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Dumb Belles, Farmer-ettes & Volley Ball Girls
Names mentioned on this page are - Helene S. Kalla, Bess Vogiesang, Teske, Kehoe, Ballard, Hood, M. Prenkert, Deane Eager, Dorothy, Ted R., Augustine, Dizzy, Althea Ostranbek & Doris Eager.
Popular Car, High School, Ect.
Names mentioned on this page are -
Woodie, E.S. Earl & Johnie Raymond.
Over the Bridge Of Time, Stepping In, Ect.
No Names mentioned on this page.
Baseball, Cheerleading, Ect.
No Names mentioned on this page.
Football & Bike
Names mentioned on this page are - J. Winlack, Dick Harald, Billets, Hartsell, Brazillian, Lu Byers, Fisher, Iagom, Zimmergel, Tappen, Pud Strong, "Razzle" Reum (Capt)., Fisher & Williams.
Junior Play, "Fanny and the Servant Problem."
Program Cover & Cast Of Character's
, Usher's

A play in four acts by Jerome K. Jerome . Under the direction of Helen Morrow.
Names: Ann Martin, Wilfred McLaughlin, Heath Calvin, Ellen Merritt, Stella Hammond, Joe McGuiness, Deborah Benjamin, Clella Gerald, Verna Whalen, Homer Shoop, Edward Forbes, Thelma Smith, Julia Miars, Gladys Teske, Greta McNab, Bernice Brown, Kathryn Forler, H.F. Taggart, J. Armstrong, Jack Spansail, Earl Klamm & donald Brooks.
Ushers named: Oliver Lee, Margaret Huff, Phyllis Pease, Margaret Visel, Amanda Reum & Kathrine Lardner. June 3d & 4th, 1920

Niles High School Senior Class Play "All-Of-A-Sudden Peggy ." Program Cover & Cast Of Character's.
A Comedy in five parts by Ernest Denny under the direction of Helen Morrow 1920.
Names: Howard Kendricks, James Armstrong, Perry Hoisington, Charles Mason, George Jones, Robert Rowley, Ruth Hamilton, Laura Whiteside, Mildred Johnson, Dora Wright, Margaret Hatfield, Mr. Taggart, Collins Luth, Wilfred McLaughlin, Miss Schneider, Seth Atkinson, Lucille Bartholomew & Walter Myers.
Basketball Game against Grand Rapids In the News!
Names mentioned in News article are-
Farrel, Krueger, Coach L.S. Walker,
& Captain Forrest.

Commencment Exercise Front Cover & Class Roll
9 June 1921

Class Roll Surnames - McGuiness, Couch, Lahey, Calvin, Spansail, Garrett, Benjamin, Teske, Huff, Stafford, Miars, Armstrong, Rough, Messinger, Reum, Brooks, Forbes, Bohleber, Hammond, Culliton, McNab, Merritt, Forler, Visel, Whalen, Phillips, Goldfuss, Martin, Pease, Lardner, Schrumpf, Lee, Shoop, Mutz, Smith, Jarm, Gerold, Griffith, Boulton, Tormey & Moor.
Colonial Fair Program
Feb 18,. 1922
Ushers: Oliver Lee - Head Usher
Margaret Huff, Phyllis Pease, Margaret Visel, Amanda Reum
Names mentioned in Program:
Harry Walker, Leach & Leach,, Gladys Ranft, Morris & Brown
Class Will of 1922 - Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4,
Page 5 & Page 6
Names mentioned in the Will are -
Gym, Forler Hotel, Ect. 1923 & 1924
Names mentioned on this page are - Rosalie Lauder, Loleta Ruckman & Marguerit Parent. John H. Forler.
Class of 1923 Poem
Say, Did you ever hear, Of the Class of
Nineteen Twenty Three.............
A Wedding, Basketball & More
Reum Wedding, Charles Parker home from Hosptial and Much more. Assorted Dates and photos.
2,000 Spectators Watch Niles Girls In Marathon Dance Full page with different articles. The girls Marathon, Demand made by school chief, Gladys Reum marriage announcement & Corp F.J. Whitfield article.
Dance Marathon after 4 days of Dancing Dorothy Knott & Luana Whisman both of Niles, Whisman was born in Buchanan. The Marathon took place at Edgewood Beach, Barron Lake, Michigan.
Dance Marathon after 5 days of Dancing Dorothy Knott & Luana Whisman, Niles Girls To Shatter Record of Dance Marathon. Dr. F.N. Bonine and Dr. Waterson mentioned in article.
Photo of Marahon Girls Dorothy Knott & Luana Whisman
Corp F.J. Whitfield article Names: Dr. Bonine, Miss Lillian Whitfield & F.J. Whitfield.
10 August 1924.
Gladys Reum Wedding Announcement Miss Gladys Reum, daughter of Mrs. August Reum, to be married to Jack Priest at St. Joseph.
Develop Niles Schools to Give Best Tax Returns By Otto W. Haisley.
Three Boys basketball Fame Names: Floyd Krueger, Frank Forrest, John Clevenger, Coach Buck Read, & Harry Lee. 22 November.

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