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I have seen the name Hambrick spelled: Hambric, Hambrech, Hamric and Hamrick. These are spellings of pronunciations of the same name. As in the word lamb, the "b" can be silent. It's origin is thought to be German and may be a derivation of the name Hambrecht. It may also be of English derivation and some feel it derives from the William D’Amore family of Normandy about 1070 A.D.

According to Steven Bridges, Tressie Nealy and J. R. McKinney, who are researching the name Hamrick, Hambrick, Hembrick or Hemrick, the earliest of this name on record in America is Patrick Hamrick.

According to information complied by Michael Rexroad, which can be found on the internet at: http://www.wildflowerswv.com/hambrick.html and was gathered from Deed Books and records from Virginia:

Patrick Hamrick first appears in colonial Virginia records as a witness to a land transfer. This record is dated 30 Mar 1719 and is of John Berry and Henry Berry in Hanover County, Virginia. Patrick Hamrick also witnessed a deed of gift in King George County, Virginia on 04 Feb 1725, which is included on page 330 of Deed Book # 1. There is also evidence of a Henry Hambrugg (Hambrick) who may have been a brother or cousin to Patrick in early Virginia.

Rexroad says that Patrick Hamrick was a “cooper”. A cooper built wooden barrels. Patrick Hamrick was indentured several times to others for money or property. In Deed Book # 1 on page 411-413 you can find his indenture dated 06 Jan 1726. Patrick and his wife Margaret were indentured for the property they purchased in King George County. This record can be found in Deed Book # 1-A on page 304-305.

Patrick Hamrick obtained a land grant of 118 acres of land from Thomas Lord Fairfax in Prince William County, Virginia on 10 Dec 1740. He had applied for this grant on 10 Jan 1739 as an heir of Roger Day. Rexford says that in a 03 Sep 1739 entry in King George County Deed Book # 2 on page 300 Patrick Hamrick and Roger Day are identified as “shipmates and cousins”.

Patrick Hamrick is listed in the 1741 Poll of Burgesses of Prince William County, Virginia. In a 1747 Poll of residents of Western Dettingham Parish in Prince William County, Virginia, Patrick Hamrick Sr., Benjamin Hamrick, Patrick Hamrick Jr., Robert Hamrick/Hambrick and James Hamrick are all living side by side according to Rexroad

They say Patrick Hamrick was born around 1684 and migrated to Richmond County, Virginia around 1699 as an indentured servant possibly from Ireland or England? After serving his time as an indentured servant Patrick married Margaret Ingles of King George County, Virginia about 1713-1717. It is believe Patrick died about 1764 in King George County, Virginia. This couple had at least nine children:

1.Patrick Hamrick (Jr.) born about 1715 in Richmond County, Virginia. It appears as though he had several children and some of these migrated to Wilkes County, North Carolina. He died around 1793-1795.

2. James Hamrick born about 1717 in King George County, Virginia. James died in 1778 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Several of his children migrated to Rutherford County, North Carolina.

3. Robert Hamrick born about 1719 in King George County, Virginia. His wife's name was Elizabeth. They appear to have had only one child that lived to maturity; Mary. Robert died in 1757 and his wife Elizabeth was appointed administrix of his estate. This Elizabeth appears on a ledger from Daniel Payne Merchant of Dumfries, Virginia 1758-1761. The name in this ledger is spelled Hambrick.

  1. Rebecca Hamrick born about 1721 in King George County, Virginia. May have

married James Bridges in the same county and settled near her parents in Prince William County, Virginia.

5. Unknown female born about 1723 in King George County, Virginia.

6. Unknown female born about 1725 in King George County, Virginia.

7. Benjamin Hamrick born about 1727 in King George County, Virginia. He married Mary Seirs (Sias), daughter of John Seirs (Sias) and they lived in Fauquier County, Virginia. Benjamin appears to have died about 1793 in Prince William County, Virginia.

8. John Hamrick born about 1730 in King George County, Virginia. His wife's name was Sarah. He died in 1757 and his wife was appointed adminstrix of his estate. It appears there were three children at the time of his death.

9. Joseph Hamrick born about 1731 in King George County, Virginia. His wife's name was Margaret and they moved to Bedford County, Virginia and then on to Georgia. He died in Green County, Georgia in 1792. Joe appears on the same ledger as Elizabeth (above) from Merchant Daniel Payne 1758-1761 and the name is spelled Hambrick.

Ronald K. Hamrick of Burke County, Virginia has posted excerpts from the Account Book of Daniel Payne, 1759-1762 at: http://www.ron.hamrick.net/175962.htm

This Account Book is in the possession of the Maryland Historical Society at 201 W. Monument Street, Baltimore, MD. Hamrick says that Daniel Payne was a merchant in Nearby Dumfries, Virginia.

Page 66 (Joseph’s account) includes on 20 Dec 1760 an entry which refers to his “bro. Patrick”.

Page 78 (James’s account) includes on 01 May 1759 an entry which refers to “yr. Brother Patrick” and credits a payment by “Patrick Hambrick Junr.” On 23 Aug 1760.

Page 142 (Sarah Hambrick’s account) “John’s Widow”. The balance of the account was paid off by “James Hambrick” with 1000 pounds of tobacco on 21 Jun 1762.

According to Hamrick this account book “establishes that Patrick Hamrick, Jr. (‘bro. Patrick’ and ‘yr Brother Patrick’) was a brother to James and Joseph. (The ‘Patrick Hambrick Junr.’ Referred to in James’ record is undoubtedly, Patrick’s grandson. He is listed as a tithable in Patrick, Jr.’s household in 1765” and this would appear to make him Patrick Jr’s son. He also mentions an entry of Robert Hambrick’s widow, “Elizabeth’s (Robert’s widow) account on page 67,”. There is also evidence that Patrick had a cousin named Roger Day in some of the early land records of Virginia.

Hamrick/Hambrick Descendants:

There is evidence of a Jerimiah Hambrick born between 1720 and 1728. He is later seen in Rutherford County, North Carolina with the descendants of James Hamrick. He is referenced in a document concerning the Revolutionary War service of David Hambrick. This has been found to be a son of James Hamrick/Hambrick, son of Patrick Hamrick

I have seen evidence of a Samuel Hambrick in Virginia around 1770. His relationship is unknown. There was a Samuel Hambrick who moved into Granville County, North Carolina in 1770.

The following items are from Census Records or Tax Lists for North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia:

1790 Census, Halifax County, Virginia includes a Charles Hambrick with six persons in the house.

1790 Census, Morgan District, Rutherford County, North Carolina includes a James Hambrick with nine persons in the house, himself, one male under 16 years and seven females; a Jeremiah Hambrick with six persons in the house, himself, one male over 16 years, one male under 16 years and five females; a Samuel Hambrick with twelve persons in the house, himself, two males over 16 years, four males under 16 years and five females and a Price Hambrick with four persons in the house, himself, two males under 16 years and one female.

1790 Census, Salisbury District, Surry County, North Carolina includes a Henry Hambrick with six persons in the house; himself, four males under 16 years and one female.

1787 Tax List of Wilkes County, North Carolina includes, in Cpt. Trible’s District, Patrick Hambrick with 100 acres and also Benjamin and Charles Hambrick.

1790 Census, Morgan District, Burke County, North Carolina includes a Robert Hambrick with five persons in the house, himself, two males under 16 years and two females. Note: This Robert Hambrick is later seen in Franklin County, Tennessee about 1820.

1800 Census, Rutherford County, North Carolina includes an Enoch Hambrick, Issac Hambrick, John Hambrick, Nathan Hambrick, Travis Hambrick and Yelvaton Hambrick. Note: Yelvaton is mentioned in the 1850 and 1860 Census of Tennessee. Many of the Dickson County, Tennesse Hambrick families are descended from Yelvaton/Yelvington and Travis Hambrick.

