The family of three brothers,
Absalom, Mason, and Wilkerson Colvin,
of Buchanan Township, Berrien County Michigan.
by Nancy Heib.
Absalom Colvin. Spelled as "Absalom" on:  (1.) His marriage record.
(2.) Cass Co  MI 1831 land patent. (3.) Berrien Co. MI 1838 land patent.
(4.) Berrien Co. MI 1839 land patent.  (5.) On his wife Sarah's headstone.
(6.) On his grandson's headstone (who was probably named after him).
His name is sometimes incorrectly listed as "Absolom" Colvin.
Absalom Colvin was the eldest son of John Colvin Jr., and
his wife Elizabeth C. (Colvin) Colvin (John's cousin). 
Absalom  was married to his wife Sally/Sarah Ann Foster,
in Campbell County Kentucky on Oct. 12, 1815.
Absalom Colvin and his wife Sally/Sarah Ann (Foster) Colvin, along with their
daughters Lucinda and Amanda, moved from Campbell County Kentucky,
along with some (or most) of his siblings, to Ohio.
"Absolum" Colvin is listed in the 1820 census of Washington township,
Montgomery County Ohio.  Absalom's children  George Washington Colvin,
and Nancy Colvin were born in Ohio (in 1822 and 1825)..  
Absalom Colvin then moved from Montgomery County Ohio,
to Michigan (between 1825 and 1830).
Absalom Colvin's younger brothers Mason and Wilkerson Colvin,
possibly came with their older brother to Michigan.
Note: Absalom is incorrectly listed as "Abraham" Colvin in the 1830 census of Niles
township, Berrien County Michigan, with no females listed in the household.
Besides Absalom, there are listed 3 males aged 20-30 living with him
(probably his brothers).
Absalom is ALSO listed as living in Montgomery County Ohio, in the 1830 
census, next door to his brother Thomas Jefferson Colvin.
(No way to check the month that these two census' were taken).
Perhaps Absalom, and a couple of his brothers, came to Michigan first,
and then Absalom returned to get his wife and children.
"Absalom" Colvin purchased a land patent from the U.S. Government in
Section 8, of LaGrange township, in Cass County Michigan on April 1, 1831.
This land was described as the West half of the N.- E. quarter of Section 8,
in township six (LaGrange township). (Today it can be described as on the
East side of Cherry Grove Road, across the street from the Southwestern
Michigan College).
Two of Absalom's brothers, and one of his daughters, were all married
in Cass County Michigan, to three siblings of the Griffin family.
They were the children of Yoakley/Yokley Griffin and his wife Sally Mullican,
of LaGrange township, Cass County Michigan.
Land patent records show that "Yokley" Griffin and his eldest son
"Zadock" (Zodock) J. Griffin, together purchased a land patent in Section 8,
of LaGrange township, Cass County Michigan on Feb. 8, 1831
(as "tenants in common", and not as "joint tenants").
This was in the same Section of LaGrange township, as Absalom Colvin's patent.
[For more on this Griffin family, see the find-a-grave memorial for Wilkerson Colvin's
first wife Perlina (Griffin) Colvin, of Berrien County Michigan].
Absalom's brother Mason Colvin was married to Malinda Griffin, in Cass Co. MI, in 1832.
Absalom's brother Wilkerson Colvin, was married to Perlina Griffin, in Cass Co. MI, in 1833.
Absalom's daughter Amanda Colvin was married to Zodock Griffin, in Cass Co. MI in 1835.
(Absalom's eldest child Lucinda Colvin was also married in
Cass County Michigan, to Thomas J. Patrick, in 1833).
Note: Black Hawk War Muster Rolls, Berrien County Michigan,
published by the Berrien County Historical Association 1997.
7th Reg't Michigan Militia commanded by Col. Almanson Huston of Niles, MI;
Capt. Isaac Shurtles' Company, 7th Reg't, Michigan Militia,
May 19, 1832 to June 21, 1832.
Absolom Colvin, Pvt., enlisted for 8 days [# 31].
Wilkinson Colvin, Pvt., enlisted for 4 days [#36].
Absalom's other siblings also came North from Kentucky. 
His older sister Mary died in Clinton Co. Indiana, sister Elizabeth died in Ohio
or IN, brothers John, Samuel, and Silas, died in Ohio, and one brother
Thomas Jefferson Colvin, lived in Ohio and Indiana, then died in Kansas.
Perhaps all of the siblings moved from Campbell County Kentucky,
up to Montgomery County Ohio, and then spread out from there.
Note: Their father John Colvin Jr. died "about" 1814, the same year that his
youngest child Wilkerson Colvin was born.
Their mother Elizabeth Colvin, was then remarried in 1818.
Brothers Absalom, Mason, and Wilkerson Colvin, later moved with their families,
from Cass County Michigan, to Berrien County Michigan.
Absalom and Wilkerson Colvin settled on adjoining property, in sections 3 and 4
of Buchanan township, Berrien County Michigan, on land they purchased in
land patents from the U.S. Government.
"Alsalom" Colvin purchased 40 acres, and also another 160 acres, in Section 3,
of Buchanan township, Berrien County Michigan on Sept. 10, 1838.
"Absalom" Colvin and his brother "Wilkinson" Colvin both purchased land patents
from the U.S. Government in Section 4, of Buchanan township, Berrien County
Michigan on May 1, 1839, each of them for just under 75 acres.
Wilkerson Colvin's farm later consisted of  275 acres.
The 1850 census shows all three brothers living in Berrien County Michigan:
Absalom with his wife Sally/Sarah (Foster) Colvin (ages 55 and 54)..
Mason, with his wife Malinda (Griffin) Colvin and their two children
James M. Colvin (who was accidentally killed while serving in the Civil War),
and Paulina Colvin, and
Wilkerson (shortly after his first wife Perlina (Griffin) Colvin died), 
with three of their children: Sarah Ellen, Austin W., and Thomas Jefferson Colvin.
Wilkerson Colvin later married two more times
Wilkerson Colvin fathered a total of 10 children
(and was the step-father to six more).
The "History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties Michigan" states that
"Absalom Colvin went to California in 1852. and he died there".
