Berrien County
Death Records

With respect to those that have gone before us. The following death records come from numerous resources.
If you have a death that you would like to have added to the following list, that has not been added,
or would like to be noted as a contact of one, please write us.

Name Date/Place of Birth Date/Place of Death Notes/Comments
Manning, William H. 15 Jan 1897/Benton Harbor 1 Feb 1934 Death Cert: 37y,0m,6d Burial: Crystal Springs Cem.
contributed by: Trina Galbraith
Manning, Archie L. 17 Oct 1912/Benton Harbor 22 June 1992 Burial: Millburg Cem.
contributed by: Trina Galbraith
Marx, John Frederick Sr 28 Jan 1911 20 Jan 1993  
Mc Guirt, Milton W. 2 June 1922 10 Jan 1996  
Mc Intyre, Clarence J. 7 Aug 1927 12 Jan 1996  
Mead, Louise Camella 21 July 1931 2 Jan 1993  
Milburn, John Dickinson Sr. 15 May 1842
Grenville, Ontario, Canada
7 Aug 1915
Submitted By Shirley Atkinson
Morgridge, William F. 25 June 1882 23 Sept 1968
Submitted By Shirley Atkinson
Mueller, Inge Marianne 5 May 1925 4 Jan 1993  
Murchland, Gabrielle B 1 April 1909 1 Jan 1995  
Myers, Iva Myrtle 28 Sept 1914 3 Jan 1993  



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