1850 Census of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania includes a Henry Hambrick. This Henry Hambrick was a descendant of Hans Jerg Homerich of Germany.

In the Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files by Virgil D. White and published by the National Historical Publishing Company of Waynesboro Tennessee there is the following:

Hambrick, David November 17, 1812; Issac Hambrick made affidavidt in Rutherford County, North Carolina that Nathan Hambrick was a brother to David and Uriah Hambrick, both deceased and they were sons of Jeremiah Hambrick Sr., formerly of Prince William County, Virginia and that the soldier's (David) brother Nathan was the soldier’s oldest living brother, an aunt of the soldier’s was mentioned as Mrs. Farrow.

This is the notation mentioned earlier concerning Jeremiah Hambrick. The State records of North Carolina 1902, Volume 20 (1785-88), page 549 read Wednesday 26 November 1788 "A report of the Committee on the Petition of Nathan Hambrick;". This is reference to this same matter.

Those listed above are the descendants of Patrick Hamric/Hambrick. With the help of J. R. McKinney is has been determined that our family is most likely descended through Patrick Hamrick Jr. or his brother Joseph Hambrick of Wilkes and Surry Counties, North Carolina. Some of their descendants also moved on into eastern Tennessee.

In Wilkes County in 1780 were: Patrick (Jr.) and his brother Joseph. The sons of Patrick (Jr.): Robert, Thomas, Benjamin and Charles Hamrick/Hambrick also lived in Wilkes County. Patrick’s son, John Hamrick/Hambrick lived in Surry County at this same time. There is a deed in the Wilkes County Deed book C-1 on page 272, which transfers land from Robert Hambrick/Hamrick to Patrick Hambrick/Hamrick. This will is dated 06 Aug 1795 and describes the land as “lying on the middle of Moravian Creek, land being the land granted to Robert by the State of North Carolina” bearing a date of 22, Jan 1795. This deed was proved during the November term of 1801. This is about the time Robert Hambrick and some of his sons moved on to Tennessee. There was also a John Hamrick of Wilkes County, North Carolina. John Hamrick of Wilkes County was a bondsman for Reuben Landsdown when he married Selah Morgan on 03 Aug 1803. Reuben Landsdown moved on to Carter County, Tennessee. His daughter, Mary Lansdown married David Hambrick in Carter County, Tennessee in 1832. This John Hamrick is thought to have been the son of Robert Hambrick/Hamrick.

Joseph Hambrick was born in King George County, Virginia about 1724-30 married Margaret … Joseph died in Greene County, Georgia in 1792. Their children may have been:

1. Susannah Hambrick b. abt. 1751

2. Joseph Hambrick b. abt. 1752

3. Robert Hambrick b. abt. 1755

4. Thomas Hambrick b. abt 1757

5. Ann Hambrick b. abt 1759

6. Margaret Hambrick b. abt 1761

7. Elizabeth Hambrick b. abt 1763

8. Sarah Hambrick b. abt. 1765

9. Mary Hambrick b. abt. 1767

Robert Hambrick was born circa 1760 in Prince William County, Virginia. He married Hannah Hubbard on 07 Dec 1779 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. They were in Burke County, North Carolina about 1790. Robert Hambrick died in Franklin County, Tennessee in 1824. Hannah died in Greene County, Tennessee in 1808. Their children were:

  1. Infant unknown b. abt 1780/81

2. John Hambrick b. abt. 1783 d. 15 Jan 1873 in Giles County, Tenessee

3. William Hambrick b. abt. 1785 d. 32 July 1854 in Lincoln County, Tennessee

4. Celia Hambrick b. abt. 1787 d. 1840/45 in Lincoln County, Tennessee

5. Robert Hambrick b. abt 1788

6. Greenberry Hambrick b. abt 1790 d. 06 Jun 1865 in Princeton, Jackson County, Alabama

7. Benjamin Hambrick b. abt. 1793

8. Infant unknown

9. Joseph V. Hambrick b. abt. 1797 in Greene County, Tennessee d. 21 Mar 1877 in New Market, Madison County, Alabama

10. Mary Hambrick b. abt. 1799 in Greene County, Tennessee and moved to Madison County, Alabama

11. Jason Hambrick b. abt. 1801 in Greene County, Tennessee and moved to Madison County, Alabama

Note: From the records it appears that John, Green and William were in Jefferson County, Tennessee around 1804-1806 and that Robert Hambrick died in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1824.

The following is the information gathered concerning the children of Robert and Hannah (Hubbard) Hambrick:

John Hambrick was born about 1783 in North Carolina. He married three times. His first wife’s name has not been found. He married 2nd on 08 May 1830, Sarah Tuttle and 3rd on 18 Sep 1843 in Maury County, TN, Lydia Fleming. He died in Giles County, TN on 15 Jan 1873.  

According to Jewel Casey, another Hambrick researcher, “John Hambrick born c 1782 NC and settled in Giles County, TN had a son Willis P. Hambrick who went to MO, settled, raised a family and died there.  He should be on the 1850 MO census I think but haven't had access to that census. I really think this John Hambrick was the son of Robert & Hannah (Hubbard) Hambrick.”

William Hambrick was born about 1785 in North Carolina. He married Susan/Eleanor Ford in Jefferson County, Tennessee on 24 Jun 1804. They later lived in Lincoln County, Tennessee. William Hambrick died in Lincoln County on 23 July 1854 and his wife Susan died there on 19 July 1854. Their known child was:

1. Isham Hambrick b. abt .1815 lived in Lincoln County, Tennessee

Celia Hambrick was born about 1787 in North Carolina. Celia married John Dameron on 02 Jan 1806 in Jefferson County, TN. Celia (Hambrick) Dameron died between 1840-45 in Jefferson County, TN.

There is no other information available about Robert Hambrick who was born about 1788 in North Carolina.

Greenberry Hambrick was born about 1790 in North Carolina. Greenberry married Elizabeth M. Dameron on 30 Aug 1806 in Jefferson County, TN. Greenberry Hambrick died 06 Jun 1865 in Princeton, Jackson County, Alabama.

There is no other information available about Benjamin Hambrick who was born about 1793 in North Carolina.

The infant Hambrick born about 1795 has no records.

Joseph V. Hambrick was born 10 Sept 1797 in Greene County, TN. Joseph married 1st Ruthey Payne on 07 Dec 1811 in Franklin County, TN, 2nd Mary A.R. Maxwell on 27 Dec 1844 in Limestone County, Alabama and 3rd Mrs. Louisa Cole (Gooch) Bailey, a widow, on 26 Sep 1853.

Mary or May Hambrick was born about 1799 in Greene County, TN. Mary married Jacob Miller on 14 Nov 1817 in Madison County, Alabama.

Jason Hambrick was born about 1801 in Greene County, TN. Jason married Jane Dameron on 02 Jan 1820 in Madison County, Alabama.

Some of the children of Robert and Hannah (Hubbard) Hambrick stayed in Tennessee while others moved on to Alabama. A book, Land Deeds Of Jefferson County, Tennessee 1792-1814, written by Boyd J. Holdaway has a reference to a Robert Hambrick:

“167 Joseph Dameron Deed to Natahniel Day

10 Sep 1808 3 Jun 1805 100 Acres $500.00

On both sides of Bent Creek adj. Timothy Holdaway, Charles Hodges, Joseph Dameron, Fielding Okely. Test: Wm Summers; Robard R. Hambrick. Ackd. /s/ Joseph Dameron July Sessions 1808. Then was the with deed acknowledged in open court and recorded. Let it be registered. Test /s/ Jos. Hamilton, Clk. Ny D. Barton, D. C.”

