Researched by William Brackett

Additional Link to the John and Catherine Eberhardt Fry Family and the first generation

The Eberhard surname derives from the given name Eberhard, which has been located in the German area of Wurttemberg during 1400s.  There were dukes and counts by that given name there.  The names translates as eber = wild boar and hard = brave or strong and would indicate strength or courage like a wild boar.  It has many spelling variation such as, Everhard, Eberhart, Everhart, Eberhardt, Everhardt, etc.

My interest is in George Everhart, also spelled Eberhart, who was born about 1767 or 1768.  He died on 04 May 1843 in Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio.  The Ohio Repository carried this death notice on 18 May 1843: "Died in Plain Twp. on Thurs. 4th inst., Mr. George Eberhart, in the 75th year of his age. He emigrated from Huntingdon Co., Pa."

The Henry Cemetery Association has two “Everhard” burials listed in the Henry Warstler

Cemetery in Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio and they are:

David Everhard died 24 May 1833 age 24 years 7 months 18 days

George Everhard died 04 May 1843 age 75 years

Their location of burial is listed as unknown but they were buried in the “Old Churchyard”.  This cemetery was associated with a Lutheran Church.  This is the George Everhart I am interested in and his son David.

Also in Plain Township but in Zion Cemetery there are buried some members of the Henry “Everhard” family:

Catherine Everhard born 01 Jun 1777 wife of Henry

Henry Everhard died 29 Dec 1848 age 80 years 7 months

“Infant son” Everhard died 20 Jun 1830 son of H&M

Jacob Everhard died 17 Nov 1829 age 29 years

Mary Everhard died 30 May 1855 age 16 years 3 months and 16 days

Mary Magdalena Everhard died 01 Jan 1830 wife of Henry

Paul Everhard died 1829 age 23 years son of Henry and Mary

Susan Everhard died 10 Jul 1881 age 83 years 7 months and 6 days

Note:  This Henry Everhard is also seen in genealogical records as John Henry Eberhart and his two wives are listed as, Mary Magdalena and Catherine.  Their maiden names were Hewitt and they were sisters. Mary Magdalena being his 1st wife who died and he married 2nd Catherine (Hewitt) Dager the widow of Jacob Dager. His father was Paul Everhart.


The Portrait And Biographical Record of Stark County, (Ohio) Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens, was printed in Chicago by Chapman Bros. in 1892.  It contains the following biography of a son of John Henry Everhard:

“PHILIP EVERHARD, a retired farmer now residing in Canton, has spent his entire life in Stark County. He was born in Plain Township, September 28, 1812, and is a son of Henry Everhard, a native of Northampton County, Pa. The grandfather, Paul Everhard, was of German descent.  The father of our subject was a potter by trade and followed that business during his younger years. He was joined in wedlock with Miss Mary M. Hewitt, of Washington County, Pa., a daughter of Philip Hewitt, who was also of German lineage. In the year 1809, Henry Everhard emigrated to Stark County, locating in Plain Township, where he made a permanent settlement. He carried on general farming, now also operated a grist and saw mill for a number of years his wife died in 1829. He survived her for about twenty years, passing away in 1848. This worthy couple, who were highly respected in the community, had a family of five sons and five daughters who grew to mature years, but Philip, the youngest son, is the only survivor.

Our subject, spent his boyhood days quietly upon his father's farm, remaining under the parental roof until he had attained his majority, when he began farming on his own account. The common schools afforded him his educational advantages, and for some twelve years during the winter season he was engaged in teaching. As a companion and helpmate on life's Journey, he chose Miss Nancy Hane, of Canton Township, a daughter of Christian Hane, their union being celebrated September 1, 1846. The young couple began their domestic life in Plain Township, where our 0subject carried on general farming and stock-raising for many years. He always kept a flock of sheep, which he sold for food purposes, or for the wool which they yielded. In 1875, he left the farm and removed to Canton, where he has since resided. He practically lives retired, devoting only a portion of his time to his business interests. He sold his farm in 1883. He owns a fine residence at No. 153 North Cleveland Avenue, a handsome and commodious structure, well finished and tastefully furnished.

Unto Mr. and Mrs. Everhard six children have been born: Elta, wife of T. A. Reward, of Cleveland; Mary F., who died May 7, 1890; Alvah H ., who resides in South Dakota; Otto Philip. who makes his home in Deadwood, South Dakota, Charles J., who purchased and now resides on the old home stead in Plain Township; and Ira Hane, who is Teller in the First Nation al Bank of Canton. The mother of this family departed this life December 22, 1891, in her sixty-seventh year, and many friends mourned her loss. She was a devoted member of the Lutheran Church, to which Mr. Everhard also belongs, both having united with the church when young.

