Francis R. Pinnell
Virginia to
Berrien County
April 19, 1786 to August 30, 1881

Much of the following is a synopsis of information taken from the study of Nancy A. & H. E. Pinnell done in the early part of the 20th Century.

Francis R. Pinnell was a generous and influential man. He was the son of James Jr. and Elizabeth Pinnell born April 19, 1786 at Jamestown, Virginia. Being educated in Virginia and graduating when 21 years of age, he went to Green River where he taught school. There he met Elizabeth B. Linegar

He helped in building churches and schools in the communities he dwelled in. After emigrating to Michigan, he helped build ten churches, in different localities, near his home . He raised all of his children of which there were no deaths until 1862. The family arrived in 1835. With the exception of one year, he spent in Indiana, from 1835 until his death he lived out his lived in Berrien County, Michigan. He lived to the age of 94 years 4 months and 11 days. There were reunions and many gatherings at the Pinnell home located at Pucker Street, Niles, Michigan.

Military: - He belonged to the Lighthorse Co., under Col. R. Buckley, during the was of 1812 and was discharged at its close.

Elizabeth Linegar (dau. Isaac and Rebecca Linegar, born July 28, 1788, Bath County, Virginia. She wed Francis on May 10, 1809 in Greenbrier County, Virginia. Reverend John Pinnell performed the ceremony.
She died and is buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery, Niles, Michigan. Francis and Elizabeth were married a total of 68 years. Her Funeral took place at Morris Chapel, conducted by Rev. J. Slonecker or St. Joseph, Michigan. Elizabeth was somewhat helpless from a severe stroke of palsy for nearly 17 years before her death. She had joined the Methodist Church in 1800, but for the last 22 years of her life she belonged to the United Brethren Church and was a devoted Christian. There are several letters in this packet of over 75 pages which Debbie Wiebel has and also a copy at the Niles Library, Niles, Michigan.


Francis and Elizabeth had a total of 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. Listed as first born to last born.

1. Rebecca L. Pinnell born September 25, 1810. She was baptized in the M. E. Church, same church they were married in. And performing the baptism was Rev. Jos. Pinnell. Rebecca and Cyrus Hinchman were wed on the 30th day of June, 1829 by Rev. Zachariah Connell. Rebecca was the first sibling to die on Sept. 11, 1862 of typhoid fever at age 52 years. Funeral was held at Morris Chapel and burial in Cemetery attached.
(See details of children below)

2. Delila W. Pinnell Miss  born Giles Co, VA on Nov 2, 1812. On the 13th year of her age she converted to the Methodist E. Church and remained faithful. In later years she was a member of the United Brethren Church at Franklin. She died August 25, 1896. Buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery.

3. Isaac A. Pinnell born Giles Co, VA on Nov 2, 1814 . He wed Mariah C. Bush in February of 1842. The mother in law, Jane C. Bush was a widow and lived with them through out the years. They finally moved to Boonville, Cooper Co., MO. Isaac and Mariah had a daughter and son. Isaac died in this same place on January 31, 1890 with burial at Walnut Grove Cemetery. He was 75 years of age. Funeral Services were held at the local Methodist Church.

4. Wesley M. F. Pinnell born Giles Co, VA on January 19, 1817 and died October 5, 1887 at Poolman in Washington Territory. He was a licensed exhorter in the United Brethren Church. He had married Catherine VanVlear on 30 Jan 1844. They had 8 children besides a little boy that died in Indiana after which Wesley and family returned to Michigan before going to Washington Territory. Several of the children that had taken ill in 1885 are also buried there.

5. Lucinda C. Pinnell born Giles Co, VA on Nov. 27, 1818 she wed James Groat in Niles 7 July 1841. He was born in Canada Oct 12, 1817. They had 8 children. Lucinda died in Elkhart, Indiana in 1910.