(Note: Campbell Co. Kentucky deed records show that Absalom Colvin of Berrien County
Michigan, sold "his share" of his father's farm in Campbell County Kentucky in 1855).
(Could Absalom Colvin have gone to California for the Gold Rush perhaps?)
Absalom's wife Sarah/Sally died in 1881 at 85 years of age, in Lake City, Iowa, and she
is buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery in Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa, next to 
their eldest daughter Lucinda (Colvin) Patrick, who died five days after her mother died.  
They share a headstone. (See their shared headstone on find-a-grave).
Note: Mason Colvin's wife Malinda (Griffin) Colvin (1802-1875),
and their daughter Paulina (Colvin) Perkins, are also buried in the
Cottonwood Cemetery, in Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa.
(Note: A Calhoun County history book states that Calhoun County Iowa was
settled by people from Cass County Michigan).
Absalom's brother Mason Colvin, died in Berrien County Michigan,
on March 26, 1859, at about 50 years of age. 
Mason Colvin is buried in the Burke Cemetery.
(Could his grave have been one of those that were moved from
the Colvin Cemetery to the Burke Cemetery about 1910?)
Wilkerson Colvin died in Buchanan, Berrien County Michigan
on Oct. 20, 1874, at the age of 60 years.
Wilkerson Colvin was buried in the Colvin Cemetery.
The following, is a record of their family.
Grandfather: John Colvin Sr.
(the son of Mason Colvin Sr. and his wife Levina Tool).
b. about 1717-1746
m. Margaret Day (the daughter of Francis Day).
d. "before" Sept. 14, 1794, in Culpepper County Virginia.
Note: John Colvin Sr.'s heirs sold his property in Culpepper Co. VA.
on Sept. 14, 1794, of 167 acres, to Richard Wall.  [Deed Book S: 78-79]
(These heirs included John Colvin Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Colvin).
Grandmother: Margaret Day (the daughter of Francis Day).
b. 1743-1746, in Fauquier County Virginia.
m. John Colvin Sr.
d.  in Culpepper County Virginia.
Note: John Colvin Sr. had a brother named Charles Colvin who bought adjoining
property to John's in Culpepper Co. VA on the same date, from the same person.
The wife of Charles Colvin was Susannah Day, the sister of John's wife Margaret Day.
Margaret's other siblings besides Susannah are: William, Cassom, and Henry Day.
All listed as the "heirs" of Francis Day.
[Per: "Culpepper Co. VA Grantor Deeds, Book I-398,
dated June 22, 1779, recorded Aug. 16, 1779"]
John Colvin Sr. and his wife Margaret moved to Culpepper County Virginia,
buying property there on Muddy Run, on May 17, 1777, from William Williams
and his wife Lucy, and John Williams and his wife Polly, deed witnessed 
by John Williams Jr., Charles Colvin, and Henry Stringfellow
(Deed book H: 433-434).
John Colvin Sr. appears on Culpepper County Virginia land tax records
(incomplete lists) in 1782, 1783, and in 1788, charged for 166 acres.
[Virginia State Library Land Tax Records A-L].
In personal property tax records of 1787, in Culpepper County VA., John
was taxed for himself, 2 males 16 to 21, 4 horses, and 7 cows.
The two males aged 16 to 21, were listed as his sons, Charles and John.
[Schreiner-Yantis, Netti & Florence Love, "The Personal Property Tax Lists
for the Year 1787, for Culpepper County Virginia," Genealogical Books in
Print, 1987, Springfield, VA].
Children of John Colvin Sr. and his wife Margaret Day are:
1. John Colvin Jr. 
b. about 1867/68 in VA.
m. Elizabeth C. Colvin (his cousin), on Oct. 27, 1789, in Culpepper Co. VA.
She is the daughter of Mason Colvin Jr. and his wife Catherine Stringfellow.
d. John Colvin Jr. died "about" 1814, in Campbell County Kentucky.
2. Charles Colvin [Sr.]  (1770-1840)
m, # 1. about 1790, to Hannah Routt, daughter of John Routt.
m. # 2. Francis Greening Lightfoot, on Sept 17, 1810,
3. Henry Colvin
4. Mary Elizabeth ("Polly") Colvin. b. about 1770.
m. Jan 22, 1794, to Walter Minor, son of Owen Minor and Sarah Waller. 
5. Benjamin Colvin, b. before 1775
6. Margaret Colvin, b. Nov 2, 1775, in Culpepper Co. VA.
m. 1795, to Benjamin Gosney.
Note: Benjamin Gosney was one of four men who appraised
the estate of Margaret's deceased brother John Colvin Jr. in 1814.
d. May 21, 1845.
7. Leanna/Leannah Colvin. b. Aug. 23, 1779, in Culpepper Co. VA..
m. Feb. 27, 1798, in Campbell County Kentucky,
to William L. Lightfoot (1774-1864), the son of John B. Lightfoot
(with consent by John Colvin, with Lewis Colvin and Benjamin Gosney).
They moved to Rush County Indiana in 1842.
d. June 10, 1855, in Fugit township, Decatur County Indiana.
8. Catherine Colvin, b. 1782. 
m. Goodrich Lightfoot, in 1801, in Pendleton County Kentucky.
9. Lewis Colvin, b. before 1785. 
m. Betsy Bell, on Aug. 5, 1803
(bondsman James Bell, possibly her father?)
d. 1819.
Father: John Colvin Jr.
b. "about" 1767-68, in Virginia.
m. Elizabeth C. Colvin (his cousin).
on Oct. 27, 1789, in Culpepper County Virginia,
by William Mason, a Baptist minister.
After their first child was born, John and Elizabeth C. Colvin then moved
to 150 acres lying on Phillip's Creek, in Campbell County Kentucky,
between 1791 and 1795.
d. ."about" 1814, in Campbell County Kentucky.
John's estate was appraised on Aug. 6, 1814. (Will book A, page 211).
[Note: His youngest child  Wilkerson Colvin was born in 1814].
John's widow Elizabeth is on Campbell Co. KY Tax lists 1814-1817.
Mother: Elizabeth C. Colvin,
the daughter of Mason Colvin Jr., and his wife Catherine Stringfellow.
b. "about" 1770, in Virginia. 
m. # 1. John Colvin Jr., on Oct. 27, 1789, in Culpepper County Virginia..