In politics, our subject is a Republican. He has never been an office-seeker, but served for one term as Supervisor of his township. After coming to the city he suffered greatly from rheumatism in the knee joint for three years and the bone became diseased. This necessitated radical treatment, and the limb was amputated October 22, 1888. Since that time Mr. Everhard has enjoyed excellent health. He is resting after many years of earnest labor, the fruits of his former toil being amply sufficient to keep him in comfort throughout his remaining days.”

About 1774 Philip Hewitt with wife Eva Mong, Peter Hewitt with wife Mary Leffler, and Elizabeth Hewitt with husband Jacob Leffler came to Washington County. Philip and Peter settled in Amwell Township, Jacob in Donegal Township. They had lived earlier in Berks County, Pennsylvania and Washington (then Frederick) County. Maryland. Bethlehem Lutheran Church (originally Reformed and Lutheran) is located on a hilltop in North Bethlehem Township The book DUTCH GLORY by Margaret M. Simon includes the following information for the daughter of Philip Hewitt: Mary b 1775; confirmed 1791; d 1829 Stark Co, Ohio m 1793 Henry Everhart 1768-1848 - he m2 Nov 22-1831 Catharine Hewitt Dager,1777-1843

Ch:      John 1794-, Catharine 1796-, Susanna 1797-1881, Jacob 1800-1829, Henry 1803-, Paul 1806-1829, Mary 1809-1853,Philip 1812-, Lydia 1818-, Rachel 1823- - left Somerset 1810

This places John Henry Everhart in Washington County, PA by 1793 and it is indicated he was in Stark County, Ohio by 1809.  He could not be the John Everhart who is seen with George Everhart in the 1800 and 1810 census of Huntingdon County, PA. 


There appears to be some association of George Everhart who died in 1843 and Maryland.  At least four of his children, John, Elizabeth, Maria and Nancy reportedly were born there.  Elizabeth born about 1798 indicates this in census records and Nancy’s son, William Sell’s biography states that she was born there.  John Everhart was born about 1801 and his birth place is recorded as Maryland in the 1850 census.  The biography for John Cox, who was Maria’s father-in-law, states that she was born in Washington County, Maryland in 1818. One would expect to find George Everhart in the 1800 and 1810 census in Maryland.

The 1800 census of Woodbury Township, Huntingdon County Pennsylvania includes a George and a John Everhart.  In this census George is between 26 to 44 years of age, there is one other male in the household and he is under ten years of age. There are two females in George’s household, one less than ten years of age and one 16-25.  John Everhart is 26-45 years of age and the female in his household is 16-25 years of age.  It would appear that these two are brothers.  From these ages of these children it is assumed that the two were John and Elizabeth Everhart in the George Everhart household.

The 1810 census of Woodbury Township of Huntingdon County Pennsylvania shows a G. Everhart listed just above a J. Everhart.  In G. Everhart’s household there were 3 males under 10 years of age, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 16-25, 2 males 26-45 and 1 male over 45 years of age.  There was also 1 female under ten10 years of age, 3 females 16-25 and 1 female over 45 years of age.


The 1820 census of Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio includes both George and John Everhart.  In George’s household there were 2 males under 10 years of age, 1 male 10-15 years of age, 1 male 16-25 years of age and 1 male over 45 years of age.  There were also 1 female 10-15 years of age, 3 females 16-15 years of age, 1 female 26-44 years of age and one female over 45 years of age.


The 1830 census of Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio includes George Everhart and listed just above his name is Elizabeth Raver.  She is the Elizabeth Raver who in 1831 married John Kritzer and moved to Berrien County, Michigan.  She is the daughter of George Everhart.  In George’s household are 1 male 10-15 years of age, 1 male 15 to 20 years of age and 1 male 60-70 years of age.  There was also 1 female 10-15 years of age, 2 females 15- 20 years of age and one female 50-60 years of age.  In Elizabeth Raver’s household there was 1 male under 5 years of age and 1 male 5-10 years of age.  There were also 2 females 5-10 year of age and 1 female 30-40 years of age.  It does not appear her husband was living and if it was Conrad Raver, he had died in 1826. 

There is an estate settlement in Stark County, Ohio dated 07 Sep 1822 for a Mary Anne Everhart.  After reviewing this estate record it appears she was George’s mother or at least the widow of his father.  George is in the lists of persons who bought things from this estate, as are Conrad Raver, John Sell.  Once this estate was settled the balance remaining was $ 2387.35, which was divided as follows:

John Everhart             $ 205.00

George Everhart             436.47

Jacob Hoch                    436.47

Elizabeth Shields           436.47

George Everhart             436.47

John Andrews                218.23 ½

Jacob Hoch                    218.23 ½


                                    $ 2387.35

This list would be the heirs to the estate.  This estate record was complete on 10 Sep 1825.  No will has been found for a John or Mary Anne Everhart.

