Contributed by William Brackett

Joyce Eckelbarger was born in Buchanan, Michigan in 1935 the daughter of George and Pearl (Eagley) Eckelbarger.

George Ellis Eckelbarger was born 03 Jul 1910 in South Bend, Indiana. He married Pearl Kathryn Eagley in South Bend on 09 April 1932. Pearl was born on 30 Apr 1912. She was the daughter of Ervin and Nina (Cobbs) Eagley. Pearl died 03 Mar2001. George and Pearl Eckelbarger lived on Rangeline Road in Buchanan Township, Michigan. George retired from Clark Equipment in Buchanan in 1970 after 43 years of service. George Eckelbarger died 01 Oct 1979 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Buchanan. George and Pearl (Eagley) Eckelbarger had children:

Phay E. Eckelbarger

Joyce Lavonne Eckelbarger

Patricia Ann Eckelbarger

Dale Hugh Eckelbarger

James Ervin Eckelbarger

These children were born in Buchanan, Michigan.

George Ellis Eckelbarger's parents were Hugh and Maud (Ellis) Eckelbarger.

Hugh Thomas Eckelbarger died on 01 Dec 1932. He was a "farmer of Buchanan Township" and was 53 years of age. He was born 17 Nov 1879 in southwest Indiana. He was survived by his widow, Maud (Ellis) Eckelbarger to whom he was married in 1903, one son George, at home and one daughter Mrs. Glen Tunis of Buchanan. He was buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Buchanan. Maud Ellis was born 20 Apr 1883 and died 22 Nov 1966. Maud (Ellis) Eckelbarger married 2nd Hans H. Hansen on 13 Nov 1937 in South Bend, Indiana. Maud (Ellis) Eckelbarger Hansen is also buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery. Hugh Eckelbarger was the son of George Eckelbarger of Pennsylvania and Emmegett (Manehand) Eckelbarger. Emmegett also appears in some records as Emma. The Eckelbarger name goes back in Pennsylvania to before 1790. The name there was spelled Eckelberger or Eichelberger.

The 1920 census of Berrien County includes:

Hugh Eckelbarger 38 years of age who was born in Indiana

Maud Eckelbarger 37 years of age who was born in Michigan

Naoma Eckelbarger 12 years of age who was born in Indiana

George Eckelbarger 9 years of age who was born in Indiana

There was a Maud Ellis born 20 Apr 1883 in Jackson County, Michigan. Her birth was registered in Berrien County as her parents were from Buchanan. Her father was Dany M. Ellis who was born in Michigan and her mother was Nettie Ellis who was born in Illinois. This was the Maud Ellis who married Hugh Eckelbarger in 1903?

Family records indicate Maud’s parents were Dana and Nettie (Richmond) Ellis. Nettie Richmond was the daughter of Oscar F. and Mary (Foster) Richmond. Dana M. Ellis married Nettie Richmond on 27 Aug 1878 in Jonesville, Michigan. Dana Ellis was born 16 Jul 1857 in Lawrence, Michigan and died on 10 Oct 1932. Nettie (Richmond) Ellis was born 17 Dec 1866 and died on 19 Nov 1935 both are buried in the Riverview Cemetery in South Bend, Indiana.

Oscar F. Richmond was born 21 May 1836 in Painesville, Ohio. He died on 02 Nov 1919 in Buchanan. He married 1st Mary M. Foster on 17 Apr 1859. Mary (Foster) Richmond died on 18 Aug 1884 in Buchanan. Oscar married 2nd Melissa A. Gosline on 01 Nov 1885. Melissa A. Gosline was born on 13 Aug 1846 at Henrietta, New York. Oscar and Mary had children:

Naomi Richmond b. 22 Sep 1860 d. 18 May 1867

Nettie Richmond b. 17 Dec 1866 in Wataug, Illinois

Jeanette Richmond b. 01 Apr 1868 in Cairo, Illinois d. 12 Jul 1876

Daisey Richmond b. 01 Sep 1876

Oscar and Melissa had one child:

Arthur L. Richmond b 29 Apr 1888 in Buchanan, Michigan

Oscar F. Richmond served as a 1st Sgt. and later as 1st Lt. with Co. “I”, 81st Regiment of the Illinois Infantry During the Civil War. Oscar Richmond enrolled at Pulaski County, Illinois on the 9th of August 1862. He filed for an “Invalids Pension” on 5 Aug 1890 from Buchanan, Michigan. He claimed to have “Disease of the lungs and total deafness of the right ear”. His military records describe him as being six feet tall, of light complexion, with blue eyes and brown hair. His occupation before his service was as a railroad employee. These documents also state that he was born on 21 May 1836 in Lake County, Ohio. He was honorably discharged at Chicago, Illinois on 09 Aug 1865. Oscar F. Richmond was the son of William H. and Elsie M. (Evans) Richmond. William H. Richmond was the son of John and Nancy (Eddy) Richmond of Massachusetts.