(John Colvin Jr. died "about" 1814, in Campbell County Kentucky.).
m. # 2. John Caldwell, on March 14, 1818, in Campbell County Kentucky,
security by William Taylor (possibly Elizabeth's son-in-law).
[Campbell Co. KY Marriage Bonds, Box 2 # 12].
Note: A "Robert Caldwell" (a next door neighbor), was one of four men who
appraised the estate of Elizabeth's husband John Colvin Jr. in 1814.
d. "before" April 16, 1829, in Campbell County Kentucky
(Note: When their daughter Elizabeth was married in 1829, Elizabeth's marriage record
states that she had no "living" parents. Her brother gave permission for her to marry).
Appraisal of the estate of John Colvin, deceased 6 August 1814 by
Samuel Bryan, Archer Dickenson, Robert Caldwell and Benjamin Gosney.
DEED BOOK D - 1, PAGE 568, RECORDED 24 ARI 1817.
Whereas John Colvin in his life time purchased of John Grant, a certain tract
of land containing 150 acres lying in Campbell County [KY], which is herein after
conveyed to the said children of John Colvin. And Whereas the John Colvin
died seized of said land without having obtained a deed thereof from the said
land from John Grant who has received the payment of consideration money
in full for the said land from John Colvin in his lifetime to wit two hundred dollars.
Indenture made 24 Mar 1817 between John Grant of the one part and [John's children]
Mary Colvin, Absolom Colvin, John Colvin, Samuel Colvin, Silas Colvin,
Jefferson Colvin, Mason Colvin, Elizabeth Colvin and Wilkinson Colvin,
children of the said John Colvin, deceased, the said Mary [his daughter] having
intermarried with and being now the wife of William W. Taylor of the other part.
John [Grant] for and in consideration of the sum of $200 sells heirs of John Colvin
all that certain tract of land lying on Phillips Creek in Campbell County [KY]
beginning at a white oak tree in Robert Caldwell's line about one rod from said creek.
Note: Later the nine children, each sold their 1/9th share of this 150 acre farm.
Children of John Colvin Jr. and his wife Elizabeth C. Colvin,
(all listed in deed book),  are:
1. Mary Ann Colvin.
b. July 30, 1791, in Culpepper County Virginia.
m. Campbell Co. Kentucky marriage records show Mary Ann Colvin was
married to William W. Taylor, on Nov. 22 (or 11), 1810 (bond by John Colvin).
They had a daughter Mary Elizabeth Taylor (1812-1862), who married Peter Fudge.
They possibly had a son, Franklin Taylor, born about 1815.
d. Mary Ann died on Sept. 13, 1865, in Clinton County Indiana.
Buried: Old South Cemetery, in Frankfort, Clinton County Indiana,
next to her husband William W. Taylor (1787-1878).
2. Absalom Colvin
(Listed as "Absalom" Colvin on his marriage record, and on his wife's headstone.
He had a grandson whose name was also spelled "Absalom" (per his headstone).
Sometimes listed as "Absolom".
b. about 1795, in Campbell County Kentucky.
m. Sarah/Sally Ann Foster, on Oct. 12, 1815, in Campbell County Kentucky,
bond by John Foster (possibly her father).
Note: The death certificate for their son George Washington Colvin, lists his
mother as "Sally Ann" Foster.
(Records show that "Absalom" Colvin was married to "Sally" Foster).
She is listed as Sally on their marriiage record, and as "Sarah C. wife
of Alsalom Colvin" on her headstone. (The "C." possibly stands for Colvin)..
Absalom Colvin's first two children were born in Campbell Co. Kentucky in 1816, and 1819,
and he then had two children who were born in Ohio in 1822 and 1825.
Absalom then moved with his wife and children to Cass County Michigan.
They then moved to Sections 3 and 4 of Buchanan township, in Berrien County Michigan.
Absalom Colvin was a "Justice of the Peace" in Buchanan township,
Berrien County Michigan in 1839, 1843, and 1847.
The 1850 census shows them living in Berrien County MIchigan (with no children):
"Absolum" age 55 and Sarah age 54.
In the 1880 census his wife is listed as "Sallie A.", a widow,  and is living with her 
daughter Lucinda, and son-in-law Thomas J. Patrick, in Grant City, Sac County Iowa.
Sarah was born in 1796 in VA and she died on Nov. 24, 1881,
in Calhoun County Iowa, at the age of 85 years, and 10 months. 
Sarah is buried next to their eldest daughter Lucinda Patrick in the
Cottonwood Cemetery in Lake City, Calcoun County Iowa.
Sarah and Lucinda share a headstone.
Sarah and her daughter Lucinda Patrick died only five days apart.
Sarah's husband is listed as "Absalom" Colvin on her headstone.
(Their daughter Lucinda named her son "Absalom").
See a good photo of their shared headstone on the find-a-grave memorial
for their daughter Lucinda Patrick, of Calhoun County Iowa.
Note: Mason Colvin's wife Malinda Colvin and their daughter
Paulina (Colvin) Perkins, are also buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery,
in Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa.
d. Absalom died "after" 1852, in California (and "before" the 1860 census).
Note: The "History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties MI" states that
"Absalom Colvin went to California in 1852, and he died there".
Note: Campbell County Kentucky deed records show that
Absalom Colvin "of Berrien County Michigan"
sold "his share" of his father's farm in 1855.
Perhaps Absalom came back from California to sell his share,  
or he actually left for California "after" he sold his share in 1855.
(Had Absalom gone to California for the Gold Rush perhaps?)
Note: The Colvin School was located on Absalom Colvin's farm.
Note: An article published in the "Berrien County Record" newspaper in
Buchanan, MI in April of 1875, states that on April 23, 1875,  the Colvin
schoolhouse located on the North-East corner of Aalfs Road and Little
Glendora Road, was burned down. Suspected arson, due to earlier vandalism.
Children of Absalom Colvin and Sarah/Sally Ann Foster are:
(1.) Lucinda Colvin, born 1816, in Campbell County Kentucky.
m. Thomas J. Patrick, on March 3, 1833, in Cass Co. Michigan.
In the 1850 census they are living in Berrien County Michigan.
