Sydney R. Parketon
Research by: William Brackett

The Oceana County History 1880 1900 Volume II, was published by the Oceana County Historical Society in 1992. In that publication there is a biography for Albert Parketon on page 249. In that biography you can read that Gordon Nelson Parketon was the son of Sidney R. and Elizabeth (O’Dell) Parketon of Connecticut. Sidney R. Parketon was born on March 30, 1801 and married Eleanor O’Dell on 24 Apr 1824. Eleanor O’Dell was born on 28 Feb 1801. Sidney and Eleanor had children: Ruth Ann born 25 Feb 1825, Hester Ann b. 23 Aug 1829 and Ellen E. born 29 Sep 1834. Eleanor being in failing health died shortly after the birth of Ellen. Eleanor’s younger sister came to care for the children and later married Sidney R. Parketon on 15 Nov 1835. Eleanor’s sister was named Elizabeth O’Dell. Sidney and Elizabeth (O’Dell) Parketon had four children: Gordon Nelson, born 18 Sep 1837, Charles Henry born 20 Sep 1840 and Sarah Ann born 13 Jul 1843 who died 14 Jun 1862. According to this article they headed for Michigan in the fall of 1847 with a team of oxen and wagon, arriving in Berrien County, Michigan 20 Nov 1847. Their son Albert M. Parketon was born 25 Aug 1850 in Berrien County Michigan and later moved to Oceana County near Hesperia. Elizabeth (O’Dell) Parketon died on 02 Sep 1862. Sidney Parketon was a shoemaker by trade. Gordon Nelson Parketon married Mary A. Smith and lived in Oronoko Township, Berrien County, Michigan. It appears Sidney and Elizabeth (O’Dell) Parketon died in Oronoko Township of Berrien County but their burial location is unknown. Sidney’s death record is dated 04 Jun 1875and is on file here in Berrien County. Gordon and Mary A. Parketon are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery.