Benton Cemetery
aka Broadhurst or Mead Cemetery
Buchanan Township
Section 24

Sarah Beans
Sarah wo Harmon Beans
Marva Broadhurst
Marva Broadhurst
William Broadhurst
William Broadhurst
broken stone
broken stone
Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes/Comments
Babcock, Anna 51y, 2m, 20d, Dec 2, 1839 Wife of Russell
Beans, Sarah     wo Harmon Beans - from photo
Broadhurst, Mary A. 24 years, 10 months Dec. 1, 1844 from photo
Broadhurst, William age 83 yrs Sep 2, 1832 from photo
Cotten, Floretta   Feb 17, 1972 3 yrs 8mos 10 das.
dau. of W & M Cotten
unknown broken marker aged 52 yrs 5 mos 6 d's Sep 28, 184? from photo
see other sources for the few burials in this cemetery.      

Benton Cemetery transcription from 1944 found in Michigan State Library. Contributed to site by: Cindy Schroeder , Granger Ind.

Mary Ann, wife of George Kane, died Oct. 16, 1838 . Aged 21 years.
Nancy, daughter of G. and M.A. Kane, died Oct. 10, 1838 , aged 1 year, 3 months.
Anna, wife of Russell Babcock, died Dec. 2, 1839 , aged 57 y, 2m, 20 d.
Lurinda, wife of A. G. Hunter, daughter of R. and A. Babcock, died March 30, 1848 , Aged 29 y, 5 m, 23
(d. – NOTE: recorded as Lucinda on transcription, but gravestone definitely says Lurinda. )
John Hunter Born April 3, 1789 . Died Sept. 29, 1835 . Aged 46 years.
William Broadhurst Sr., died Sept. 2, 1832 , aged 83 years.
William Broadhurst Jr., died May 5, 1854 , aged 63 years.
Mary Broadhurst died Dec. 1, 1844 , aged 24 years, 10 months.
(NOTE: death year recorded as 1811 on transcription, but really is 1844. NOTE: middle initial A. is on gravestone.)
Sarah, wife of Harmon Beans, died Dec. 31, 1841 , aged 27 years, 3 months. S. B. footmarker.
Her gravestone has at the bottom end other engraving upside down to her information which reads:
Died Sept. 28, 184 (stone edge) ae. 52 yr. 5 mo’s, & 6 days. “Beloved in life and lamented in death.”
This is believed to be left over from another person’s inscription that was first started to be put on the stone and
then the rest of the stone was reused to engrave Sarah’s information.

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