In the 1860 census they are living in Calvin township, Cass Co. Michigan.
d. Nov. 29, 1881, in Calhoun Co. Iowa, age 65 years, and 3 months.
Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery, Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa
(next to her mother, they share a headstone).
Children: They named their two children Absalom and Sally A.
(possibly after Lucinda's parents?).
(2.) Amanda Colvin, born 1819, in Campbell County Kentucky.
m. Zodock J. Griffin (Malinda and Perlina's brother), on Feb. 26, 1835,
in Cass County Michigan.
The 1850 census of Berrien County Michigan shows them with children:
Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Griffin, Almira, Sally, and Gilbert Griffin.
They also had children Darius, and Amy Griffin.
In the 1880 census, Zodock and Amanda are living in Dayton township,
Berrien County Michigan with their son Frank.
d. Amanda died on March 22, 1898, as a widow, in Gilmore township,
Isabella County Michigan, age 79 years, 1 month, and 8 days.
Her death certificate lists her parents as Absalom Colvin and wife Sarah,
she died of heart disease and pneumonia, and that she was buried in
"Gilmore" (Gilmore township or Gilmore Cemetery).
She was married at 16 years of age, and that she had 8 children,
5 still living. (See her death certificate at:
(3.) George Washington Colvin.
b. Dec. 25, 1822, in Ohio.
m. Mary Frazier (or Fraizer/Fraser), on Jan. 31, 1850, in Berrien Co. Michigan.
(Mary was born Sept. 16, 1827 in Ohio, and died Jan. 23, 1917,
age 89 years, 4 months, and 7 days).
George served in the Civil War, in Company K, of the 25th Michigan Infantry.
d. April 13, 1900, in Buchanan, Berrien County Michigan.
His death certificate lists his mother as Sally Ann Foster.
Buried: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Buchanan, Michigan
(next to his wife and son Edwin). (Section 2, Lot 22).
Elvira A. Colvin (1851-1886) who married Melvin Dalrymple on
Feb. 17, 1867 in Berrien Co. MI and is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.
Laura Jane Colvin (1855-1951) who was married on Dec. 24, 1873, in
Berrien Co. MI to John F. Montague (1847-1926), the son of Julius Montague
(who was in the War of 1812), and his wife Hannah W. Arnold.
The children of Laura and John F. Montague were:
Helen Gertrude (1879-1969). Helen married George  P. Beck in 1909.
Rollin Francis (1877-1961), (listed as Francis Rollin in cemetery census),
and Mary Esther (1884-1911) (also listed as "Etta" and Maretta" in census).
Laura Jane, John F, and daughter Mary Esther Montague 
are buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery  (A - 76).
Dr. Edwin Oscar Colvin (1825-1925), a medical doctor in Buchanan, MI,
(4.) Nancy Colvin.
b. Nov. 1, 1825, in Ohio (possibly in Warren or Montgomery Co. Ohio).
[Note: There is a record of a Nancy Colvin, age 16, born 1826, who was married
to Washington Howard (George Washington Howard?), born 1819, married in
Berrien County Michigan on Sept. 13, 1842. Could this be the same Nancy?].
m. Samuel Teter Helmick, on Feb. 12, 1847, in Berrien Co. Michigan,
wittinessed by A. Colvin and G. Colvin (Absalom and her brother George?).
Samuel is the son of Jesse Helmick and his wife Elizabeth "Betsy" Simonton.
d. June 11, 1866, in Berrien County Michigan.
Buried: Burke Cemetery (Lot 10, Space 2).
(Nancy and Samuel Helmick are buried in the Burke Cemetery
with 14 other people named Helmick).
The five children of Samuel and Nancy Helmick are:
Julia Helmick. (1848 - Nov. 10, 1851, at 2 y and 8 m).
Buried: Burke Cemetery.
Lucinda, Helmick. b. Jan. 8. 1850. d. Oct. 15, 1930.
(Lucinda married Rinehard Shriver).
A. Irvin Helmick. (b. March 23, 1852. d. July 9,1916).
Irvin m. # 1. Martha Ellen Andrews on Dec. 23, 1875.
Irvin m. # 2. Mrs. Lade Fuller in 1914.
Arena M. Helmick (b. April 17, 1854. d. June 9, 1937.
(Arena  married Albert J. Barnhart, on Feb. 1, 1872)
(Arena is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery).
Everett Helmick. (b. July 10, 1856. d. May, 13, 1940).
Everett m. # 1. Sarah Jane Andrews on Aug. 29, 1880.
Everett m. # 2. Alice Mackley on Jan. 2, 1890.
Campbell County Kentucky Deed Book 2 - 619, dated Dec. 15, 1855.
"Absolom" Colvin and several of his siblings through their agent,
Charles Daniel, Master Commissioner of Campbell County Kentucky,
sold their interest in their father's property [of 150 acres] on Phillips Creek,
in Campbell County Kentucky, to Coleman Yelton.
Note: It seems by this deed record, that Absalom was still in Berrien Co.
Michigan in 1855. Either he went to California in 1852 and came back
before 1855, or he went to CA in or after 1855 and never came back.
(Absalom Colvin is not listed in the 1860 census).
3. John B. Colvin (the third) (a wagon maker).
b. 1798, in Campbelll County Kentucky
m. Margaret Neill, on Dec. 4, 1822, in Hamilton County Ohio.
1850 census, in Warren County Ohio. 1860 census, in Clinton County Ohio.
d. July 10, 1874, in Clinton County Ohio,
at the age of 76 years, 2 months, and 27 days.
Buried: New Burlington Cemetery, in Clinton County Ohio.
Children: Moses, Salathiel Demetrius, Abagail A., Anne E.,
Margaret E., Jonathan M., and Augustus Colvin, plus possible  
children that are buried in this cemetery with their parents:
Lauretta A., (Colvin) Hurley (1833-1887),
John Henry (1840-1908),
Arabelle F. Colvin (1843-1917), and
Owen Colvin (d. 1870).
See John's memorial on find-a-grave.
4. Samuel Colvin Sr.
b. 1802 (or Sept. 15, 1801), in Campbelll County Kentucky
m. Jerusha Prentice.
In the 1830 census Samuel is living in Springboro, Warren County Ohio
(next door to his sister Elizabeth and her husband Samuel Drake).