George Eckelbarger was born 05 Dec 1848 and died on 15 Apr 1916. He married Emmegett Manehand. They had two children:

Franklin Eckelbarger

Hugh Thomas Eckelbarger b. 17 Nov 1879

George Eckelbarger married 2nd Tillie Raatz on 28 Sep 1895.

George Eckelbarger was the son of George C. and Lydia Eckelbarger. George C. Eckelbarger was born on 08 May 1811 in Little York, Pennsylvania and died on 28 Jan 1894 in Goshen, Indiana. Lydia was born about 1813 and died on 11 Nov 1880. Their children were:

Elizabeth Eckelbarger b. 18 Dec 1837

Samuel Eckelbarger b. 19 Aug 1839

Joseph Eckelbarger b. 13 Mar 1841 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Sarah Eckelbarger b. 23 Mar 1843

John Eckelbarger b. 02 Oct 1844

Harriet Eckelbarger b. 12 Jan 1847

George Eckelbarger b. 05 Dec 1848

Lydia Eckelbarger b. 13 Sep 1851

Jacob Eckelbarger b. 08 Feb 1855 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

William Eckelbarger b. 04 Feb 1858

According to the book Names of Early Settlers of Berks and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania under a section concerning Tulpehocken appears the name of George Eichelberger. He is listed as a settler there in 1743/46. The reference indicates: “the first settlers in Tulpehocken were Lutherans and German Reformed.” In the book Pennsylvania German Pioneers there is listed a Friederich Egelberger who arrived aboard the ship “Albany” in 1728. “The above is a true list of the masters of the Palatine Family's, imported in the ship Albany, from Rotterdam to Philadelphia.” Palatine was part of what was to become Germany. The relationship between George and Friederich has not been established.

There was a George Eikelberger who was appointed as sheriff of York County, Pennsylvania on 07 Oct 1768. According to the Pennsylvania Archives there was a Hans Geo. Eichelberger who arrived in Pennsylvania “in the ship Hope, of London, Daniel Reed, Master, From Rotterdam”. These immigrants took the oath of allegiance on 28 August 1733.

Pearl Kathryn Eagley's parents were Ervin E. and Nina Pearl (Cobb) Eagley. Nina P. Eagley of 407 Portage Street in Buchanan died on 02 Oct 1960. She was born 06 Nov 1887 in Cedar Bluffs, Kansas and was the daughter of Gideon and Rosetta (Swander) Cobb. Nina Pearl Cobb married on 31 Dec 1905 in Churubusco Indiana, Ervin E. Eagley and moved to Buchanan in 1926. Nina P. Eagley was survived by her husband, a son Cleland Eagley of Niles and five daughters, Mrs. Vera Spencer of Bertrand Township, Mrs. Pearl Eckelbarger of Berrien Springs, Mrs. Vesta Heiermann of Niles, Mrs. LaVon Harter of Searcy, Arkansas and Mrs. Gloria Palmer of Niles. She had five brothers and four sisters who also survived her. She was buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Buchanan. Ervin E. and Nina P. (Cobb) Eagley had children:

Loas Isibell Eagley b. 22 Jun 1907

Vera Leona Eagley b. 20 Aug 1908

Pearl Kathryn Eagley b. 30 Apr 1912 in Seattle, Washington

Vesta Lucille Eagley b. 24 Nov 1915

Cleland Eagley b. 10 Jan 1922 in Churubusco, IN. d. 08 Jan 2000

Flora LaVon Eagley b. 03 Apr 1924

Gloria LaVon Ann Eagley b. 17 Apr 1925 in FT. Wayne, IN.

The name Cobb is also recorded in some records with an “s” as Cobbs.

Ervin Eagley was born 02 Feb 1885 in Indiana and died in 31August of 1968 in Berrien Center, Michigan. Ervin Eagley married Nina Pearl Cobb on 31 Dec 1905.