George Everhart’s eleven children named in legal documents located in Stark County, Ohio are:


John Everhart

George Everhart

David Everhart

William Everhart

Joseph Everhart


Elizabeth Everhart

Molly Everhart

Margaret Everhart

Catherine Everhart

Nancy Everhart

Maria Everhart

Sarah Ann Everhart

Children in approximate order of birth:

1.      Elizabeth Everhart 1798-09 Nov 1878 married1st to … Raver & 2nd to John Kritzer married on 27 Jan 1831 moved to Berrien County, Michigan and died there.

2.      John Everhart 1801 living in Ashland County Ohio 1850-1860.

3.      Molly Everhart 26 Jul 1802-28 May 1849 married Simon Snyder on 03 Jul 1823.

4.      George Everhart 15 Sep 1806-19 Apr 1883 married Catherine Snyder on 14 Apr 1829 moved to Whitley County, Indiana and is buried there.

5.      David Everhart 06 Oct 1808-24 May 1833 died and buried in Stark County Ohio.

6.      Margaret Everhart aka Peggy married Joseph Ebi or Eby on 20 Nov1823. “Went to Iowa.”

7.      Catherine Everhart 01 Feb 1811-27 Apr 1884 married John Frey on 28 Apr 1831 moved to Ashland County, Ohio and is buried there.

8.      Nancy Everhart 13 Feb 1813-11 Feb 1868 married Henry Sell on 16 Oct 1833 moved to Whitley County Indiana and is buried there.

9.      William Everhart 15 Jul 1815- 01 Jun 1862 married 1st Polly Pontius on 06 Nov 1838 moved to Whitley County, Indiana and married 2nd to Eliza Burkholder on 12 Aug 1850 and is buried there.

10.  Maria Everhart 04 Jul 1818-23 Jul 1885 married George Cox in on 11 Oct 1838 moved to Whitley County, Indiana and died there.  She married 2nd to Henry Sell on 22 Dec 1868, after Nancy died, buried as Maria Cox next to her 1st husband George.


Children by Elizabeth Hull:

11.  Sarah Ann Everhart 06 Jul 1832-06 Mar 1912 married Moses Pontius on 14 Jun 1851 moved to Fulton County, Indiana and died there.

        12.  Joseph Everhart 24 Sep 1836-16 Apr 1915 married Rebecca Kamp in 1858 moved to Hardin County, Ohio and is buried there.

There is a Digest Of Obituaries Published In Newspapers of Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana 1856-1910 compiled by Nellie M. Raber in the collection of the Peabody Library in Columbia City, Indiana.  It contains a biography dated 24 Nov 1897 for John Cox which is of interest:

“Cox, John and his family:  He was born in 1788 and his wife, Lydia in 1790.  Both were natives of Pennsylvania.  They had five children, all deceased except Phillip who is past 80 years of age.  The children were:  Mrs. Koontz, Mrs. Shearer, Phillip, Jacob and George W. Cox.  George W. Cox was born in Huntingdon Co., Pa. on 31 Jan. 1814; died 12 Sep. 1863; his wife, Maria Eberhard was born 4 July 1818 in Washington County, Md. and died 22 July 1885; married 11 Oct. 1838 by Petere Lautzenhauser; two children were – a daughter who married John A. Snyder (born 14 Sep. 1839 in Suffield Tp., Portage Co., Ohio and died 27 Jul 1887) and John Cox who came to Whitley Co., Ind. In October, 1850 (born 5 Jan. 1842 in Suffield Tp., Portage Co., Ohio and died 13 Nov 1897’ married Mary E. Roberts on 22 Feb. 1866 and had 12 children). The children of John and Mary Cox were:  Jacob, Charles, Franklin, Elmer, George, Arthur, Ida, Laura, Mary, Ellen who are living.  (C.C.P., 24 Nov. 1897”.


Note:  Maria may have been born in Washington County, Pennsylvania not “Md.”.

There is also an obituary for Maria (Everhart) Sell who was the widow of George W. Cox before she married Henry B. Sell and it reads:  “Sell, Mrs. Henry B. was born in Huntingdon Co., Pa. on 4 Jul 1818; died on 23 Jul 1885.  In 1819 her father moved to Stark County., Ohio.  She married George W. Cox on 11 Oct. 1838 and they moved to Whitley Co., Ind. in 1850 where he died on 13 Sep. 1863.  Her 2nd marriage on 22 Dec. 1868 was to Henry Sell who died on 2 Dec. 1879.  The Rev. Leathers had charge of the funeral service.  The text was from Nahum, 1:7. (C.C.P., 29 July 1885).”


