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Parker, Byron 1855-1909.
Submitted By Brett Hardesty
Parker, Byron 1855-1909 & Mary (Kenaston) 1856-1917.
Submitted By Brett Hardesty
Parker, Grace 1882-1966 (Married Anstiss).
Submitted By Brett Hardesty
Personett, Victor. Photo 1934. 1 year 5 days.
Submitted By Brett Hardesty
Peter Julius and Otillie (Schlacht) Peter circa 1930.   Otillie married 1st to John Hauch. They immigrated in 1905 from Volyhinia, Russia. Tillie married 2nd to Julius Peter, after John died. Julius was also from that same area of Russia.
contributed by William Brackett - at brackettwilliam@yahoo.com
Pflughaupt family
L-R The Pflughaupts: Augusta, Henry, Frank, Mae, Alta, Emil, Clara, Emma,
Louis (at their parents (Mary and Ludwig) Golden Wedding Anniversary
Circa 1925 - They were
Photograph from the files of Gary Fox
Pike, Reginald Arthur. Reginald was a veteran of World War I, serving in the Canadian Army as a medical corpsman. He is buried in Oakridge Cemetery.
Submitted By Lynn Westlake
Olive Olive Emorette (Burke) Pitcher 1842-1912
Contributed by Tammy Lamp
olive Olive Emorette (Burke) Pitcher 1842-1912
Contributed by Tammy Lamp
Price Alfred and Ella Price
Price photos contributed by Brett Hardesty
Alfred Alfred Price
Amanda Amanda Price
Charles Charles Price
Price Eliza and Kit Price
Price Eliza Johnson Price and children
reunion Price Reunion 1939

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