A Letter From Minnie Moon 1896


Galien, Michigan-Thursday Sept II, 1896 Mr. Moon

My Dear Hubby
I am so homesick to see you that I can't wait to see you. How much I love you - if you are coming after me Sunday, why all night if not
Why write and tell me for I want to be at home.
you Grandma said you were not come
Until a week from Sunday and to stay. I Think You had better come Sunday Or I will
Sorrily be blighted by taking
Homesick she is wasting away Now til she is nothing but a
Skelton. I write some for tonic Is all but
?? you soon or sooner I your Loving Wife Minnie Moon
P.S. The reason why I want
To come home is I have got to Change my clothes because I ---- Oh well you can imagine the Rest as my modesty prevents Me - from ever "telling it
Minnie Moon 1896


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