Note:  There are two different birth places for Maria Everhart listed in this information: Washington County, Maryland and Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.  There is some indication she may have been born in Washington County, PA as her brother William was born there in 1815.


An obituary for Catherine (Everhart) Fry was carried in an Ashland Ohio newspaper and it reads:  “Mrs. Catherine Fry, whose maiden name was Eberhart, was born in Pennsylvania, came to Ashland when 6 or 7 years of age, was born in Morrison’s Cove Huntingdon County, Feb 1, 1811, when she first came to Ohio, she settled near Stuebenville, where she was married on 4-28-1831, came to their farm in Mohican Twp. In 1836, where she died April 27, 1884, aged 73 yrs 2 mo and 26 days.” Catherine was the daughter of George Everhart.


In the 1850 census of Lake Township of Ashland County, Ohio you can find John Everhart age 49 born in Maryland, Catherine Everhart age 47 born in Pennsylvania, John Everhart age 20 born in Ohio and Catherine Parker age 72 born in Pennsylvania.  In the Mochicanville Cemetery is buried Mary C., wife of John Eberhart who died 20 Jun 1853.  On the 1861 plat map of Mohican Township you can find a property adjacent to John and Catherine (Everhart) Fry lived J. Eberhart.  I believe this is proof that this was Catherine’s brother John.

Sarah Ann Everhart and her husband Moses Pontious are buried in the South Section of the Akron Cemetery in Henry Township, Fulton County, Indiana: 


Moses, Mar 13, 1832 - Jan 4, 1914
Sarah A., his wife, July 6, 1832 - Mar 6, 1912

[NOTE: Moses Pontious, b.Stark Co Ohio, a son of Solomon & Magdalina (Kreighbaum) Pontious, natives of Penn. He was a cabinet-maker, and had a shop at Hartsville, Ohio. He m.1852, Sarah Ann Eberhardt, and they came to Ind. in 1869. Five children born, three of whom were: Josephus, Alpheus, and Jemima. Jemima m.1896, Jacob P. Eshelman. Her marriage application (Fulton Co Ind) tells that she was b. in Hancock Co Ohio. (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, Kingman Bros., pp. 39-40).]


The Will book “B”, for Stark County, Ohio includes the will for George Everhart on page 307 and it reads:

“George Everhart’s Will

            I George Everhart of the said county of Stark and State of Ohio do make and publish this my last will & testament in manner and form following that is to say

First.  It is my will that all my just debts and funeral Expenses shall be fully paid.

Second.  I give an bequeath unto my sons John, George, William & Joseph Everhart and my daughters Elizabeth, Molly, Margaret, Catherine, Nancy, Maria, and Sarah Ann, to each of them three hundred and fifty dollars without interest, but if I give them other of them more than three hundred and fifty dollars in my lifetime, they shall pay interest for all they receive above and over the said sum of three hundred and fifty dollars let the same be on note or account.

Third. It is my will that farm I now live on being part of the North East quarter section four in Township eleven of Range Eight containing one hundred and thirty acres, shall not be sold until my youngest son Joseph is twenty one years of age, and my wife Elizabeth shall have one third of all the income of said farm so long as she shall remain my widow.

Fourth.  It is my will that after my death, all of my personal property shall be sold by my Executor on public sale and the avails of said sale after the widow gets her lawful share the balance shall be paid over to my children or their guardians, until they all have received the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars; and there if there is a balance left it is to be divided in equal shares among my children or their heirs.

And lastly I hereby constitute and appoint Peter Loutzenheiser to be the Executor for this my last will and testament, revoking and an nulling all former wills by me made and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

I testimony where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this thirty first day of March A D 1842.                                                                    George Everhart  {seal}

Signed published and declared by the above named

George Everhart as and for his last will and testament

In the presence of us, who at his request have signed as

Witnesses to the same.


John Fryberger Jr.  John X Stover



                At a court of Common Please begun and held at the Court House in the town of Canton within the State of Ohio on Monday April 17 1843 The last will and testament of George Everhart was brought into court of Probate the witnesses to said will … John Fryberger & John Stover even before the court and being duly sworn did dipose and say that the said deceased signed and subscribed said will at the end thereof in the presence of said witnesses.  That they the said witnesses attested and subscribed said will as witnesses in the presence of said deceased and that the testator at the time of Executing said will was of sound mind and memory, of full age and not under any restraint.  Which testimony is hereby … to writing and filed.  And it appearing to the court the said will has been duly attested and proved as aforesaid the same is admitted to Probate.