Apparently Robert Hambrick was in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1808.


The marriage records for Dickson County, Tennessee contain the following Hambrick marriages:

July 23, 1840 James C. Hambrick married Mary Fussell.

December 5, 1843 Issac Giffin married Mary I. Hambrick.

August 21, 1844 Henry Bullion married Sarah Hambrick.

November 5, 1846 James C. Hambrick married Elizabeth Hickerson.

December 31, 1846 George Hambrick married Margaret Hickerson.

The marriage records for Van Buren County, Tennessee contain the following by the name of Hambrick:

March 19, 1850 Jeyrome Hamrick married Frances Douglas.

The marriage records for Franklin County, Tennessee includes the following by the name of Hambrick:

October 22, 1840 Joseph Hambrick married Bethana Wilson.

The Census Records for Tennessee for 1840 contains the following:

Hambrick, David from Carter County

Hambrick, Fanny from Maury County

Hambrick, W. from Lincoln County

Hambrick, Willie P. from Lawrence County

Hambrick, John from Jefferson County

Hamrick, John from Jefferson County

Hambrick, Iram from Dickson County

Hambrick, Jeremiah from Dickson County

Hambrick, Uriah from Dickson County

Hambrick, William from Dickson County

*Hambrick, Yelvington from Dickson County

Hambricks, Arthur from Sumner County

*Note earlier reference to Yelvaton Hambrick in the 1800 Census for Rutherford County, North Carolina. This is probably the same person.

The 1850 Census of Tennessee contains the following:

Hambric, William J. 27, Matilda 29, Frances A. 7, Nancy J. 5, Travis J. 3, Jane 39, Nancy 29, Samuel M. Baker 20, Dickson County

Hambrick, James 31, Elisabeth 22, William 2, Charles 10 months, Susan

Hickerson 16, Dickson, County Note: This is James C. Hambrick mentioned earlier as having married Elizabeth Hickerson in 1846

Hambrick, Jeremiah 46, Arzilla 36, Rachael Brown 85, Dickson County

Hambrick, John 67, Lydia 55, Giles County

Hambrick, John 23, Margaret 23, Sarah 4, George 3, Hamilton County

Hambrick, Mary 24, Nelson 8, Elizabeth 5, Hawkins County

Hambrick, John H. 44, Elizabeth 48, Mary 17, Cassander 15, Sarah 13, Susan 11, John 9, Rebecca 5, James 4 months, Jefferson County

Hambrie (Hambric), David 49, Sarah 40, Joel 17, Elizabeth 14, William13, Martha 12, Jefferson County

Hambrick, Sarah 37, Margaret E. 16, James H. 15, Robert G. 13, Lewis County

Hambrick, William 65, Susan 62, Isaam 35, Martha 32, Elizabeth 8,Virginia 6, William 4, baby female 3 months, Lincoln County

Hambrick, Jeremiah 60, Amelia 56, Return 21, Isabella 19, Susanna 17, Landona 15, McMinn County

Hambrick, Phena 41, Emaline 14, Celia 11, Harrison 10, Malissa 2, Monroe County

Hambric, Alfred 35, Mary 31, Susan 9, Mary 7, John 6, Elizabeth 4, James 2 and Margaret 8 months, Monroe County

Hambrick, Hiram 45, Mahala 45, Jack 13, Allen 13, Mary A. 11, Ennis 9, Elizabeth 7, Missouri 5, Hiram 1, Robert, Lyle 21, Montgomery County

The 1860 Census of Tennessee includes the following:

Hambreck, J. 53, Arsilla 48, Sarah 30, Jerry 5, Dickson County

Note: This is Jeremiah and Arzilla Hambrick mentioned in the 1850 Census.

Hambric, Jane 46, Dickson County

Hambric, W. J. 37, Matilda 39, Frances A. 14, Nancy J. 13, Travis J. 11, Margret M. 8, Sarah M. 6, Edward D. 4, David D. 2, Nancy 39, Dickson County

Note: This is William J. and Matilda Hambric mentioned in the 1850 census.

Hambrick, J.C. 44, E. 30, M.Z. 12, C. 10, C. 4, D. 3, S.E. 2, Dickson County. Note: This is James C. and Elizabeth Hambrick mentioned in the 1850 Census. The D. has been determined to be Daniel Hambrick as noted in an obituary from this family group and not David Hambrick. Only initials were used in this record?

Hambrick, W. 56, Dickson County

Hambrick, F.M. married Tabitha Fowlkes on November 15, 1866 in Dyer County.

Hambrick, E. 52, F.M. 20, M. 17 (both F.M. and M. are males), Dyer County

Hambric, John 78, Giles County

Hambrick, Joel 27, Lucinda 19, William J. 1, David T. 2 months, Greene County

Hambrick, Abner 45, Catherine 35, James 5, Hamilton County

Hambrick, Easter 9, Hamilton County

Hambric, M. 26, Jefferson County

Hambrick, Luzana 27, Sarah A. 4, William F. 2, Marshall County

Hambrick, James 28, Cynthia A. 33, John 10, Caroline 8, Nancy 6, Joseph 4, McMinn County

Hambrick, Melissa 14, McMinn County

Hambrick, Pheny 58, McMinn County Note: This is likely Phena mentioned in the 1850 Census.

Hambrick, J. M. 30, Frances 30, Florance C. 6, Thomas M. 2, Joseph 3 months, Monroe County

Hambrick, Margrett 22, John 7, Monroe County

Hambrick, G. 36, M. 22, Margaret 11, Nancy 6 Hambrick, Montgomery County

Hambrick, John 27, Mary 17, Montgomery County

Hambrick, Y. 98, Montgomery County Note: This is likely Yelvaton (Yelvington) Hambrick mentioned in the 1840 Census of Tennessee and the 1800 Census of Rutherford County, North Carolina. He would have been born about 1762.

Hambrick, H. 45, Mahlaa 52, Adaline 13, Hiram 10, Indiana 9, Cordelia 7, Montgomery County Note: This is Hiram and Mahala Hambrick mentioned in the 1850 Census.

Hambrick, M. 29, Mary A. 3, Morgan Boland 50, Isabella 40, James 12, Sarah E. 4, Obion County

Hambrick, Amanda 4 months, White County

Knowing that David Hambrick, our earliest known Hambrick ancestor, was born in Tennessee, I turned to the Tennessee records. David Hambrick's death certificate states he was born May 1, 1857 in Tennessee. It also states he died December 3, 1926 in Current River Township of Arkansas. The problem is that it also states he was 67 years 7 months and 3 days old at the time of his death. If he was born in 1857 he would have been 69 years old and if he was 67 years old he would have been born in 1859. This record does not give a middle initial.