Living in Randolph, Montgomery County Ohio in the 1850 and 1860 census.
d. April 10, 1879, aged 77 years, 6 months, and 22 days.
Buried: East Zion Cemetery, in Greenville, Darke County Ohio.
Children: Samuel Jr., Cylus, Emaline, John, Henrietta (she m. Joseph Pearson),
William, and Caroline Colvin.
See Samuel's memorial on find-a-grave.
5. Silas Colvin
b. 1803, in Campbell County Kentucky.
m. Harriet Eidson, on Nov. 2, 1826, in Preble County Ohio..
They lived in Preble County Ohio in 1830.
Note: Preble County Ohio marriage records show that a man named
Rev. Silas Colvin (also listed as a Methodist Deacon), preformed several
marriages in Preble County Ohio, in 1829 and 1830, including marriages for
Hiram Crum and Juliann Jane Eidson, in Oct. of 1829 (Book 1, page 186)
(Could Juliann Eidson be a sister of his wife Harriet?):
for Joel Nation and Elizabeth Scott, on Dec. 23, 1829 (Book 1, page 192):
and for Joseph Salee and Mary Clack, on June 20, 1830 (Book 1, page 200).
The "History of Preble County Ohio, by H. Z. Williams, 1881" (reprinted in 1999),
lists "S. Colvin" as a "preacher".
d. "before" 1840 (or in 1850), in Preble County Ohio.
(1.) James M. Colvin (1829-   ). He married Sarah Spray,
and they lived in Miama County Indiana in 1852..
(2.) Elizabeth Colvin. b. Oct. 30, 1830 in Preble County Ohio.
She married John Rush, on July 19, 1849, in Cass County Indiana,
and they had 11 children. They lived in Preble Co. Ohio in 1852.
d. Elizabeth died Jan. 28, 1908 in Denver, Miami County Indiana,
6. Thomas Jefferson Colvin (Sr.)
(Listed as "Jefferson" Colvin in his father's deed record and in 1850 census).
b. 1806/07, in Campbell County Kentucky.
m. # 1. Rebecca F. Bennett, on Jan. 1, 1829 (or 1825), in Union County Indiana.
Rebecca was born about 1810, and  Rebecca died on Sept. 16, 1855,
at the age of 44 years, 11 months, and 9 days.
Thomas J. and Rebecca had the following children: Maria Jane,  Josiah B.,
John (died at 2 years), James Monroe (in Civil War), Margaret Ellen (died at 2 years),  
Robert Bennett, William H. (in Civil War), Thomas J. [Jr.], and Mary Colvin.
His wife Rebecca and their children James Monroe, William H.,  Margaret Ellen,
and John, are buried in the Locust Grove Methodist Episcopal Cemetery,
in Abington township, Wayne County Indiana..
A bio for their son Josiah B. Colvin was published in "Memoirs of Wayne County
Indiana and the City of Richmond, Indiana", 1912.
In the 1830 census they are living in Montgomery County Ohio.
1850 census of Brownsville township, Union County Indiana, lists
"Jefferson" Colvin and wife Rebecca, with their children.
(His wife Rebecca died Sept. 16, 1855). 
m. # 2. Mrs. Martha (Beck) Peckinpaugh (widow of Jacob Peckinpaugh),
on Oct. 6 or 16, 1856, in Wayne County Indiana.
(Matha and her first husband Jacob had a son Jesse Peckinpaugh, born about 1854).
Martha was the daughter of Wright A. Beck and his wife Margaret Meek.
Thomas J. and Martha are living in Brownsville township, Union County Indiana in
1860 census (next door to his sister Elizabeth and her husband Samuel Drake).
Still living in Indiana in 1870 census,.with wife Martha, and children.
Thomas J. and his second wife Martha had the following children: Charles C., Elizabeth,
Emma, Abraham Lincoln Colvin (he married Ellen Lee Kirkpatrick), Salathiel Colvin,
and Francis Mason ("Frank") Colvin (all Thomas's children born in Indiana),
[Note: Francis Mason Colvin was born in 1868, in Indianapolis, Indiana,
and later married # 2. Mrs. Myrtle Mae (Freeman) Hicks, on Nov. 8, 1924,
in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County Iowa. Francis Mason Colvin died in 1952,
and is buried in the Dumas Cemetery in Moore Co. Texas].
d. Thomas Jefferson Colvin lived in Ohio and Indiana, and then
he died in May 1874, in Topeka, Shawnee County Kansas.
7. Mason Colvin
b. 1809, in Campbell County Kentucky.
m. Mrs. Malinda (Griffin) Skinner, on March 8, 1832 in Cass Co. Michigan.
(Malinda was born 1802 in S. Carolina). She is the former wife
of John Skinner, who was born about 1798 in Rowan Co. S. Carolina.
Malinda married John Skinner on April 9, 1822, in Wayne County Indiana.
(Her name is spelled "Volinda Griffins" on her marriage record with John Skinner).
Her name is spelled as "Melinda" on her and Mason's marriage record, but  
it is spelled "Malinda" in the 1850 census, and on her headstone, located
in the Cottonwood Cemetery, in Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa.
(Note: A Calhoun County history book, states that Calhoun County Iowa
was settled by people from Cass County Michigan).
Malinda is the daughter of Yoakley/Yokley Griffin and his wife Sally Mullican
(and a sister of Mason Colvin's brother Wilkerson Colvin's first wife Perlina Griffin).
Malinda was born in 1802, and she died in 1875. 
John and Malinda Skinner had two children:
(1.) John Yokely Skinner, born 1825, in Wayne Co. Indiana. 
He married Nancy Ellen Hain on Dec. 23, 1847, in Cass County Michigan.
Nancy is the daughter of Jacob Hain and his wife Catherine Lowman.
John and his wife Nancy Skinner and at least 5 of their children, are buried near
Nancy's parents, and John's mother, in the Cottonwood Cemetery,
in Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa.
John Yokely Skinner and his wife Nancy and their children were living
in Jackson, Calhoun County Iowa in the 1800 and 1885 census.
See memorials for John Yokley Skinner and his wife Nancy (with photos) on find-a-grave.