A.    Record attest Herman Fuoger Clk


The Administration Records, Volume I, for Stark County, Ohio include on pages 371-375 the Probate record for the Estate of George Everhart and it reads:


“George Everhart’s Estate

Be it remembered that heretofore to wit on the second day of October, eighteen hundred and forty nine came the Executor of the estate of George Everhart deceased and filed in the clerk’s office of this court a final account which is as follows to wit:

Peter Laubzenheiser Executor of the estate of George Everhart, deceased in account with said estate.

Said executor charges himself as follows to wit: To amount found in his hands as per his partial account passed and approved by the court at its November term AD 1845

Amt. received from sales of personal property (but of sale list)         $ 1168.40

          of Interest on same                                                                     141.81 ¾

          from outstanding debts since filing said partial                         823.36

          for interest on                                                        do                             300.14


                                                                                                            $ 2444.30 ¾

Said account claims credits following per debts paid


      Voucher    No. 1               Jacob Keplinger for tax           $  3.18

                      No. 2               do         do                               $  2.75 ½

                      No. 3               George W. Beldin                     60.00

                      No. 4               George Hughs                                16

                      No. 5               George Everhart Jr.                     3.96

                      No. 6               Jacob Keplinger for tax               3.25

                      No. 7               do       do             do                   4.73

                      No. 8               William Dunbar                          10.00

                      No. 9               John Fryberger                             5.00           

                      No. 10             William Dunbar for tax                7.52

                      No. 11             Dunbar & Meyer                         75.00

                      No. 12             Danl. Rattenberger Clerk              2.00

                      No 13              Brown & Meyer                          10.00


                                                                                    Amount 187.45 ½

            The foregoing account includes the full amount of the sale of personal property, as per return; also all the debts due said estate and contained in schedule of debts returned to court by the Exr. Except $ 306.60 of the debt of $ 470.14 returned in said schedule against John Hull, which said Exr. Returns uncollectable-the said Exr. Being able to collect only-$ 163.54-and also except the accounts in said schedule of debts against several heirs of said testator as advancements to them.  But it is to be remarked that on the account against William Everhart, of $ 430.36 he has collected the sum of $ 90.27, being the excess over $ 350.00, with its interest-also from the account against Maria of $ 466.48 he has collected the sum of $ 147.46 being the excess over $ 350.00, with its interest-with these sums he has charged himself in the above account. 

The testator in his lifetime gave to his several children the several amounts charged in said schedule against them as advancements-The said William & Maria have paid the Exr. The excess of the account against them as above stated but George Everhart & Elizabeth, now married to-Kritzer have refused to pay the Exr. The excess of their accounts over $ 350. & he has no power to collect the same of them; but said excess is with its interest, is to be regarded as so much paid to them or their shares of said estate to which they may be entitled over and above the $ 350.00

Below said Exr. Exhibits an account, charging himself with the amount of the accounts against the heirs charged in said schedule, as advancements, but claiming credit for the amt. collected from William & Maria (he having charged himself with the same in above account) and also claiming credit for the excess of the said accounts against George and Elizabeth as he has never collected the same of them

Amt. of the account (Advanced) against Elizabeth, (now married to Kritzer) Amt. on excess over $ 350.00 being $ 27.15 to Oct 23/49                 $ 377.5

Amt of the account (Advanced) against John                             22.70

                                                    Peggy              349.46

                                                    George             446.00

Amt on excess over $ 350. Being $ 96.00 to Oct 23/49

Amt of the act. (Advanced) against        Nancy             350.00

                                                      William            430.46

                                                                Int. on     do                               9.83

                                                     Maria              466.48

                                          Int. on                          30.98

                                                      Molly             346.18

                                                      Catherine       350.00



Deduct excess act vs Elizabeth over $ 350     27.15

Int on same to Oct 23/49                                22.70

Deduct excess act vs George over $ 350        96.00

Int on same to Oct 23/49                                80.52

   Amt received of William with interest       90.29

                          Maria                           147.16                                                                                                                                                                           ____________



                                                                                                $ 3109.95

The State of Ohio Stark County,

            Peter Lautizenheiser being sworn, says the foregoing account is in all respects just and true as he verily believes.