Tennesse Hambricks

County Date Name/Event


Jefferson 1804 William Hambrick married Elanor Ford

Jefferson 1806 Green Hambrick married Betsy Dameron

White 1820 Jeremiah Hambrick and family (census)

White 1820 William Hambrick and family (census)

Carter 1832 David Hambrick married Mary Lansdown (1st wife)

Monroe 1840 Alfred Hambrick married Polly Fondrin

Dickson 1840 James C. Hambrick married Mary Fussell (1st wife)

Dickson 1840 Iram (Hiram?) Hambrick (census)

Dickson 1840 Jeremiah Hambrick (census)

Dickson 1840 Uriah Hambrick (census)

Dickson 1840 William Hambrick (census)

Dickson 1840 Yelvington Hambrick (census)

Jefferson 1840 John Hambrick (census)

Jefferson 1840 John Hamrick (census)

Lincoln 1840 W. Hambrick (census)

Lawrence 1840 Willie P. Hambrick (census)

Sumner 1840 Arthur Hambrick (census)

Maury 1843 W.J. Hambrick married Matilda Tanner

Dickson 1843 Mary I. Hambrick married Isaac Giffin

Dickson 1844 Sarah Hambrick married Henry Bullion

Carter 1845 David Hambrick married Sarah Simerly (2nd wife)

Dickson 1846 James C. Hambrick married Elizabeth Hickerson (2nd wife)

Dickson 1846 George Hambrick married Margaret Hickerson

McMinn 1848 James Hambrick married Cinthia Richards

Dickson 1850 James C. (Charles) and Elizabeth Hambrick

William Hambrick (2yrs old)

Charles Hambrick (10 months old)

Dickson 1850 Hiram (Iram?) Hambrick (census)

Jefferson 1850 David and Sarah (Simerly) Hambrick with children:

Joel Hambrick (17 yrs old)

Elizabeth Hambrick (14 yrs old)

William Hambrick (13 yrs old)

Martha Hambrick (12 yrs old)

Jefferson 1850 John H. and Elizabeth Hambrick with children:

Mary Hambrick (17 years old)

Cassander Hambrick (15 years old)

Sarah Hambrick (13 years old)

Susan Hambrick (11 years old)

John Hambrick (9 years old)

Rebecca Hambrick (5 years old)

James Hambrick 4 months old)

Greene 1860 Joel and Lucinda (Swanner) Hambrick with children:

William J. Hambrick (1 yr old)

David T. Hambrick (2 months old)

Hamilton 1860 A.J. Hambrick married Sarah Abernathy

Dickson 1860 W.J. and Matilda Hambrick with son:

David D. (2yrs old)

Dickson 1860 J.C. (James Charles) and Elizabeth Hambrick

William Hambrick (12 yrs old)

Charles Hambrick (10 yrs old)

C. Hambrick (4yrs old)

D. Hambrick (3 yrs old)

S. E. Hambrick (2 yrs old)

Hawkins 1860 John N. Hambrick married Sarah McMillin

Montgomery 1860 Y. Hambrick 98 years old (living with daughter)

Jefferson 1861 John W. Hambrick married Martha Lindle

Meigs 1865 Meigs Hambrick married Elizabeth Bunch

Washington 1876 John Hambrick bought land

Grant 1882 John Hambrick bought land

Benton 1882 James Hambrick bought land

Civil War Soldiers serving Tennessee:

Andrew J. Hambrick 49th Regiment, TN Infantry

F.M. Hambrick 3rd Consolidated Regiment, TN Infantry

F.M. Hambrick 47th Regiment, TN Infantry

F.M. Hambrick 4th Regiment, TN Infantry

Hiram Hambrick 49th Regiment, TN Infantry

Isom Hambrick 41st Regiment, TN Infantry

J.M. Hambrick 3rd Regiment, TN Infantry

Joseph Hambrick 60th Regiment, TN Infantry

T.M. Hambrick 4th Regiment, TN Infantry

William Hambrick 12th Regiment, TN Infantry

William Hambrick 38th Regiment, TN Infantry

Zora B. Hambrick 35th Regiment, TN Infantry

These records can be found on the internet at: http://www.itd.nps.gov/

The Hambrick families in western Tennessee, Dickson County, are descendants of Travis Hambrick and Yelvington Hambrick of North Carolina and hence from Virginia. Travis and Yelvington are descendants of Jeremiah Hambrick of Virginia. The eastern Tennessee Hambrick families appear to be the descendants of Joseph Hambrick of Wilkes and Surry Counties of North Carolina.

It appears that David and John H. Hambrick of Jefferson County Tennessee were brothers. David would have been born about 1801 and John about 1806. These may have been the sons of John Hamrick of the same county. In the 1840 census John Hamrick appears to have been between 50-60 years of age. He was probably the father of John Hambrick who is also listed in the 1840 census as being between 20-30 years of age. He is also likely the father of David and John H. Hambrick of the 1850 Jefferson County census. It is probably this is the same David Hambrick who is in Carter County in 1832-40. This is also likely John Hambrick the brother of Greenberry and William Hambrick who are also seen in Jefferson County in 1804-1806.

Hopefully now that more and more materials are become accessible via computer we may yet be able to graft our David Hambrick back on to his family tree. I include all the above Hambrick families for other researchers reference even though they may not be in my direct line.

The main problem with establishing David Hambrick's ancestry is that his death certificate, which is the only document I have, is in error. He was born on May 1st. Further evidence points to 1859. If he was born in 1857 he is most likely the son of James C. and Elizabeth (Hickerson) Hambrick who was 3 years of age when the census of 1860 was taken. From these records there are three choices for David's family:

1. David Hambrick (1801) married Mary Lansdown 15 Jan 1832 in Carter County, Tennessee. Their children were:

Joel Hambrick b. 1833

Elizabeth Hambrick b. 1836

William Hambrick b 1837

Martha Hambrick b. 1838

Note: Joel Hambrick (1833), son of David above, married Lucinda Swanner 08Feb 1858 in Washington County, Tennessee. Their children were:

Willaim J. Hambrick b. 1858


David T. Hambrick b. 1859

  1. W.J. (William) Hambrick (1823) married Matilda Tanner 16 Mar 1843 in Maury County, Tennessee. Child:

David D. Hambrick b. 1857

  1. James Charles Hambrick (1819) married 1st Mary Fussell; no children found, married 2nd Elizabeth Hickerson 05 Nov 1846. Their children were:

William Hambrick b 1848

Charles Hambrick b. 1849

C. Hambrick b. 1856

D. Hambrick b. 1857

S. E. Hambrick b. 1858

Our lineage, according to my Hambrick cousins, who are also researching these records, is:

William Hambrick b. 1785 North Carolina

James Charles Hambrick b. 1819 Tennessee (choice #3)

David Hambrick b. 1857 Tennessee

Thad Hambrick b. 1891 Arkansas

Arvena Hambrick b. 1918 Arkansas

There appears to be a flaw in this lineage. The “D.” Hambrick son of James C. Hambrick has been determined to be Daniel not David.

Our lineage, according to my own research of comparing family naming patterns, geographical location and migration routes is:

Patrick Hamrick (the immigrant) in Virginia

Joseph Hamrick/Hambrick-later in Wilkes County, North Carolina

Robert Hambrick-later in Franklin County, Tennessee

John Hamrick-later in Jefferson County, Tennessee

David Hambrick b. abt 1801 in North Carolina (choice #1 above)-later in Carter County, Tennessee and later still in Jefferson County, Tennessee

Joel Hambrick b. abt. 1833–later in Greene County, Tennessee

David T. Hambrick born in 1859-later in Carter County, Tennessee and later still in Randolph County, Arkansas

The problem with my logic is that the tombstone for Winey (Susannah) Hambrick, David’s wife, says she was the wife of D.H. Hambrick. David does not appear to have a tombstone. Some records from Randolph County, Arkansas also refer to him as D. H. Hambrick. Perhaps the census record is in error and gave him the middle initial T. instead of H.?

Also a key point is that David Hambrick of Current River Township, Arkansas, married a lady named Susannah Navey or Navy. They were married on 11 Dec 1879 in Carter County, Tennessee. According to William Navey, who is researching the Navey name, there were two brothers by the Navey name in Randolph County, Arkansas in 1880. This is the county were Current River is located. They were in and around the town of Maynard about the same time as David and Susannah (Navey) Hambrick. Susannah is also seen in records as Winney. Her tombstone says Winey.

William Navey says William E. Navey was born in Burke County, North Carolina about 1861 and died in Maynard, Arkansas in 1925. He married Emma Holbrook on October 22, 1889 in Randolph County, Arkansas. His brother was Elias M. Navey who was living in Maynard in 1880. William Navey says there was also a sister but he does not know her name. I am assuming she was Susannah Navey.

