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Abbe, David

Olds, Phebe Ann

4 Oct 1859
Benton Twp.




Abele, Charles L.
Age 22, born Germany
Father; Charles Abele
Mother; Jager

Des Enfants, Beatrice B.
Age 18, born Ill.
Father; Edward Des Enfants
Mother; Plawson ?

12 Sept 1909
St. Joseph

Married by W.R. Pierce, Clergyman
Witnesses; Roy Clark, St. Joseph

Jennie Clark, St. Joseph


Abele, Charley (Charles) D.
Age 29, born Buchanan
Father; John G. Abele
Mother; Fredricka Conrad

Slate, Cora
Age 22, born Buchanan
Father; Frank Slate
Mother; Unknown

17 April 1902

Married by W.H. Keller, J.P
Witnesses; James Batteu?, Buchanan
Lana Batteu?, Buchanan

Eric E. Kraus


Abele, John G.

Mathews, Nora Belle

30 Dec 1904

Eric E. Kraus


Abele, John Gotlob
Age 33, born Germany

Conradt, Frederica Rose
Age 34, born Germany

24 Feb 1872

Married by William W. Coplin, Minister
Witnesses; Orville S. Ely, Buchanan
Melvina Ely, Buchanan

Eric E. Kraus


Abele, John Y.
Age 27, born MI.
Father; John G. Abele
Mother; Fredericka

Matthews, Nora
Age 20, born MI.
Father; Unknown
Mother; Unknown

30 Dec 1904

Married by R.J. Shreve?, Clergyman
Witnesses; Mary E. Beckwith, Buchanan
Fredericka Iughwright?, Buchanan


Adams, Samuel H.
Age 30, born George Co., Ohio

Felter, Susan A.
Age 20, born Albany Co., NY

4 July 1868

Married by brides father, George A. VanHorn,
Minister of the Gospel, (at fathers home).
Witnesses; J.J. Felter, Bainbridge
Emma J. Felter, Bainbridge

Deanna West

Arnold, Uriah
Age 24, born Truxton, NY.

Alexander, Phebe A.
Age 23, Mill River, MA.

30 April 1873

Married by A.R. Boggs, Minister of the Gospel
Witnesses; Robert Westfall, Cass Co., MI.
Alice L. Westfall, Cass Co., MI.

Marilyn Lane

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