Sworn & subscribed before me                                   Peter Lautizenheiser

Oct 4, 1849 Geo. W. Roffensberger dept Clk

            And afterwards to wit now at this time of the court of common pleas begun and held at the Court House in the town of Canton, within & for the county of Stark and state of Ohio on Tuesday the twenty-third day of October eighteen hundred and forty nine, came Snow a master commissioner in chancey of the court and filed here in a final account report upon the foregoing account which is as follows to wit. ‘To the court of common pleas, within and for the county of Stark and State of Ohio setting as probate court Oct, T. 1849.  The undersigned master commissioner in chancey for said court respectfully reports to the court that he has carefully examined all the papers on file stating to the final account of Peter Lautzenheiser, Executor of the last will and testament of George Everhart, decd, and on such examination he finds matters relating to the estate which require something more than an ordinary report.  He has therefore examined the will, … which he found recorded in Book B page 307, by which said testator gave each of his children namely, John, George, William, Joseph, Elizabeth, Molly, Margaret, Catherine, Nancy, Maria & Sarah Ann, the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars and at the same time provided that if he gave any of them, in his lifetime, more than the said sum of three hundred and fifty dollars, they should account for the excess with interest thereon.  It appears by the inventory and schedule of debts returned to court, and by a record of suit in chancey in this court that said testator, in his lifetime, gave to his children as follows, to wit: To Catherine $ 377.15, To John $ 349.46, To Margaret $ 314.31: to George $ 446; to Nancy $ 350.00, to William $ 430.46, To Mariah $ 446.48; to Molly $ 346.18; to Catherine $ 350.00. To adjust these matters and settle up the estate, these items, with interest on the several excesses over the said sum of three hundred and fifty dollars ought to be brought in and form a part of the assets in the hands of the Executor, though he may not have collected them but to do justice to the executor he ought at the same time to have credit for these sums paid to these legatees.  To do this the money in his hands ought to be paid out-1st to the widow her distributive share. 2. To the legatees who have not been equally advanced with those who in the lifetime of the said testator had received the highest sums of money until they are all made equal 3. The balance be equally divided among the aforesaid children.

            The master finds that said executor has filed a partial account in this case and in it he has charged himself with a part of the debts collected and a part of the said bill, and on this he charges the balance.  Therefore to determine whether or not he has correctly charged himself, the Master has been obliged to reexamine his partial account and the schedule of debts and sale bill so far as was necessary to determine this fact.”


George was married prior to 1831.  The name of this wife has not been found but some claim, in genealogical records, that it was Catherine.  It does appear by the date of birth used this was actually Catherine (Hewitt) Dager who married 2nd to John Henry Everhard.  George remarried on 06 Oct 1831 to Mrs. Elizabeth (Hull) Sellers and the two younger children, Sarah Ann and Joseph, are hers.  Joseph Everhart’s death record gives his mother as Elizabeth Hull.  George’s widow, mentioned in the will, was named “Elizabeth”.  Elizabeth appears to have been the daughter of John and Catherine Hull.  A John Hull is mentioned in the probate record.

Looking at genealogical records on Ancestry.com causes some confusion.  George Eberhart/Everhart is given the same birth and death dates as is John Henry Everhard/Everhart.  George has been found to have died on 04 May 1843 not 28 Dec 1848 as published in these records.  Some of these records give his parents as Paul and Emma (Statler) Eberhard/Everhart but others give his father as John Everhart of Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  These records for John Henry give his parents as Paul and Emma Statler also.  If this John and this George are the two who appear in the census records of both Huntingdon County Pennsylvania and later in Stark County, Ohio it is probable they were brothers. 

John Henry Everhard/Everhart married 1st to Mary Magdalena Hewitt and after her death married her sister, Catharine (Hewitt) Dager, widow of Jacob Dager.  It appears that this is the “Henry Eberhard” who is buried with Mary Magdalena and Catherine in the Zion Cemetery in Plain Township, Stark County, Ohio along with other family members. This is likely the “Henry Everhart” seen in the 1820 Plain Township census.  George and his son David are buried in the Henry Warstler Cemetery also in Palin Township.  The location of George and David’s graves are unknown but it is recorded they were buried in the “Old Churchyard” within this cemetery. George’s 2nd wife, Elizabeth (Hull) Eberhart is buried in the Hartville Union Cemetery also in Stark County, Ohio as is her mother Catherine Hull. 

If George and John Henry Everhart were brothers and sons of Paul and Emma (Statler) Everhard/Everhart other genealogical records indicate that their father, Paul, was born “at sea” aboard the ship “Friendship” on the voyage to America in 1727 and died on 03 Aug 1797 in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Paul’s parents are recorded as Michael 1698-1772 and Anna Magareth (Brunner) Eberhard/Everhart.  Someone else on Ancestry has listed a Paul Everhard who they say is the son of Johann Freiderich 1694-1751 and Anna Catharina (Stambach) Eberhard.  This Johann Freiderich Eberhard appears in these records as the son of Martin E. and Anna Margaretha (Zillinger) Eberhard of “Durstel, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France”.  Joseph Eberhart, youngest son of George Everhart references, in his biography, Peter and Michael Everhart who came over on the ship “Friendship” as his ancestors. So it is unclear as to which record is correct but it is obvious that the Eberhardt or Everhardt or Eberhard or Everhard or Everhart or Eberhart name does come to America from the area along the Rhine River known as Alsace-Baden-Wurttemberg.

