James & Elizabeth Pinnell Jr.
Families that did not Migrate to
Berrien County, Michigan

Brief histories of James Pinnell Jr. children that did not migrate to Berrien County, Michigan - All children born in Culpepper Co., VA, unless otherwise noted.

Joseph Pinnell (James Pinnell Jr., James Pinnell)
Eldest son of James Pinnell Jr. was born 1767 and died 1849.
Born in Culpepper County, VA.
Born again into his faith in 1790 he became a Reverend in 1795 and became a circuit preacher. Joseph is considered to be one of the earliest Methodist preachers
He wed Harriet, daughter of Matthew and Esther Raghill on 18 Nov 1819. They had one female child.
Joseph's wife, being several years his junior, she lived about 34 years after his husband's passing.

John Pinnell - Second son of James and Elizabeth
Born in 1768 and died in 1820.
He wed Elizabeth Maddox (quote on family file on line). They had several children.
Remained in Virginia as a minister.

James Pinnell
Born abt 1777 and died 1854 at Cable Co., VA.
He was a Methodist minister. Wed Pheoby Boggus and both emigrated to W. Virginia. His wife would follow him in death, only months after his passing. She was 72 yrs of age.
During their marriage they were blessed with 4 daughters: Mary, Malitie, Armina and Francis Ann.

Lucinda "Lucy" Pinnell,
daughter of James Jr. and Elizabeth Pinnell was born about 1773. She wed a Benjamin Wall in Culpepper Co., VA on 19 Apr 1792.
They had a boy and a girl. Family lore states that Lucy's brother Benjamin, who was close to her own age. Her Husband died young in an accident. See Benjamin Pinnell.
After her husband's dearh, Lucy lived with her father James Pinnell along with Benjamin's widow and Lucy's two children and later married Mr. Joseph P Corran in about 1805 and lived to have 6 more children. Lucy would eventually go to Elgin, Illinois to live out the remainder of one of her children that had emigrated to Illinois.
More on the Corran family may be found in Elgin, Illinois.

Benjamin Pinnell
Born Circa 1773 to 1777 - son of James and Elizabeth. He was close in age to Lucy. Benjamin wed the sister of Mr. Wall, Lucy's first husband. Benjamin had also become a M. E. Minister. Benjamin was helping Mr. Wall in building a home for Lucy and Benjamin Wall. Benjamin Pinnell was on the corner notching the end of a log to fit another log, and as Mr. Wall was on the ground below the axe Benjamin was using came off the helt and struck Mr. Wall in the neck near the collarbone. He lived but a shore time. Benjamin grieved so after his brother-in-law his health declined and he had fits. He only lived a few year after that, dying young.

Patsy Pinnell
daughter of James and Elizabeth - born Culpepper Co., VA married John Harford They wed the 17 April 1792 in the same county. They had one son Henry Harford.

Frances Pinnell
daughter of James and Elizabeth - born about 1786 and d. 1853. She wed Robert Craig and they had three children.

Nancy E Pinnell
daughter of James and Elizabeth - born in Culpepper Co., Virginia on 8 Jan 1779. She wed Abner Settle on 24 Oct 1804. Nancy died about 1859.

William Pinnell, son of of James and Elizabeth
Born 1780 and died August 1852 at age 72 yrs. wed Susanna Stapleton on Amhurst, VA. She was born 1791 and d. 1876 at 85 yrs. They had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Jessie Pinnell - Son of James and Elizabeth
Born Oct 27, 1773 and died February 3, 1812 at only 28 yrs and 3 mos. He had wed Miss Julia Morrison (born in PA 1786 and d. 1867) in 1808 and they had one daughter, Elizabeth, who was born 1809.
Jessie was a Reverend of the Baltimore Conference of Methodist.

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