Chilldren of John Yokely Skinner and Nancy Hain (all born in MIchigan) are:
Martha Jane Skinner. Born about 1848-1850.
m. William A. Carroll. (Children: Arthur, Anadel, and Yokely Carroll).
Mary Melinda Skinner.
b. Feb. 20, 1850. d. April 10, 1915.
m. # 1. Selden H. Richardson.
m. # 2. James Halloway Gregg.
Buried, Lake City Cemetery, Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa.
Moses Burke Skinner,
b.Dec. 1, 1851, in Berrien County Michigan. 
m. # 1. Celestia Ann Reynolds, on Dec. 3, 1872, in Calhoun Co. Iowa..
Children: Elroy, Clarence, Levi, and Ira Skinner.
(Nancy died in 1881).
d. May 7, 1941 in Jackson Co. MO.
Buried: Mound Grove Cemetery, Independence, Jackson Co. MO.
Thomas JEFFERSON Skinner.
b. 1854, Cass County Michigan.
m. Olive Reynolds.
Child: Clara Skinner.
d. 1897.
Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery.
James Yokely Skinner. b. Oct. 22, 1855.
m. Isabelle Unknown. (Children: Mary and Mason).
d. March 1, 1894. Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery.
John Elroy Skinner. b. April 2, 1859. d. April 5, 1900. Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery.
Lydia Lucinda Skinner. b. March 28, 1860. d. Nov. 16, 1910. m. William R. Salisbury.
Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery.
David Wilkerson Skinner. b. 1865. d. May 31, 1890. Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery.
(2.) Thomas C. Skinner.
b. March 11, 1829, in Wayne County Indiana.
m. Jane Byers, on May 20, 1847 in Cass County Michigan,
the daughter of William and Margaret Byers (both born in Ireland).
Jane was born about 1826-27, in Ohio.
Thomas and Jane Skinner's children included the following:
Maria/Mariah, Catherine, Mary, Johnathon, Armstrong,  and Margaret Skinner.
d. June 20, 1907, in Silver Creek township, Cass County Michigan.
Buried: Dewey Cemetery, Cass County Michigan (per death certificate).
(See his memorial on find-a-grave).
In the 1850 census Mason Colvin and Malinda are living in Berrien County
Michigan, with their two children, James M. Colvin and Purlina [Paulina] Colvin,
and also a one-year-old child named Charles Murphy.
[Note: On June 18, 1848, a Mary Colvin, age 15,  was married to William H. Murphy,
age 21, in Berrien County Michigan. Mary was born about 1833, and Wiliam was
born about 1827. Could Mary be Mason's daughter?
[A death certificate at shows a Mary Murphy who
died on Jan. 17, 1908, in Benton Harbor, Berrien Co. MI, who (it appears) was buried
in the Colvin Cemetery.(?)
The "Family Search" web site has listed a Mary Murphy, born about 1833 in Michigan,
and died in Berrien County Michigan in March of 1850, age 17.
(This would explain by one-year-old Charles Murphy is living with Mason
and Malinda Colvin in the 1850 census).
Find-a-grave has a Mary Murphy who is buried in the Burke Cemetery,
in Section 12, Space 2  (with no birth or death dates listed), buried "next to"
Mason Colvin, (Section 12, Space 1), and near a
William Murphy (Lot 12, Space 4). 
None of them has a headstone.
Could they have been moved from the Colvin Cemetery also?
d. Mason died March 26, 1859, in Berrien County Michigan.
Buried: Burke Cemetery, with NO headstone.  (Lot 12, Space 1),
next to Mary Murphy (in Section 12, Space 2).
(Grave possibly one of those moved about 1910, from the Colvin Cemetery?)
[Note: A small peace of a broken headstone has been found in the Colvin Cemetery
which says "ON COLVIN" on it. Could it be a peace of Mason Colvin's headstone
or for his brother Wilkerson Colvin?]
The children of Mason Colvin and Malinda Griffin are:
1. ? Mary Colvin.
b. about 1833, in Michigan.
m. William H. Murphy, on June 18, 1848, in Berrien County Michigan.
d. (?) March of 1850, in Berrien County Michigan.
Buried: Burke Cemetery (next to Mason Colvin and a William Murphy).
(Possibly moved from the Colvin Cemetery?)
(2.) James M. Colvin, born about 1836 in Michigan.
James M. Colvin served in the Civil War,
in Company A, of the 12th Michigan Vol. Infantry.
He enlisted for three years, on Oct. 29, 1861, as a Private, age 25.
He later attained the rank of Corporal.
m. James M. Colvin, age 27, was married to Sarah E. Stanage,
age 22, on Feb. 27, 1864, in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County Michigan
(while James was home on a 30 day furlough).
Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Stanage and his wife
Katherine Wolfe. Sarah was born in Elkhart, Indiana, on April 11, 1842.
She moved with her family to Berrien County MI in 1849, and they lived at Avery Corners,
about two miles East of Three Oaks, MI. Sarah's brother Thomas Benton Stanage
(1844-1925), also served in the Civil War, in Company A, of the 12th Michigan Infantry,
alongside James M. Colvin. Thomas B. Stanage lost sight of one eye while in the
Civil War. Before his death, he became totally blind. Thomas B. Stanage died in
Three Oaks, MI in 1925, and he is buried in the Forrest Lawn Cemetery.
James did not survive the Civil War.
James was "accidentally" killed on Sept. 5, 1864, while in camp,
at DeValls Bluff, Arkansas  (East of Little Rock), about age 28..
Buried: The burial site for Corp. James M. Colvin is unknown.
(See the memorial for James M. Colvin (son of Mason Colvin) on find-a-grave).
James' wife Sarah, was later married to Abram (Abraham) W. Reese,
on Oct. 15, 1865 in New Buffalo, Berrien County Michigan.
Sarah and Abram Reese had six children.
Sarah  lived in Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, and Utah.
Sarah E. (Stanage) Colvin - Reese, died on July 9, 1932, at the age of
90 years, 2 months, and 28 days, in Salt Lake, Salt Lake County Utah.
Sarah is buried there, in the Wasatch Memorial Park,
near her daughter Catherine (Reese) Wright.
(See the memorial for Sarah Reese of Utah, on find-a-grave).
