Albert D. Ellison

Albert D. Ellison moved to Three Oaks to be a supervisor for his wife's uncle EK at his Featherbone Co. between 1895 an 1907, then moved back to Marengo, IL to open his own business in automobiles.

  His daughter, Leota married a man, Ralph Kean who was a superintendent of schools in Niles. They married in 1905 and there was an article about their wedding at home.

Albert's wife, Mina Warren Ellison, had a anniversary party and cousins EK, Horace and J. Franklin Warren (Mina's father and guest of honor along with her mother Rosena Bright Warren),
were all there. Ralph and Hugh Kean and their mother Eliza Pratt were all teachers or administrators for the schools. Their father David Kean, was a land developer along with his brother Samuel Kean and Samuel's wife Anna, in Chicago where they lived in the 1850's. Their business eventually failed and David Kean moved to New Troy, MI. I have a photo of their house.

Warren Ellison, Leota's brother went to Three Oaks HS and then worked his way through Michigan Sate by playing drums for a band that played during summers at Hudson Lake.

Contributed by: Sue Langley