A daughter of George Everhart, named Elizabeth, married 1st to … Raver and 2nd on Jan 1831, in Stark County, Ohio to John Kritzer.  This Kritzer/Critzer family moved to Berrien County, Michigan along with some of Elizabeth’s children by her first marriage and both names, Raver and Critzer or Creitzer, appear here in Berrien County.  In the 1830 census of Stark county Elizabeth Raver is listed just before George Eberhart and she does not have a husband. 

Some of George’s children, Catherine (Everhart) Frey, William Everhart, Maria (Everhart ) Cox, Nancy (Everhart) Sell and George Everhart Jr. moved to Whitley County Indiana.  Here the spelling of the name changed to Eberhard.  In the book, Counties of Whitley and Noble Indiana, which can be found online, George Jr. is referred to as George Eberhard Sr.: (


“GEORGE EBERHARD, Sr., a Whitley County pioneer, was born in Huntingdon County, Penn., September 15, 1806. His father, a farmer, emigrated to Stark County, Ohio, in 1820, and our subject worked on the home farm until twenty-four years old. April 14, 1829, he married Catharine Snyder, of Stark, who died February 22, 1870, in the sixty-fourth year of her age,
and of her marriage life the forty-second. July 23, 1872, he married Mary C. Killian, his present wife.  After his first marriage he carried on a distillery for sixteen years. In 1852, he came to Whitley, and at that time and subsequently purchased 2,300 acres of land, 1,500 of which he has divided among his children. He was always an industrious man, and accumulated his wealth
by hard work, stock-raising and good management, and is now retired to enjoy the fruits of his labor. By his first wife he was the father of eight children, six still living and married, viz, : Annie, Harry, John, George, Elizabeth and Catharine. He is a member of the Reformed Church, and has, in his time, built two church edifices, one in Ohio and one in Whitley, contributing one-
seventh of the money for the same, and has also donated the land for what is known as the Eberhard Graveyard.

Note:  This George Eberhard died on 19 Apr 1883 in Columbia Township, Whitley County, Indiana.  His death record gives his parents as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Eberhard.  His sister, Maria (Everhart) Cox-Sell died on 23 Jul 1885 in Columbia Township, Whitley county, Indiana.  Her death record does not include her parent’s names.

“JOHN EBERHARD, son of George Eberhard, Sr., was born in Stark County, Ohio, November 7, 1832. He has a farm of 440 acres, and is engaged also in rearing, buying and selling livestock. He is very fairly educated, though a considerable part of his schooling was obtained at the log schoolhouses of his early days. He came with his parents to Whitley County in 1852, and the greater part of his life has been spent in hard work, clearing land, etc. He was married September 22, 1857, to Catharine Markel, a native of Germany, who died January 26, 1867, leaving four children, named Josiah, Henry, John J. and Lavinia. He was married to his present wife, Elizabeth Brown, of Whitley County, August 16, 1838, and by this union has had born to him
a family of three children, viz. : Minnie L., Sarah A. and Mandila. Mr. Eberhard, like the other members of his father's family, belongs to the Reformed Church.”

“GEORGE EBERHARD, Jr., was born in Lake Township, Stark County, Ohio, September 7, 1834, and is a son of George Eberhard, Sr.; is a farmer and stock-raiser, as was his father, and came to this township with his parents in 1852, where he now owns three farms, comprising 384 acres. He has also been engaged in steam threshing, and in 1863 had the misfortune to lose an
arm while occupied at that business, but still keeps a machine and does his own threshing and that of some of his neighbors, yet does not make it a business. He was married, October 7, 1855, to Barbara Nible, and to this union have been born eleven children, viz. : Eli, Catharine, Franklin, George, Fanny, Daniel, Ellen, Mary A., Melissa A., Laura and Barbara. Of these,
Eli and Catharine are married and reside in Whitley County. Our subject and wife are members of the Reformed Church.”