(3.) Paulina Colvin
(Listed as Purlina in 1850 census, as Perlina on marriage record,
and as "Paulina" on her headstone).
b. 1838 in Michigan.
m. Rufus Perkins, on Aug. 11/12, 1856 in Berrien Springs, Berrien Co. MI.
d. April 27, 1881, in Calhoun County Iowa.
Buried: Cottonwood Cemetery, in Lake City, Calhoun County Iowa
near her mother Malinda Colvin (who died in 1875),
(in the same cemetery as Absalom Colvin's wife and daughter).
The 1880 census, of Calhoun County Iowa lists the following children: Martin,
Melvin, James, Charles, Frank, Aribella, Ardelia, George, and Calvin Perkins.
The first four born in Michigan, and the rest born in Iowa.
[Rufus was then remarried in 1882, in Calhoun County Iowa].
Campbell County Kentucky Deed Book V:454, dated Feb. 3, 1852.
Mason Colvin and wife to George W. Blackmore, Feb. 3, 1852.
Silas Colvin [Mason's brother], purchased from Mason Colvin at Berrien County
Michigan, Mason's undivided 1/9 interest as one of the children and heirs of
John Colvin [their father], Campbell County Kentucky, deceased.
Silas died without proper authentication from Mason, leaving heirs
James M. Colvin of Miami Co. IN [son of Silas] and
Elisabeth C. [Colvin] Rush [daughter of Silas].
Signed: Mason Colvin and Malinda Colvin.
8. Elizabeth Colvin
b. 1812, in Campbell County Kentucky.
m. Samuel Drake [Sr.], on April 16, 1829, in Lebanon, Warren County Ohio.
Samuel is the son of John Drake and his wife Sarah Fitch.
1830 census Samuel and Elizabeth Drake are living in Springboro,
Warren County Ohio (next door to her brother Samuel Colvin).
1850 census show them in Madison, Montgomery County Ohio.
1860 census shows them in Broonsville township, Union County Indiana
(next door to her brother Thomas Jefferson Colvin).
d. "about" 1860.
Children: Francis Marion Drake (1831-1915), Isabelle Drake (b. about 1833-36),
Samuel Drake Jr., (born 1840), and Louisa F. Drake (1842-1867),
who married William Madison Johnson (Louisa died in Union Co. Ohio).
Note: Samuel Drake died on June 16, 1865, in Trotwood, Montgomery Co. Ohio.
9. Wilkerson Colvin
Spelled as "Wilkerson" on "both" his first and second wive's headstones.
Sometimes listed as "Wilkinson".
b. 1814, in Campbell County Kentucky. (His father died about 1814).
m # 1. Perlina Griffin, on Feb. 21, 1833, in Cass County Michigan.
Perlina is the daughter of Yoakley/Yokley Griffin and his wife Sally Mullican,
(and the sister of Mason Colvin's wife Malinda Griffin).
Perlina died on March 25, 1850, in Berrien County Michigan.
Perlina is buried in the Colvin Cemetery (on Wilkerson Colvin's farm).
m. # 2. Mrs. Anna (Weaver) Ingleright, Dragoo, on Jan 1, 1851,
in Berrien County Michigan
(the former wife of both Jacob Ingleright, and Peter Dragoo).
Anna was the daughter of John Weaver.
Anna was born in 1819, and she died on Jan. 13, 1866, in Berrien Co. MI.
Anna had three children with Jacob Ingleright
(John W., Mary C. (Ingleright) Storick, and William H. Ingleright).
and one child with Peter.Dragoo (Lodema Dragoo).
Anna and Wilkerson Colvin had children: Samuel Weaver Colvin,
and Fanny Colvin (who died as a infant).
Anna (Weaver) Colvin is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery,
near several of her "Ingleright" children.
(See the memorial for Anna Colvin, of Berrien Co. MI, on find-a-grave).
m. # 3. Mrs. Elizabeth (Frazier) Estes, on Oct. 25, 1866, in
Berrien County Michigan (the former wife of John S. Estes).
Elizabeth had two children with John S. Estes: (Peter B. and Frank Estes).
Elizabeth was born March 17, 1832, in Michigan, and she died March 6, 1905.
Elizabeth is the daughter of Peter Fraser/Frazier ( born in Scotland), and
his wife Minerva Prickett (born in Ohio).
Elizabeth (Frazier) Colvin is buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery
(Section A, Lot 40), next to their son Ellis F. Colvin.
Elizabeth's death certificate states that she was the mother of 5 children,
4 still living. (Perhaps her 5th child had died in infancy).
d. Wilkerson died on Oct. 20, 1874, at the age of 60 years, 6 months, and 20 days, 
at the home of John W. R. Lister, in Buchanan, Berrien County Michigan.
Buried: Colvin Cemetery.
Note: "Burial Records from the D.A.R. Tombstone Readings of 1930",
list six persons buried in the Colvin Cemetery. One of the listings is for
a "Kerson" Colvin who died in 1874. This should probably have said
"Wilkerson" Colvin, who died on Oct. 20, 1874.
(Perhaps the information was taken off of a broken headstone).
Wilkerson was the father of ten children, and the step-father to six more.
An obituary for Wilkerson Colvin was published in the "Berrien County Record"
newspaper, in Buchanan, Michigan, on Oct. 22, 1874., page 3. It reads as follows:
Died, Oct. 20, 1874, in Buchanan, [MI] at the residence of J. [John} W. R. Lister,
after a brief illiness, WILKERSON COLVIN, aged 60 years, 6 months, and 20 days.
The will for "Wilkinson" Colvin is filed in Berrien County Michigan,
in Probate file # 830.
A photo of Wilkerson Colvin's farm, taken about 1860, can be
seen on the find-a-grave memorial for Wilkerson Colvin,
of Berrien County Michigan.
Note: The Colvin Cemetery was on Wilkerson Colvin's farm,
in Section 3, of Buchanan township, Berrien County Michigan..
Note: There was a man by the name of Phillip "Calvin"
(the son of Robert Calvin and Margaret Fisher), ,
who lived in Section 18, of Niles towhship, Berrien Co. MI in 1860.
He sold land there on Oct. 23, 1872 to DeBert Bliss (Deed book # 45, page 254).
Phillip "Calvin" (1830-1873) was buried in the Long Lake Cemetery.
