Crystal Springs Cemetery
Berrien County Michigan
Z Surnames

Partial Burial Listing

ol=old archaic listing, dl = Michigan Death listing and dc = Death Certificate




Zerbe, August 1891 1944 dl
Zerbe, Nettie 1903 1992 dl
Zerbe, Sarah 1827 1898 ol
Zimmerman, Albertina 1849 1933 dl
Zimmerman, George 1871 1930 dl
Zimmerman, Herman 1850 1911 dc
Zindler, August 1886 1911 dc - so C F Zindler
Zindler, Elvina 1896 1938 dl
Zindler, infant, Erma 1907 1908 dc - do Charles F Zindler
Zordel, Elelia (Klau) Aug 2, 1845 Sep 20, 1948 wo William
contributed by William Brackett
Zordel, Wilhelm 1857 1915 ol and dc
Zordel, William J Jan 17, 1847 Aug 30, 1910 contributed by William Brackett
Zoschke, Henry J 1857 1915 dc
Zuhl, Herman 1862 1917  
Zupo, Hazel Wave Wood Denslow 1895 1961 -

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