William Navey says these two men's father died in the Civil War and their mother moved to Carter County, Tennessee and remarried Harvey Jestus or Justice. The 1840 Census reveals a David Hambrick in Carter County, Tennessee. This David is too old to be the one who married Susannah Navey but is possibly his grandfather. David Hambrick met and married Susannah Navey there and then moved with her brothers to Arkansas about 1891. There were also Hambrick families in Burke County, North Carolina where Susan was born. So there is a definite tie between our David Hambrick and Carter County, Tennessee. This leads me to believe he is also tied to Joel or William and their father, David Hambrick of Carter County and that he may be David T. Hambrick son of Joel Hambrick.

The 1880 census of Carter County, Tennessee on page 7 of District 5 in household # 65 includes:

Hambrick, David, 20 years of age, Works on Farm

Hambrick, Susanah 21 years of age (his wife)

This was David and Susannah (Navey) Hambrick. They were living next door to Joseph and Susannah Swanner. According to this census in household # 64 were Joseph Swanner who was a farmer and was 70 years of age and was born in TN and his parents were born in Maryland. His wife, Susanah was born in “TN” as were her parents. Living with them was a grandson, James Douharty, age 10 years. This grandson was the son of Joseph and Rachael A. M. (Swanner) Dougherty. They were married in Washington County, Tennessee on 01 Apr 1867.

This census also shows the Navey family. Household # 61 reveals:

Jestus, Harvy, 39 years of age, Works on Farm

Jestus, Martha M., 43 years of age

Jestus, Isaac R., 9 years of age

Jestus, Mary A., 5 years of age

Jestus, Steven, 72 years of age (father of Harvy)

Navy, Elias, 23 years of age, stepson

Navy, William E., 19 years of age.

This was Martha M. Navy the widow of John Jackson Navey who was died in the Civil War. There is a marriage record in Carter County, Tennessee, which is for Martha Navy and James H. Justice and is dated 26 Dec 1869. It is clear this is the marriage of the widow of John Jackson Navey. I believe this is this marriage of the family included in the 1880 census above, Harvey Jestus. This name may also have been Harry Jestus as it is difficult to read. It is interesting that the Navey family is living just four houses away from David and Susannah (Navey) Hambrick in this 1880 census. Martha’s maiden name has been found to have been Franklin. Susannah Navey is also seen in records as Winnie Navey and or Winnie Hambrick.

The death record for William Edward Navy of Randolph County, Arkansas says that he died on 02 May 1924 and was born in Morgantown, North Carolina on 01 May 1861. His father is recorded as Jack Navy and his mother as Martha Matilda Franklin. This was the son of John Jackson and Martha M. Navey of Burke County, North Carolina. Martha Navey moved to Carter County and remarried to James H. Justice, then to Tennessee and then on to Randolph County Arkansas where she died and is buried as Martha Justice. At least two of her sons are also buried in Randolph county.

The 1870 census of Washington County, Tennessee on page 9 of District revealed:

Swanner, Joseph 65 years of age, farmer

Swanner, Susannah 60 years of age

Swanner, Lucinda 27 years of age

Swanner, Rachael 22 years of age

Hambrick, William 12 years of age

Hambrick , David 11 years of age

Hambrick, James 2 years of age

This was Lucinda (Swanner) Hambrick the wife of Joel Hambrick and their children. Something had happened to Joel Hambrick between 1868 and 1870. It also appears that Joel was involved with the Civil War as there are no children seen between 1859-1867, the war being 1861-1865. No further record has been found of this family after 1880. Joel may have died from war injuries and Lucinda may have remarried? A further check of those Civil War records show:

Hamrick, Joel who was a Private in Company F of the 60th Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry. This was also known as Crawford’s Regiment.

There was a Joseph Hambrick in this same Company as was Amon Swanner, John Swanner, Joseph Swanner and a John Swanger. Amon and Joseph Swanner were Lucinda Swanner’s brothers. Joseph Hambrick and John Swanger’s relationship to Joel and Lucinda has not been determined. There is a mention in a record that Joel’s “other name” was Joseph. Perhaps he went by Joe and was recorded as both Joseph and Joel Hamrick? There was also a “James Flambrick” in this same Company. It is easly to see how an uncrossed H in this time period could appear as a Fl. I believe this was actually James Hambrick.

It appears form the records that Joel Hamrick/Hambrick died in Fort Delaware, Delaware in the Prisoner of War camp there. His Company had been captured at “Big Black” on 17 May 1863. He was received at Fort Delaware on 15 June 1863 and apparently died there on 29 June 1863.

The Marriage Records of Washington County, Tennessee revealed: Joel Hambrick was married to Lucinda Swanner on 08 Jan 1858.

Their marriage records read:

“State Of Tennessee – Washington County.

To Any Regular Mintier Of The Gospel, Judge or Justice Of The Peace.

I Do hereby empower you, to solemnize the rites, of MARRIAGE

Between Joel Hamrick and Lucinda Swanner and join them together as Husband and Wife, in the holy estate of Matrimony: and this license to office endorsed by you, with the date of such marriage, within six months. Witness: Henry Hoss Clerk of the County Court of said County, at office in Jonesboro this 8th day of Feb 1858

On the back of this record you can read:

“No 1449

Marriage License

Joel Hamrick


Lucinda Swanner

Executed by me

On the 8 of Feb


J. D. Price

J Peace


Several of the Swanner children were married in Washington County, Tennessee.

The 1860 census of Greene County, Tennesse revealed:

Hambrick, Joel 27 years of age, farmer

Hambrick, Lucinda 19 years of age

Hambrick, William J. 1 year old

Hambrick, David T. 2 months old

The 1850 census of Jefferson County, Tennessee revealed:

Hambrick, David 49 years of age, farmer

Hambrick, Sarah 40 years of age

Hambrick, Joel 17 years of age

Hambrick, Elizabeth 14 years of age

Hambrick, William 13 years of age

Hambrick, Martha 12 years of age

The 1850 census of Carter County, Tennessee reveals:

Hambrick, Mary 18 years of age living with

Hannon, Hiram 27 years of age

Hannon, Mary 22 years of age.

It is not clear who this Mary Hambrick was. She may have been the first child of David and Mary (Lansdown) Hambrick? There was a Mary Hamrick who married Clem Gaddy on 06 Dec 1850 in Carter County, Tennessee. This may be the same person as in the 1850 census Mary Hambrick was living only a couple of houses from a Gaddy family.

The 1840 census of Carter County, Tennessee includes the David Hambrick family living next door to the Reuben Landsdown family.

Since David Hambrick was born about 1801 in North Carolina I looked at the 1810 census of North Carolina. In Wilkes County can be found: George Hamrick and John Hamrick. This John Hamrick is thought to be the John Hamrick who was in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1840 and is likely the father of David Hambrick.

The marriage records of Carter County Tennessee show that David Hambrick married 1st Mary Lansdown on 15 Jan 1832 and 2nd Sarah Simerly on 11 Jan 1845. They also show that John Hamrick married Tryphena Hetton on 19 Mar 1828. This was probably David’s brother. Mary Hamrick married Clem Gaddy on 06 Dec 1850. This Mary Hamrick is thought to be the first daughter of David and Mary (Lansdown) Hambrick.

The marriage records of Daivd Hambrick and Mary Lansdown read:

“STATE OF TENNESSEE, To any Minister of the

Carter COUNTY Gospel, or Justice of the Peace in

And for said County-GREETING.

