Charles G. Getterson was born 26 Jan 1896 in Volhynia, Russia and died 02 Dec 1965 in Berrien County, Michigan.  Getterson is a shorten version of the family name Gettersonke or Gittersonke.  Charles married Therese Krampitz.  The following was supplied by Bob Krampetz:  Therese was the second Daughter of Johann Krampitz, B: 25 Jun 1845 Mariankach and Augustina Fredrika nee Kruger B: 1864 Antoniewo - Russian controlled Poland.

Johann was the 4th child of: Michael Krampic B: 1799 Jackowo D: 5 March 1846 Marianki Sierpc.

Michael's first child's was Michael Krampic B: 13 Sep 1828. By the time his Johann and other children were born, all their surnames were spelled Krampitz. (I am told that the Polish pronunciation of "IC" at the end of a name in Polish, was the same as the German "ITZ". I suppose he changed spelling to conform to his language and religion.) Michael and Wilhelmine Buroff B:~1828 Orlowo, had 6 children. Other than some birth years, little more is known of the others.

Johann Krampitz married Ekaterina (Catherina) Malon, b: 1847 Barany (9km SW

of Lipno) about 1877. They had 3 Children, Euphrosine B:4 Aug 1877, Gustav B: 13 Nov 1881 (my GF), and Daniel B: 26 Oct 1885. Ekaterina died 21 Jan 1886.  Johann remarried, to Augustina Fredrika nee Krüger B: 1864 Antoniewo, on 14 July 1887, They went on to have 8 children: August B: 17 Jul 1888, Augustine B: 5 Dec 1889, Hermann B: 18 Feb 1893, Wilhem B: 26 Feb 1891, Emilia B: 1893, Therese .. , Ottilie B: 16 Jan 1897, and Emil B: 18 Dec 1898.

Therese and her sister Emilia emigrated to the U.S., landing at Ellis Island 15 Oct 1909. Emilia Married Heinrich Lach of Chicago Ill. on 20 Apr 1912. Wilhelm emigrated to the U.S. in Apr 1910 and married Emma Golz (Goltz?) in 1913. So, you see. Therese is my grandfather's (Gustav) half sister.

I have a first cousin that remembers Therese. I don't recall, other than my own GF Gustav, any siblings. I did get confirmation of births, from EVA and EVG church Confirmations of some via SGGE.COM.

I noted that Therese & Charles daughter shows no children, so it would seem there are not direct descendents of Johann (Jan) Krampitz in Michigan. I have yet to find any that I'd be related to. I've also found mention of several of Therese's siblings on .

Augustina was still alive in 1909 as her name was given as 'home contact' on

Therese's Ellis Island manfest when she emigrated with sister Emilia in 1909.”

Therese (Krampitz) Getterson died on 18 Jun 1983.  Both she and Charles are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Sodus Township.