Ervin E. Eagely’s father was Aaron Eagley and his mother was Ellen (Brown) Eagley. Ellen Brown was the daughter of George Washington and Margaret Brown. Aaron and Ellen’s children were:

Florence Eagley b. 21 Feb 1881

Erva Eagley b. 02 Feb 1885

Sidney Eagley b. 17 Feb 1888

Aaron Eagley was the son of John and Leah (Fry) Eagley. John Eagley was born on 22 Dec 1807 and died on 17 Apr 1887. John Eagley married Leah Fry on 22 Jun 1837. Leah Fry was born 28 Jun 1814 and died 30 Sep 1885. Their children were:

Samuel Eagley b. 06 Jun 1838

Daniel Eagley b. 26 Mar 1840

Christian Eagley b. 15 Sep 1842

Catherine Eagley b. 20 Jun 1845

Jacob Eagley b. 15 Jan 1848

John Eagley b. 31 Mar 1849

Alinda Eagley b. 30 Apr 1851

Emanuel Eagley b. 25 May 1853

Aaron Eagley b. 16 Dec 1858

“On July 13, 1853 John Eagley and his wife Leah sold their farm of 103 acres in Erie County, Pennsylvania to John L. Long for a consideration of $ 42.00, and 21 acres to Thomas Willis, April 10, 1854, for $ 400.00.” John Eagley “bought his first farm in Indiana in Van Buren Township, LaGrange County, about 5 miles west of Lima (Howe) in 1860.”

The Eagley name can be found in Pennsylvania as early as 1790 where it was spelled Egley, Egly, Egle or Egli

John Eagley’s parents were Jacob and Mary (Roop) Egli. Mary was the daughter of John Roop. Mary Roop was born on 24 Mar 1733 and died 25 Dec 1824. They moved to Erie County, Pennsylvania on 18 Jun 1812. Their children were:

John Egli/Eagley b. 22 Dec 1807

Susanna Egli/Eagley b. 02 Dec 1809

Jacob Egli/Eagley b. 23 Oct 1811

Catherine Egli/Eagley b. 05 Aug 1814

Abraham Egli/Eagley b. 14 Dec 1816

Jacob Egli/Eagley was the son of Abraham and Susanna Egli. Abraham Egli, Marcus’s son, was born about 1735 and died 17 Aug 1785 in Paxton Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. His wife’s name was Susanna. Susanna was born in Germany about 1737 and died 12 Oct 1807. Abraham and Susanna Egli had children:

Abraham Egli b. 04 Apr 1773

Susanna Egli b. 30 Sep 1774

Jacob Egli b. 13 Feb 1776

Catherine Egli b 18 Sep 1777

The Eagley family is descended through Marcus and Elizabeth Egli. Marcus Egli was born about 1690 in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. The family came to America in 1743 and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My thanks to Homer J. Schaffer who complied the Eagley Genealogy in 1940 based on earlier work done by Dr. William Henry Egle of Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania. Joyce (Eckelbarger) Surch has a copy of this work.

The book Pennsylvania German Pioneers includes a reference to “Marx Egli”. This is probably the Marcus Egli above. Marx Egli was being “sworn” at the courthouse in Philadelphia in August of 1747. “The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the Bilander Vernon, from Rotterdam & last from Leith in Scotland, Thomas Richs, Master, did this day take the foregoing Oaths to the Government.”

Nina Pearl Cobbs was the daughter of Gideon and Rosetta (Swander) Cobb. Gideon and Rosetta Cobb had children:

John Cobb

Marion Cobb

Frank Cobb

Harley Cobb

Roscoe Cobb

Nina Pearl Cobb b. 06 Nov 1887 in Cedar Bluffs, Kansas

Elsie Cobb

Mary Cobb

Irma Cobb

Goldie Cobb

These children are not in order of birth and were abstracted as survivors from the obituary. In this obituary Cobb is spelled with an “s” as Cobbs.

Rosetta Swander was the daughter of John Jacob Swander and Mary Ann (Wyatt) Swander of Churubusco, Indiana. John Jacob Swander was the son of Jonathan Swander and Christena (Row) Swander of Carroll County, Indiana. Jonathan Swander was the son of Jacob Swander and Susan (Fisher) Swander of Leigh County, Pennsylvania. Jacob Swander was born about 1787 in Leigh County, Pennsylvania.