I HEREBY authorize and empower you or any of you to solemnize and perform the Rites of MARRIAGE between David Hambrick and Mary Landsdown and join them together as HUSBAND and WIFE in the holy estate of Matrimony. Given under my hand, at Office, in Elizabethton the 15th day of January 1832

Geo. Williams: Clerk

By C W Nelson Dep. Clerk


Know all men by these presents that WE David Hambrick and William Boren of Carter County , are held and firmly bound unto WILLIAM CARROLL Govenor of the State of Tennessee and his sucessors in office, in the penal sum of Twelve Hundred and Fifty Dollars, to be void on condition there be no Lawful cause to obstruct the Marriage of the said David Hambrick unto Mary Landsdown of said County, or pay and satisfy all costs and damages that may be recovered in consequence of such Marriage being illegal. Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of January 1832


Test, David X Hambrick (Seal)


C W Nelson William Boren (Seal)



David Hambrick


Mary Landsdown

I do certify that I celebrated the rites of Matrimony between David Hambrick & Mary Landsdown on the 15th of January 1832

J. H. Hyder

J peace”

The record for David’s second marriage to Sarah Simerly on 11th of January 1845 is also on file in Carter county, Tennessee. Looking at the census records of 1850 Sarah would have been about 35 years of age and David about 44 years of age when they married. David and Sarah have not been found after 1850 so it is not clear if they had children.

These records confirm my theory that our ancestry in Tennessee goes David and Mary (Lansdown) Hambrick, Joel and Lucinda (Swanner) Hambrick, David T. and Susannah (Navey) Hambrick. It is very likely since the 1850 census places David in Jefferson County near a John Hambrick and an older John Hamrick that John and David were sons of the older John Hamrick. This John Hamrick was probably the brother of William and Green Hambirck of Jefferson County, Tennessee (1804-1806).

A book, Tennessee Cousins by Worth S. Ray and published by the Genealogical Publishing Company contains information on Reuben Lansdown. Under the section on The Old Gap Creek Settlement in the Watauga Valley, “Later settlers on Gap Creek were: Reuben Landsown” among others.

David Hambrick and Susannah Navey married 11 Dec 1879 in Carter County, Tennessee. Dave Hambrick died on 04 Dec 1926 at 65 years of age. Susanna also known as Winney (Navey) Hambrick was born on 18 Sep 1859 and died on 01 Apr 1922. They are buried in the Johnston Cemetery near Reno, Arkansas. David and Susannah Hambrick had children:

  1. William (Will) Hambrick b. Jun 1882 in Tennessee who married Flora Parish and had children, Gussie M. Hambrick b. 1903, William Guy Hambrick b. 1906, Glenburn Hambrick b. 1908 and Glyman Hambrick b. 1912

  2. John Hambrick b. Jul 1885 in Tennessee

  3. Mac Hambrick b. Mar 1887 in Arkansas who married Berniece Casey and had children, Nola Hambrick b. 1917, Margie Hambrick b. 1919, Maxine Hambrick b. 1921, Dortha Hambrick b. 1922, Myrtle Hambrick b. 1925, Paulray Hambrick b. 1927 and Norma Hambrick b, 1929

  4. Thad Hambrick b. 21 Oct 1891 in Arkansas who married Gussie Rapert and had children, Mazie Hambrick b. 1916, Arvena hambrick b. 1918, J.T. Hambrick b. 1921, Dixe R. Hambrick b. 1924, Cona J. Hambrick b. 1926 and David L. Hambrick b. 1930

  5. Addie Hambrick b. Feb 1894 in Arkansas who married Lawrence H. Williams and had children, Geraldine Williams b. 1915, Lavern Williams b. 1917, Pauline Williams b. 1919, Wilburn Williams b. 1921, Albert Williams b. 1923, Mary Williams b. 1925, Rector Williams b. 1926, Luceil Williams b. 1928 and Robert William b. 1929

  6. Rhoda Hambrick b. May 1897 in Arkansas who married 1st Archer Rapert and had children, Verna Rapert b. 1915, Erman Rapert b. b. 1918, Vida Rapert b. 1920 and she married 2nd James E. Hawkins and had a son , Elden Hawkins b. 1925, James had been married before and had children by his 1st wife.

Hambrick Brothers & Sisters

Hambrick Children circa 1950

left to right: William Hambrick, Mac Hambrick, Thad Hambrick, Addie (Hambrick) Williams and Rhoda (Hambrick) Rapert/Hawkins

David and Susan Hambrick lived near Reno in Randolph County, Arkansas. Their marriage record reads:


To any Minister if the Gospel having the Care of Souls, or any Justice of the Peace of said County-Greeting:

You, or either of you, Are hereby authorized to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between David Hambrick and Susannah Navey of our County, agreeably to the direction of the Act of assembly in such case made and provided; provided always, that the rite of Matrimony be solemnized in this County; otherwise these shall be null and void, and shall not be accounted any License or authority to you, or either of you, for the purpose aforesaid, more than though the same had never been prayed or granted, etc.

Given at the Clerk’s office of said County, this 8th day of Dec, 1879

Geo. T. Williams

County Court Clerk

By James R. Burrow DC

Know all men, that we David Hambrick and William Hambrick of the County of Carter and State of Tennessee, are held and firmly bound into the State of Tennessee, in the sum of Twelve Hundred and Fifty Dollars, to which payment, well and truly to be made, we bind our heirs, executors and administrators, and each and every one of us and them, both jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.

Witness our hands and seals, the 8th day of Dec. 1879

The condition of the above Obligation is such, That whereas, David Hambrick hath prayed and obtained License to marry Susannah Navey

Now if the said Susannah Navey be actual resident in the County aforesaid, or if the ceremony be performed in this County, and there shall not hereafter appear and lawful cause why the said David Hambrick and susannah Navey should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, as Husband and Wife, then this obligation to be void and of no effect; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

(Seal) David Hambrick (Seal)

(Seal) William Hambrick (Seal)

I solemnized the Rite of Matrimony between the within named parties on the 11th day of December 1879

J. A. Anderson

J. P.”

At one point in time prior to 1796, North Carolina and Tennessee were one. Tennessee separated into a territory and became a state in 1796. The Civil War devastated much of the South and many persons lost homes and lands. During “Reconstruction” many moved to areas where they could find good farmland. From the records I have seen the Hambrick families were farmers. Both in North Carolina and in Tennessee they lived in prime farm country. The migration route of my David Hambrick’s ancestors seems to have been Hanover County, Virginia, then Burke County, North Carolina, then Jefferson County, Tennessee, then Carter County, Tennessee and then on to Randolph County, Arkansas.

Dave Hambrick died on 04 Dec 1926 and the Pocahontas Star Herald carried a short obituary on 09 Dec. 1926: “Dave Hamrick, citizen of Cherokee Bay, was found dead in bed last Saturday morning age about 65 years.”