His "Calvin" family is NOT related to this "Colvin" family.
The children of Wilkerson Colvin and Perlina Griffin are:
(1.) John Y. Colvin, b. about Nov. 28, 1835.
("Possibly" John Yoakley, named after Perlina's father?)
d. June 17, 1845, aged 9 years, 6 months, and 20 days.
Buried: Colvin Cemetery (on Wilkerson's farm).
(2.) Sarah Ellen Colvin, b. about 1838, in Michigan.
(She is listed with Wilkerson in the 1850 census of Berrien Co. MI).
m. Wm. Boyd, on Jan. 1, 1857, in Berrien County Michigan.
(William Boyd was born about 1834).
(3.) Caroline Colvin.  b. about Jan. 8, 1840.
d. Sept. 1, 1840, aged 7 months, and 24 days.
Buried: Colvin Cemetery.
(4.) Mary Elizabeth Colvin.
b. Nov. 7, 1841 in Buchanan township, Berrien County Michigan.
m. Joseph Snyder in 1860. Joseph is the son of John Charles Snyder,
and his wife Phebe Maddren, who were early settlers on the east bank
of the St. Joseph river, in Section one
(then in Niles township, now in Buchanan township).
d. Nov. 10, 1899, in Berrien County Michigan.
Buried: Long Lake Cemetery, Berrien County Michigan.
The obituary for Mary E. Snyder was published in the
"Berrien Springs Journal Era", on Wed. Nov. 15, 1899, page 3.
(Note: About 1876 Mary and Joseph moved West to Kansas, Nebraska,
and Dakota, then returned to Michigan in 1894).
They had five children: Lawrence W, John Will, Jay, Leslie C,,
and Lillian (Lillie) Snyder (who married Sanford Collins in Neb.)
(5.) Austin W. Colvin, b. May 2, 1844, in Michigan.
m. Ellen Jane Smith, on March 31, 1866, in Michigan.
d. 1926, in Michigan.
Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery.
(6.) Thomas Jefferson Colvin  b. abt. 1846/47 in Berrien Co. MI, on the
Colvin farm in Section 3, of Buchanan township (per his obit).
m. Jan. 23, 1868, to Louisa C. McCoy, the daughter of Russell McCoy,
and his wife Esther Weaver, in Berrien County Michigan.
(Louisa's nicknames were "Pernice" and "Pern").
d. April, 1928, in Shelby, Oceana County Michigan.
Buried: Mount Hope Cemetery, in Shelby, Oceana County Michigan (Lot 259).
7. Perlina Colvin.
b. about 1850-51, in Michigan.
NOTE: Daughter of Perlina "or" Anna??
m. Mr. Palmer.
Living in Denison, Grayson County Texas in 1899 (per:
Obituary for her sister Mary E. (Colvin) Snyder,
published on Nov. 15, 1899).
The children of Wilkerson Colvin and Anna Weaver are:
(1.) Samuel Weaver Colvin.
b. Oct. 21, 1851, in Berrien County Michigan.
m. # 1. Dina Tieche (1850-1883). Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.
m. # 2. Bertha E. Lord.
d. Aug. 29, 1930, in Berrien County Michigan.
Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery
(2nd addition, S.-W. side, Lot 103, Space 3).
(2.) Fanny Colvin (infant).
b. March 5, 1852.
d. May 8, 1852 (age 2 months, and 3 days).
Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery (next to her mother).
The two known children of Wilkerson Colvin and Elizabeth Frazier are:
(1.) Edwin Meric Colvin.
b. 1867.
m. Clara F. Fuller (1865-1924), on Aug. 28, 1888, in Buchanan, MI
(the sister of Charles H. "Pete" Fuller, of Fuller Clear Lake Resort)..
In 1894, Pete Fuller opened a hotel at his Clear Lake Resort, origionally known
as the "Coney Beach Hotel". Edwin purchased the hotel at Clear Lake in 1910,
from Clara's brother "Pete" Fuller, and it was renamed "Colvin Manor".  A year or so 
later, Edwin rented the hotel to J. E. Lindstrom of Chicago, who ran it for two years.
Mr. Lindstrom went down in the Titantic, while on his way to his native Sweden
for a visit. Edwin Colvin later used the hotel as his summer residence.
Edwin and Clara Colvin lived at 5940 North Sheridan Road, in Chicago, Illinois.
Their beautiful home was designated as a "Chicago Landmark" in 1994..
[Google: "Edwin Colvin House, 5940 N. Sheridan Rd."].
Edwin became one of the two owners of the W. F. Hall Printing Company in
Chicago, Illinois in 1908, and was its Vice President and then possibly its President.
d. 1926, in Chicago, Cook County Illinois.
Buried: Oak Ridge Cemetery (Section D, Lot 4 - in the Colvin Mausoleum),
with wife Clara, son Willard, and granddaughter Clara Isobel.
(2.) Ellis F. Colvin.
b. Nov. 16, 1869, in Buchanan township, Berrien County Michigan.
m. Hannah ("Anna") Sugrue, on Oct. 14, 1919.
d. Dec. 5, 1944, in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County Michigan.
Buried: Oak Ridge Cemetery (Section A, Lot 40), near his mother.
For additional information on this Colvin family, see the find-a-grave memorials for:
1. Sarah Ann (Foster) Colvin, of Calhoun County Iowa (Alsalom's wife).
2. Lucinda (Colvin) Patrick, of Calhoun County Iowa (Absalom's daughter).
3. Mason Colvin, of Berrien County Michigan.
4. Malinda (Griffin) (Skinner) Colvin, of Calhoun County Iowa (Mason's wife).
5. Paulina (Colvin) Perkins, of Calhoun County Iowa (Mason's daughter).
6. John Yokely Skinner, of Calhoun County Iowa (Mason's step-son),
and John's wife Nancy (Hain) Skinner (with photos).
7. Wilkerson Colvin, of Berrien County Michigan.
8. Perlina (Griffin) Colvin, of Berrien County Michigan (Wilkerson's 1st wife).
9. Anna (Weaver) Colvin, of Berrien County Michigan (Wilkerson's 2nd wife).
10. Elizabeth (Frazier) Colvin, of Berrien County Michigan (Wilkerson's 3rd wife).
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