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1840 Bainbridge Township

Bertrand, Joseph

Beyers, David

Beyers, John

Boughton, William

Bragg, James

Brandt, Artzserses

Brandt, Lacey

Brandt, Simon

Enos, James H

Enos, Joab

Enos, Morgan

Ferry, Robert

Gilson, Stephen B

Griffin, Joseph C

Haggon, Crawford

Ice, Martin

Johnson, Francis

Kirk, James

Knapp, Jabez

Lamb, Jairus

McKyes, Samuel

Miler, Adam

Mulford, Nelson B

Ormsby, Hirma

Osgood, Gilson

Osgood, Moses

Pettis, Daniel

Pratt, Elijah

Prouty, Adam

Selter, Henry H

Sharror, Peter

Shepard, Stephen R

Stickney, Artemus

Stranach, John

Sutherland, David

Sutton, Charles R

Taber, John

Taber, Wallace

Williams, Hannah

Wood, Stillman

Woodruff, Levi

Woodruff, Mary

Young, Isaac N

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