The records of Randolph County, Arkansas contain the following references to our Hambrick/Navy/Rapert/Swindle ancestors. Some of these records can be accessed on the internet at http://www.rootsweb.com/~arrandol

Randolph County, Arkansas


L Name F Name MI Sec No T R Acres Date

JUSTICE JOHN D 4 21N 2W 40 acres 1835/11/01

JUSTICE JOHN D 9 21N 2W 40 acres 1835/11/01


RAPERT DANIEL M 19 21N 2E 0 1888/08/23

RAPERT DANIEL M 20 21N 2E 120 acres 1874/05/01 CANCELLED PATENT

RAPERT DANIEL M 20 21N 2E 120 acres 1888/08/23

RAPERT JAMES J 11 21N 1E 80 acres 1860/05/01

RAPERT JASPER N 19 21N 2E 40 acres 1896/08/28

RAPERT LORENZO D 13 21N 1E 40 acres 1902/03/07

RAPERT LORENZO D 19 21N 2E 0 1874/05/01

RAPERT LORENZO D 19 21N 2E 120 acres 1874/05/01

RAPERT LORENZO D 0 21N 2E 40 acres 1860/05/01

SWINDLE WILLIAM T 12 21N 1E 0 1899/02/13

SWINDLE WILLIAM T 12 21N 1E 0 1899/02/13

SWINDLE WILLIAM T 12 21N 1E 120 acres 1899/02/13



Randolph County, Arkansas



HAMBRICK, D. H., 48, farmer, came from Tenn in 1891, married

Miss Navy in 1886, 6 children, Will, John, Addie, Thad, Rhoda and

Mack, Baptist. (Dave and Winey Navy-Hambrick)

HAMBRICK, Mack, 20, farmer, native of Ark, married Miss

Casey in 1908, no church. (son of Dave and Winey Navy-Hambrick)


NAVY, Wm. E., 47, carpenter, came form NC in 1888, married Ros

Mitchener in 1890, 5 children, Pearle, Roy, Horton, Graden and

Murrell, town property, Baptist. (brother of Winey Navy-Hambrick)

JUSTICE, I. R., 39, carpenter, came from Tenn. In 1885, married

J. B. Meeks in 1894, 3 children, Tilda, Lily and Marvin, town

property, Baptist. (half brother of Winey Navy-Hambrick and Wm Navy)


RAPERT, MRS. MINNIE, 24, native of Ark, maiden name Tuale, 1


Everett, Baptist.


NAVY, E., age 59, farmer, came from N.C. in 1885, not married,

no church. (brother of William Navy, Winey Hambrick and half brother of I. R. Justice)

HAMBRICK, W. H., age 26, farmer, came from Tennessee in 1887,

married Miss Flora Parish in 1902, three children, Gussie, Guy,

and Glenburn, 58 acres creek bottom, 32 in cultivation, Methodist. (son of Dave and Winey Navy-Hambrick)

CANADY, G. J., age 46; farmer; native of Arkansas; married Mary

Justice in 1900; children living: Ora, Garland, Ella, Grace,

Florence, Joseph, Lewis, and Lena; 80 acres, hill, 40 in cultivation;


RAPERT, J. F., age 34, farmer, native of Randolph County,

married Balcus Swindle in 1896, 2 children living, Gussie and

Grace, 200 acres creek bottom land, 100 in cultivation, Methodist. (parents of Gussie Rapert-Hambrick)

RAPERT, A. T., age 25, farmer, native of Arkansas, married Nancy

Cate 1905, 2 children, Normal and Arnold, 80 acres hill land, 45 in

cultivation, Methodist.

RAPERT, L. D., age 46, farmer, native of Arkansas, married last

time to Lucinda Miller, children at home, J.C. and Leota Hopkins,

Oscar, Owens, and Raymond Rapert, 120 acres hill land, 80 in

cultivation, Methodist, Baptist.

RAPERT, A. A., age 25, farmer, native of Arkansas, married Lucy

Merrell in 1904, 3 children, Orvin, Oval, and James, 60 acres hill,

40 in use, Methodist.


TAYLOR, J. M., 80, farmer, came from Ala in 1864, married B.

Justice in 1853, 8 children, J. E., Tom, Mary, Maggie, Tilda, Zuda,

Zona and Leona, 160 acres hill, 60 in use, Baptist.

BELLAH, WALTER, 39, farmer, native of Ark, married A. Justice

in 1893, 4 children, Mose, Nelson, Thursa and Mary, 160 acres hill,

65 in use, Baptist.


FRANKLIN, W. E., 45, farmer, came from Tenn in 1876, married

S. Wallace in 1886, 5 children, Minnie, Ollie, Myrtle, Lonzo and

Mattie, Baptist. (possilbe brother of Martha Franklin-Navy-Justice)

Thad Hambrick married Gussie Rapert in Maynard, Arkansas in 1912. Thad and Gussie (Rapert) Hambrick had children:

1. Agnes Hazel Hambrick born 02 Sep 1913, died 23 Dec 1917.

2. Mazie Hambrick born 18 Dec 1915, mar. 1st Mont Reeves by whom her two children were born:

Billy Reeves

Viva Dean Reeves

She married last ... Lester. She lived in Corning, Arkansas.

3. Ula Arvena Hambrick b. 28 Aug 1918 married 1st Lucien Daniel, 2nd Harold Brackett,

lived in New Troy, Michigan. She had children:

Edna Irene Daniel born 12 Jun 1938 and died 03 Jul 1939

James Lucien Daniel born 04 Aug 1944

William E. Brackett born 14 Jul 1949

Charlotte A. Brackett born 19 Dec 1951

Harlen U. Brackett born 11 Apr 1953

  1. J. T. Hambrick born 02 Jan 1921, died 1993. J.T. stands for John Thad. He married

1st Jewel Martin, married 2ndAnn Murray and lived in Paragould, Arkansas. Also lived in Michigan for a while. He and Jewel had children:

Doris Jean Hambrick born 1942

Alvin Hambrick born 16 Oct 1944

Dave Wayne Hambrick born 30 Jan 1947

He and Ann had children:

Mac Arthur Hambrick born Dec 1948 died young

Peggye Ann Hambrick born 11 Mar 1949

James Alvin Hambrick born Nov 1951 died young

Buster Lee Hambrick born 21 Apr 1952

Joan Theresa Hambrick born 19 Nov 1953

Rosetta Hambrick born 22 May 1955

John T. Hambrick (Junior) born 02 Jan 1957

5. Dixie Rea Hambrick born 05 May 1923, married Floyd Lockamy and lived in Galien and later Buchanan, Michigan. She died 07 Jan 1995 and is buried with her husband and son in the New Troy Cemetery. They had children:

Eugene Lockamy born 07 Oct 1941

Patricia Lockamy born 18 Jul 1944

Robert Lockamy born 28 Jan 1948

Johnnie Lockamy born 13 Oct 1949

Kenneth Lockamy born 16 May 1951

Barbara Lockamy born 01 Dec 1953

6. Cona Jean Hambrick born 24 Mar 1926, mar. George Dhane and lived in Van Austyn,

Texas near Whitewright. They had children:

Joyce Mae Dhane b. 14 Feb 1946

George Wilson Dhane b. 28 Nov 1947 (known as Buddy)

Richard Lee Dhane b. 27 Mar 1949

Evelyn Irene Dhane b. 11 Dec 1950 married … Foster

Jimmy Forest Dhane b. 18 Jun 1952

baby boy Dhane b. 17 Jul 1954

Timothy Wayne Dhane b. 17 July 1955

Andy Franklin Dhane b. 07 Nov 1957

John Kenneth Dhane b. 10 Nov 1960

Martha Charlene Dhane b. 10 Aug 1965 married … Wheeler

7. David L. Hambrick born 30 Jan 1930, died in 1953 in an automobile accident near Bridgman, Michigan while on leave from the Army to visit his dying mother. This accident also took the life of his wife, Katherine Lavonne Clay who was born in 1933 in New Troy, Michigan. They are buried in the New Troy Cemetery not far from their parents. They had married 09 Dec 1950 in Bridgman, Michigan. They had no children.

Gussie (Rapert) Hambrick circa 1940

Their marriage record reads:

“State of Arkansas Marriage Affidavit.

County of Randolph In the office of the Clerk of the County Court of said County,

Thad Hambrick of the county of … and State of Arkansas, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is the person who has this day applied to me for License of Marriage, and that he has arrived at the age of 21 years; and that Miss Gussie Rapert has arrived at the age of 15 years; that they, the parties for whom said application is made, are now single and unmarried and may lawfully contract and be joined in marriage.

Thad Hambrick

Sworn and subscribed before me this 25 day of October 191…

Ben Johnston

Clerk County Court

State of Arkansas Bond for Marriage License

County of Randolph

Know all men by these presents, That we Thad Hambrick as principal and … as security, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Arkansas, for the use and benefit of the Common School Fund of … County, in the penal sum of One Hundred Dollars, for the payment of which, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by these presents.