6. Samuel F. Pinnell born Sep 21, 1820 in Giles Co., VA. and died at Forest Home, Atrim Co., MI on March 27, 1911. He came to Michigan with his father et al in 1835. He joined the Methodist Church in 1840. On January 1, 1845 he married Miss Elizabeth Martha Sergeant.
They had three boys and three girls. Elizabeth died on the 24th of May 1862 of consumption.
Eight years after her death he wed Martha (Cole) Barnett on 6 February 1870. She was born in Lake George, NY Feb 11, 1821 an died January 11, 1898. She had previously wed William Barnett in 1840 in Olean, NY. Her first husband died in 1869 in Three Oaks, Michigan. She was the mother of nine by her first husband. She was a true mother to all of her own and her second husband's children. (See details of children below)

7. Thomas C. Pinnell born Logan Co., VA August 6, 1825 died 1863 - He's the father of H. E. Pinnell - one of the authors of the original work that a portion of this article is collected from.   He was converted and became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at 17 years of age. He wed Miss Mary J Stafford, July 4, 1848. Mary was born April 18, 1831 near Toronto, Canada.
After marriage Tom and his immediate family moved to Merrillville, Lake Co., IN .
He and Mary had four boys and one girl. The girl only lived a few minutes. Thomas enlisted in the union cause in 1862. He was a part of Co. A 99th Reg, Indiana Volunteers aka the "Lake County Plow Boys". They numbered 30 in this regiment.   He was then sent to General Sherman's division. He was always hopeful to the last. He died at the LaGrange Hospital, LaGrange, TN on Feb 7, 1863 of typhoid fever.
Thomas and Mary had the following children: Joseph F., George W, C. W. and Henry E. Pinnell (known as H. E. Pinnell in this work) Mary J. Starrard Pinnell remarried S. E. Strong. She died March 9, 1895. Several years before Mr. Strong's death they moved to Pennsylvania. (see details on Thomas & Mary below)

8. Nancy A. Pinnell, Miss  born Logan County, VA on December 23, 1827 and died September 8, 1905 (daughter of F. R. Pinnell) - She along with H E Pinnell authored much of this work. The bulk of Nancy's research can be enjoyed by visiting the Niles Library, Niles, Michigan.
Nancy was a member of the M. E. church until 1853 when she joined the United Brethren Church and remained a member up and through her death in 1905 . She was the daughter with three sisters, whose mother taught them household duties. Along with this she became very proficient in sewing, knitting, embroidery, crocheting etc. Nancy states in her works that she and her sister, Delila lived as old maids and cared for their parents. And Delila passed at 84 years of age. Her cousin Henry Edward (HE Pinnell) state that Nancy was a generous to a fault, never down-hearted, but always jovial and full of fun and jokes. Nancy is who we have to thank for much of this work. With few errors and more energy than most of of could dream of, she set about organizing a family history and legacy. We have to remember, she did this more then 75 years before the Internet came along.


Additional Histories of Children and Spouses :

Children of Samuel Pinnell
   1. Cynthia - eldest daughter Two years after the mothers death, the oldest daughter, Cynthia, was wed to a Frederick Hockstead 22 May 1864, and in 9 months she too died of consumption in March of 1865 at the age of 17. Buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery.
   2. Franklin J. Pinnell born in 1846 , enlisted in the Civil War. While in camp he contacted the measles, his until was moved to soon and suffering a hemorrhage of the lungs, was sick a very long time and remained ill but stayed in service until the end of the war. He was mustered out with an honorable discharge. He never fully regained his health but was faithful to his church, United Brethren Church. He died Feb 14, 1887 and along with his sister Cynthia and parents, he is buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery. He had previously wed Susannah E. Mathews in April 1870
   3. James M. Pinnell, 2nd son born 1850 in Michigan. He lived in Benton Harbor, Michigan, this county and in later years went to live with his brother Charles in Atrim Co.,. MI. He wed Annis Turrell in 1876 and they had no children. Annis died in Benton Harbor, Mi at 72 years of age on Dec 26, 1917. Her parent were E. Turrell and Carrie Stoddard.
   4. Charles F Pinnell born about August 1851. He wed Cora Joy Holden in 1877. The later moved to Forest Home, Atrim, Michigan. They had a total of six children.
   5. Olive Pinnell - born , Jul 1856 in Niles, , Michigan . Died 13 Jan 1905 in Aurora, Kane County, Illinois Burial: 17 Jan 1905 in Spring Lake Cemetery, Aurora, Illinois; Sec. F, Block W, Lot 13, Grave 4 Married to James Conner in 14 Jan 1877 in Berrien
   6. Flora E. M. Pinnell born 16 Aug 1859 in Niles, Berrien County, she died 02 Mar 1928 in Newberg, Yamhill County, Oregon Burial: Friends Cemetery Marriage: 16 Aug 1877 in Berrien County, Michigan to Andrew Conner

