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John East John East
John EAst 2 John East gardening.
John With Pat John East and Pat Prinkert
Wedding day Mrs. John East (Pat Prinkert on her wedding day)
At the beach Pat (Prinkert) East, Jack Rhodes and John Truesdale with other friends
spending a day at the beach.
Eastwood, Susan (Cameron). Daughter of Joseph Cameron and Miss Mary Burris.
Submitted By John Walker
Ebersol, David and Maggie (Shook) of Bertrand Township .  David was the son of Henry and Elizabeth Ebersol.   Photo taken in 1894 for their wedding. 
Submitted By Alan T Stokes
Eckler, Nellie, on the new Main St. Bridge in Niles. Photo Circa 1930.
Submitted By Anita Frucci Rodgers
Eckler, Nellie V. Photo Circa 1930.
Submitted By Anita Frucci Rodgers
Ellisons Albert and Mina (Warren) Ellison photo taken in 1928 with their
grand-daughter M. Jean Ellison
Contributed by: Susan Langley
Leota Ellison Leota Ellison born circa Mar 1884 -
Photo taken at 8 years of age in 1892
Contributed by: Susan Langley
Warren Warren F. Ellison born 1886 photo taken in 1893
Contributed by: Susan Langley
Warren F Ellison Warren Franklin Ellison photo taken 1905 at age of 19
Contributed by: Susan Langley


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