James & Elizabeth Pinnell
London, England to
Circa 1740 to 1821

James Pinnell Jr. was the eldest of three brothers and therefore given the lion's share of his father's estate.    When a young man her wed Elizabeth Wright on October 20, 1765. She was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Wright, whom he had come to America with. James was born about 1740 and died 1821 in Virginia. His wife Elizabeth was born Feb 2, 1749 and died October 9, 1813 at the age of 64. Elizabeth had been educated to the rules of the Episcopal Church. To James and Elizabeth were born 12 children; 8 boys and 4 girls. They all lived to adulthood and had families of their own.. The boys became leaders in the M. E. Church, except one.

James brothers, John and William arrived in America sometime after their brother James had settled in the new land. Their father gave them 25,000 pounds each and said the remainder of his property for James Jr. .
When James Sr. died in 1778, James Jr. was going to England to settle his portion of the estate. His sailing was halted for sometime as he was staying at a home on his way to leave America and while splitting wood, the axe hit a piece of wood and hit him in the foot. He was compelled to stay a long time before being taken home. In the duration of this time, war had commenced and he was not allowed to go to England.

He then enlisted in the Revolutionary War for approximately seven years. When he arrived home some of his children did not recognize him. He acted as General Washington's body guard and also was wounded in the shoulder. He carried a British bullet in him to his grave.

Children: 12 children born were:
Joseph born 1767 d. 1849
John born 1768 d. 1820
Benjamin Pinnell - born about 1772
Miss Lucy born 1773 d. 1820
Jessie born 1773 d. 1812
James born 1777 d. 1854
Miss Nancy E born 1779 d. 1859
William born 1780 d. 1852
Francis R Pinnell born 1786 d. 1881
Frances born born about 1786 and d. 1853
Miss Patsy Pinnell
Wesley Pinnell born Mar 3, 1779and died July 3, 1835 He Married one of the Linegar sister of the one that wed Francis R. Pinnell, his brother.

On the next two pages we have divided the above twelve children in those who did not go to Berrien Co., Michigan and those who did.

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