Signed this 25 day of October 1912

The Condition of the above Obligation is such, That, whereas, the above bounden Thad Hambrick has this day applied to the Clerk of the County Court of Randolph County for a License authorizing the solemnization of the Rite of Matrimony between the said Thad Hambrick and Miss Gussie Rapert

Now, if the parties applying for said License have a lawful right to the same, and if they shall faithfully carry into effect and comply with the provisions thereof, and shall within sixty days from the date hereof, return the said License to the office of the Clerk if the County Court of said County, duly executed and officially signed by some authorized by law to solemnize the Rite of Matrimony, then this obligation shall be void; but otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

WITNESS our signatures the day above written. Thad Hambrick

Thurman Swindle

Principal Security Therman Swindle

State of Arkansas Marriage License

County of Randolph To Any Person Authorized by Law to Solemnize Marriage-GREETING:

YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to solemnize the Rite and publish the Banns of Matrimony between Mr. Thad Hambrick of Middlebrook in the County of Randolph and State of Ark aged 21 years, and Miss Gussie Rapert of Middlebrook in the County of Randolph and State of Ark. Aged 15 years, according to law; and do you officially sign and return this license to the parties herein named.

WITNESS my hand and official seal, this 25 day of Oct 1912

Ben Johnston

County Clerk

D. C.

State of Arkansas Certificate of Marriage

County of Randolph

I, Israel C. Bradsher do hereby certify, that on the 27th day of Oct 1912 I did duly according to law, as commanded in the foregoing License, solemnize the Rite and publish the Banns of Matrimony between the parties therein named.

WITNESS my hand, this 29 day of Oct 1912

Israel Bradsher

My Credentials are recorded in the Recorder’s Office E. D Clay County, Arkansas, Book 1 Page 88

State of Arkansas Certificate of Record

County of Randolph

I, Ben Johnston Clerk of the County Court of said County, certify that the above license for and Certificate of Marriage of Mr. Thad W. Hambrick and Miss Gussie Rapert was filed in my office on the 27 day of Nov. 1912 and the same is duly recorded on page 233 of Book 17 of Marriage Records.

WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, this 27 day of Nov. 1912

Ben Johnston


The children of Thad and Gussie Hambrick were born in Middlebrook, Arkansas. Some of this family moved to Michigan around 1945. J. T. Hambrick had children born in Berrien County, Michigan. Two of the daughters, Arvena and Dixie, lived in Berrien County most of their adult lives. Ula Arvena Hambrick married 1st Lucian Farris Daniel and had two children, Edna who died in infancy and James Lucien. She married second, Harold Earl Brackett and they had children William, Charlotte and Harlen who were born in New Troy, Michigan. The other Hambrick daughter living in Michigan was Dixie, who married Floyd Lockamy. Thad and Gussie Hambrick died in Michigan, she in1953 and he in 1954. Dave Hambrick and his wife Katherine (Lavonne) Clay were killed in a car accident in Berrien County, Michigan in 1953 while visiting his dying mother. Thad and Gussie Hambrick, Dixie and Floyd Lockamy, Dave and Lavonne Hambrick and Harold and Arvena Brackett have plots in the New Troy, Michigan cemetery.

Gussie Hambrick died on 17 Jul 1953and obituary was carried in the News Palladium on 18 Jul 1953 and reads: “Gussie Hambrick Bridgman, July 18-Mrs. Gussie Hambrick of Baroda died at 3:50 p.m. yesterday in her home. She had been ill for sometime and had been hospitalized for about five weeks, returning to her home the day before her death. The body has been taken to the Boyd funeral home at Bridgman where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday July 21, with burial in the New Troy cemetery. The Rev. Fred Williams, pastor of the Olivet Congregational church of Bridgman will officiate. Mrs. Hambrick was born Feb. 28, 1897, in Middlebrook, Ark., and had been a resident of Bridgman for three years. She was a member of the Bible church of Baroda. Survivors include her husband, Thad; her father, John Rapert of Maynard, Ark., a son J.P, Hambrick of Three Oaks; four daughters, Mrs. Mont Reeves of Corning, Ark., Mrs. Earl Brackett of Three Oaks, Mrs. Floyd Lockamy of Galien and Mrs. George Dhane of Van Austin, Tex; one sister, Mrs. Grace Tesdell of St. Louis, Mo.; and 21 grandchildren.”

Thad Hambrick died on 31 May 1954 and his obituary was carried in the News Palladium on 01 Jun 1954 and reads: “ Thad Hambrick Bridgman, June 1-Thad Hambrick, 62, of Bridgman, died at 3:15p.m. Monday at the home of his son, J.T. Hambrick, route 2, Three Oaks. The body is at the Boyd funeral home, where friends may call. Funeral arrangements are incomplete and will be announced later. Mr. Hambrick was born Middlebrook, Ark., Oct. 27, 1891. He came to Bridgman about four years ago and had been employed at the Baroda Manufacturing company until about six months ago. He had been ill for about three months previous to his death. Survivors include his son J.T. Hambrick, four daughters, Mrs. Mont Reeves, of Corning, Ark., Mrs. Earl Brackett, of New Troy, Mrs. Floyd Lockamy, of Galien, and Mrs. George Dahne, of Van Austin, Tex., and 23 grandchildren. Mr. Hambrick’s wife died in July, 1953, and a son, David, died June 23, 1953.”

The Niles Daily Star carried an article about the automobile accident that killed David and LaVonne Hambrick on 23 Jun 1953 and it reads: “Couple Killed Instantly Bridgman [Special]-A young Three Oaks serviceman who had been home on leave from overseas less than an hour and his wife were instantly killed early today when their car crashed into a semi-truck at the intersection of Snow and Date roads one and a half miles east of here. Killed were: David Lee Hambrick 23, and his wife, LaVonne, 20, both of rural Three Oaks. According to Berrien deputies, Hambrick and his wife were pinned under their cr after it crashed into the truck and rolled over on its right side in a ditch. Coroner Harding Dey of St. Joseph, ruled the deaths accidental due to skull fractures, multiple head injuries and internal injuries. The truck diver, John Joseph Bonczkowski, 48 of St. Joseph, suffered minor injuries and was treated by a private physician in Bridgman. According to a deputies’ report, Hambrick failed to stop for a stop sign and his car hit the tractor part of the semi on the left side and rear. The impact of the crash spun Hambrick’s car westward and it came to rest in a ditch. Deputies said the semi continued on for a short distance and rolled over on its right side. Bonczkowski crawled from the truck with only minor injuries. Hambrick, who was one of the first servicemen to arrive in the Marshal Islands after the A-bomb test explosion arrived home in Three Oaks at 11:30 p.m. Monday for a furlough. He and his wife were instantly killed at 12:26 a.m. Surviving are: Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Clay and Mr. and Mrs. Thad Hambrick, all of rural route two, Three Oaks. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at the Boyd Funeral Home in Bridgman.”

In conclusion, it is obvious to me that these Hambrick families were all related at one time. Even though the name is spelled differently at times, this can be attributed to the clerks recording the name. These clerks went by the pronunciation, not necessarily the correct spelling.

There were persons by the name of Hambrick/Hamric in this country as early as 1700. There was at least one David Hambrick who served in the Revolutionary War (1775). I have also seen a record of a Dave Hambrick from North Carolina who served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War (1865) and there were probably many others involved in that conflict.

Ula Arvena (Hambrick) Daniel married 2nd Harold Earl Brackett in Berrien County, Michigan in 1947.

Their son William Earl Brackett married Jane Rae Hauch in Lakeside, Michigan in 1970.