1840 Buchanan

Babcock, Russell

Bennet, Huron

Brand, James

Brown, W. T.

Bruster, Ezra

Calvin, Absalem

Canout, Daniel

Cardin, John

Cathcart, Robert

Cawles, Charles

Chapman, Marvin

Colvin, Wilkinosn

Coveney, Joseph

Ctewa, Loece

Day, Andrew C

Demont, Joseph

Dragar, John F

Finch, Mases Jr

Franklin, Suffrona

Grice, Eli

Griffen, Zedoc

Hall, Nancy

Hamilton, John

Hatfield, John

Hoffman, Jacob

Ingleright, John

Jenning, Darius

Judy, John

Martindale, John

Martindale, John Sr

McKnight, Joseph

McTinrie, William

Mitchel, Hezekiah

Parsons, Amos W

Patrick, Thomas J

Ray, Hiram

Rollf, David

Sanford, Levi

Shanks, Joseph

Sherwood, Seth S

Smith, Caleb

Smith, William

Sparks, Spencer

Stevens, Henry

Swift, Benton

Vanderhoof, Henry

Wade, Mead

Wagner, David

Wagner, William

Wallen, Charles

Weaver, John

Weaver, Jacob

Weener, Samuel

Wilds, John

Wilson, Harrison

Wren, J. H.

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