1. Children of Cyrus & Rebecca (Pinnell) Hinchman were; Two or three of the children died at infancy and the living children were:
   1st daughter - Harriet Hinchman, who married Mr. Sargent on January 18, 1849 and in 1856 he was drowned in California. She then married again in 1859.
   2nd daughter - Elizabeth Hinchman married in 1850; she raised 5 boys and 2 girls, all were living in California or Oregon. Her husband was killed in 1862 and she was left to care for all of those children.
   1st son - Cambysus Francis Hinchman was born in Logan Co., WV Jan 31, 1835. He married Miss Eunice Veach on Jan 18, 1856 at the age of 21 years. There was born to this union 4 girls. Cambysus died Oct 26, 1872 at the age of 28 years and 9 months. His wife lived 20 years after his death.
   3rd daughter - Delila Mero Hinchman born Feb 7, 1837, Berrien Co., MI. - married Mr. Jasper Willis in 1859 they had a girl and a boy. Jasper joined the Union cause Private on 21 October 1861 at the age of 24 - and he was captured and taken prisoner at the battle of Shilo and taken to a rebel prison in Dalton, Georgia. He starved to death and died June 8, 1862. Delila took ill in the fall of 1862 and never really regained her health. She died at her fathers home in February of 1864 at age 27. She is buried in Morris Chapel Cemetery, this county.
   4th daughter - Mary E. Hinchman - wed J. D. Surran and moved to Oregon.,
   5th daughter - Lucinda Hinchman born March 17, 1853, married William Pearson of Mt. Calm County, MI in 1871. The moved to the Dakota's and Nebraska and finally Santa Barbara, California.,
   6th daughter was Nancy Melvina Hinchman - born Aug 2, 1846 wed Miner Marble, a preacher of the Protestant Methodist Church at Three Oaks, Michigan. He too served in the Civil War but thankfully survived. They had 6 children in total and moved to Nebraska and then on to Santa Barbara, California.
   2nd son Ed E. Hinchman - Ed was born in April of 1852. He was a carpenter and millwright. His mother died when he was only 10 years of age. He went to Pierson, Michigan . After learning his trade he went to Washington Territory and up and down the coast. He married in San Francisco . He took ill for some time and he died on June 7, 1901.

Children of Thomas and Mary (Staffard) Pinnell were:
   1. Joseph Pinnell wed Aditha Borden (born Sep 17, 1849) at his grandparents residence (R. R. & E. Pinnell) on May 12, 1872. She died Sep 9, 1904 (per her death certificate). Aditha was the do of James P Borden. She was buried at Morris Chapel Cemetery. Joseph then wed Louise Hagmann, of Erie PA on Dec 20, 1905 at his brother home in Erie, PA. They would return by 1910 census to appear in the Berrien Co., census.
   2. George Pinnell - moved to Galeta, Santa Barbara Co., CA
   3. Charles W Pinnell moved to Bakersfield, CA
   4. Henry Edward Pinnell who helped author much of Miss Nancy A Pinnell's work moved to Erie, PA.

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