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Marie Marie Radkey
Tim Tim Ramsay - "what a kid!"
Reum, August Karl & Tavern Front. August Operated a Tavern in Niles. Photo Circa Early 1900's.
Submitted By James Clouse
Dick Rhodes Dick Rhodes
 David Riggin David Riggin born about 1806 in Virginia
circa 16 Dec 1805 to 25 Aug 1874
Submitted By Brett Hardesty
Mahalea 11 Nov 1823 to 30 Jun 1899
Submitted By Brett Hardesty
Clarence Rogers Clarence Shaler Rogers (Melva's grandfather?) October 23rd, 1927
In the center is Grandpa Clarence Shaler Rogers, over his right shoulder is Clarence (called Buck or Kunz?) who is Dave's son, over his left shoulder is David Rogers (called Dick) who is also Dave's son. On grandpa's right, standing - Joe Rogers (Dave's son) and Stanley Burns (Melva's son), sitting is Glenn Rogers, Uncle Stan's boy...I assume Uncle Stan, Joe and Dave are Melva's brothers. On the left standing is James Rogers, Dave's son and sitting is Calvin Rogers Uncle Joe's son.
Submitted By Linda Burns - Offsite Link

Rodgers, Anna (Curran) & Peter. They were born in Ireland and came to Niles by way of Canada in 1870. They are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Niles, Michigan.
Submitted By Peter Rodgers

Melva Rogers Melva Rogers Biking
Submitted By Linda Burns - Offsite Link
Rodgers, Peter A. Niles, Michigan. Photo Circa 1936.
Submitted By Peter Rodgers
Rodgers, Virginia Mae (Lower). he was an Elementary School Teacher in Niles for many years. Married to Peter P Rodgers - Manager of the A & P Store in Niles till his retirement.
Submitted By Peter Rodgers
Ruth Roe
Ruth Amelia (Hunter) Roe sister of Medora (Hunter) Marble circa 1894 photo contributed by Tom McVeigh

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