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Photo's taken 1945-1946

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#10 Herbert Remus
Born: 19 February 1904
Died: October 1981
Herb was one of the 3 or 4 VP's at the bank.
#11 George Taylor
Vice President. George lived on Pipestone.
#12 June Field
(A Bank Romance with Richard Willard).
#13 Jack Vance
Jack was the nephew of Vere Beckwith, Bank President.
#14 Alvin C. Kroening
Born: 22 September 1926
Died: 23 June 1999
#15 Max Styzynsky #16 Esther Weinberg #17 Left - Adeline Grams-Krieger. Adeline was the sister of Evelyn.
Right-Marriane Bush
#18 Gerry Vigansky
Gerry was a Teller and was a diabetic who often had to leave his post to get a coke or candy to raise his sugar level; often this happened when he was waiting on a customer.
#19 Evelyn Grams-Kolberg.
Born: 3 January 1919
Died: April 1979
Evelyn was the sister of Adeline and lived on Pavone.
#20 Wanda Tidey-Ullig
(Mrs. Vernon) was the daughter of Earl Tidey who was county clerk for many years.  Wanda was a cheerleader at BHHS, and like Sherwood was a high school student when these photos were taken.
#21 Left-Beverly Strome Beverly's married name was Mrs. Richard Layne (rather than Laine), she's deceased.
Right-Elnora Ross
Eleanor Ross Cobb (Mrs. Bill), her mom ran the restaurant at the bus station.
#22 Ella Washburn
Ella is Mrs. Ralph Washburn, it was Ella that provided Sherwood with the opportunity to meet Henry Fonda while Sherwood was studing in New York City.  Henry was on Broadway starring in Mr. Roberts.
#23 Sherwood Snyder
Sherwood is the Photographer of these wonderful photo's.
(His Father was Sherwood Sr. who was Born: 25 July 1904 & Died: 22 November 1990)
#24 Ferguson Theil #25 Marriane Bush
#26 Beverly Strome Layne
Sherwood's cousin Beverly, was also a cashier at the Starlight Drive-In
#27 Iva Anderson
who lived on Wissing Lane.
#28 Antoinette Hasse Schlender (Mrs. Paul), daughter of Rev. Hasse the Lutheran minister at St. Matthew's in BH.  She was a Trust Officer. #29 Robert Connell
Trust Department.



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