1946 married in Bridgman

Harold age 30 yrs. Arvena age 28 yrs. 2nd marriage for each. Witness Ernest P. Grenke married by J. P. Ernest Heyn William Brackett

Brackett, John Brant, Sarah Jane
16 Sep 1868 married in Millburg

John age 22yrs Sarah age 19 yrs Witnesses: Emma F. Hall and Allanna Hess J.P. L. A. Hall
William Brackett
Brackett, Walter Upson, Cora Elizabeth 04 Aug 1915 Married by G. E. Lohr, minister in St. Joseph. Witnesses Elmer Lohr and Mrs. Wm Upson William Brackett
Branson, James L. Spooner, Irene Nellie 1 July 1934
Benton Harbor

Deanna West
Brant, Daniel Hazard, Marietta A.
Father; Crawford Hazard
Mother; Alinda Kidder
10 Sept 1840
Benton Twp.

Kathy Warren

Brant, Dave
Age 23 of Eau Claire
Father: Charles Brant Father
Mother: ______Garrett
Felty, Bernice
Age 19 of Benton Harbor
Born: Indiana
Father: William Felty
Mother: ______Sides
27 Apr 1916/St. Joseph Liber M,p.112, #272 JP:Joseph R. Collier
Witnesses: Charles A. Baker
Kenneth R. Stahl
Trina Galbraith at: Shesalady4143@aol.com
Brant, Nathaniel Hazard, Martha
Father; Crawford Hazard
Mother; Alinda Kidder
29 April 1840
First wedding in Bainbridge 1840.
Married by David Rector. David
was the Justice of the Peace of Sodus.
Nathaniel and Martha were married for
60 years.
Kathy Warren
Brant, Porter E. Moore, Harriette I.
Father; George Moore
Mother; Mary Beagle
30 Oct 1866
Kathy Warren
Brong, Charles Erwin Blakeman, Mary Albina   27 April 1851
Weesaw Twsp.

Anita Frucci Rodgers
Brong, Henry Vanderhoof (Brown)
Age 24, born MI.
Garrison, Charity Elizabeth
Age 16, born MI.
17 Dec 1871
Married by Isaac Bennett, J.P.
Witnesses; Jacob Barnhart, Bertrand
Charles Day, Bertrand
Anita Frucci Rodgers
Brong, Stephen Williams
Age 22, born Berrien Co.
Garrison, Martha Curtis
Age 32, born NY.
3 April 1869
Berrien Springs
Married by Geo. Sickafroose?, Minister
Witnesses; Orsanses? Curtis, Berrien
M.E. Sickafroose?, Berrien
Anita Frucci Rodgers
Brookfield, Noah Collins, Mary 28 June 1833

Brown, Pitt Dingley, Hannah F. 2 Sept 1832

Brown, Stephen O. Pope, Anne 30 Aug 1834

Brownell, A. D. Brown, Lucy Ann Maria 1 Sept 1833

Bryarly, Harold Dale Jr. Green, Nancy Lou 18 April 1959
Paula Wilson-Case

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