George Everhart’s grandson also of Whitley County, Indiana:  WILLIAM SELL was born in Stark County, Ohio, August 2, 1837, one of ten children (five of whom only are now living), born to Henry B. and Nancy (Eberhart) Sell, natives of Pennsylvania and Maryland, and of German descent. Henry B. Sell was a farmer by occupation, and at the age of seventeen moved to Stark County, Ohio, and at nineteen was married. On his arrival in Ohio, he had only 25 cents, and at the time of his marriage had earned enough to buy a pair of young steers. He worked at clearing, etc., till 1844, when he came to Indiana, stopping at Fort Wayne, Liberty Mills, and finally in Columbia Township, where he purchased some land and went through all the hardships incident to pioneer life, and by persistent labor acquired 845 acres of good land. His wife, who ably assisted him in all his undertakings, died about the year 1872, Mr. Sell surviving her about four years and dying in 1876. They were members respectively of the Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches, and had the respect of all who knew them. Our subject, William Sell, was reared in Whitley County, from the age of six years, and obtained his education at the common schools. September 2, 1860, he married Miss Martha Jane Riteneour, and to their union were born seven children, viz.: Benjamin F., Henry J., William J., Catharine, Charley (deceased), Milledore and Theodore, twins, the last now dead. The mother died in August, 1871, and Mr. Sell married his present wife, Miss Anna Riteneour, sister of his deceased wife, who has borne him four children — Cora A., Irvin (deceased), Fanny (deceased) and Oscar. Mr. Sell owns and works 160 acres of land in the township, and is doing a. good business in town, in handling all the latest and best improved agricultural machinery known to the trade. He is a Democrat, and a member of the Lutheran Church.”


In Whitley County, Indiana there is an “Eberhard Lutheran Church” and an “Eberhard Cemetery”.  The following children of George Everhart are buried there:

George and Maria (Eberhard) Cox

George and Catherine (Snyder) Eberhard

Henry B. and Nancy (Eberhard) Sell


Also in Whitley County, Indiana there is a “Ream Bethel” Cemetery and George Everhart’s son is buried there:

William Eberhard


George’s youngest son by wife, Elizabeth Hull, remained in Ohio but settled in Hardin County:


“Joseph Eberhart is prominently numbered among the agriculturists of Washington township, Hardin county. He is a representative of a prominent old German family who formerly wrote the name ‘Eberhardt.’ and he is a descendant of the crown heads of the Fatherland. The ancestry of this illustrious family is traced back to the year 1445 and to the Dukes of Wurtemberg, and in the United States their history goes back to 1727, when Peter and Michael crossed on the old "Friendship," John Davis master. Landing in Philadelphia on October 16, 1727, they located in Lehigh county, Pennsylvania, and they formed the beginning of a large settlement of their countrymen there. George and Elizabeth (Hull) Eberhart, the parents of Joseph and Sarah Ann, were born in Stark county, Ohio, and but two of their eleven children are now living, and Joseph is the only one in Hardin county.

He was born in Stark county, Ohio, September 24, 1836, and was reared and educated there and also learned the carpenter's trade, a vocation which he has followed more or less throughout his business career. Moving to Hancock county in 1863 he bought a farm of one hundred and five acres, and in 1866 came from there to Hardin county. Here he owns one hundred and sixty acres of valuable land in Washington township, which he purchased the year of his arrival here, but at that time there was only twenty acres of the place cleared. Since then he has made vast improvements in land and buildings, his land being all under a fine state of cultivation, his home a substantial and commodious structure, and at this writing he is erecting his third barn, the first having been burned in 1893, while the second was struck by lightning in June of 1909 and also burned, the first structure having been insured for nine hundred dollars and the second for twelve hundred. Mr. Eberhart is a practical farmer and has a most desirable home.

He married Rebecca A. Kamp in 1858, and seven children have been born to them, namely: Alice, deceased ; Sidney, Clement, Alexander, Clarence, May and Charles L. They also have eighteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Mrs. Eberhart was born in Stark county, Ohio.  October 17, 1839, a daughter of Jacob and Sarah Kamp, the former from England and the latter from Pennsylvania. Their children were twelve in number, but only three are now living, and Mrs. Eberhart is the only one living in Hardin county. The Eberhart family are representative citizens of Hardin county.”

The genealogical records contain two different parental lines for George Everhart of Stark County, Ohio.  One record indicates his wife was named Catherine and his father was named John, mother’s name not known.  Another gives his mother as Mary Ann.  Others indicate his wife was named Catherine and his parents were Paul and Emma (Statler) Eberhart.

Also these records contain information about John Henry Everhard and give his parents as Paul and Emma (Statler) Everhard.  This is the Henry Everhard who is buried in Plain Township, Stark County Ohio in the Zion Cemetery.  I believe that George and John Henry were brothers.  These records also indicate that Paul Everhard was the son of Michael and Anna Margaret (Brunner) Eberhart.

The Re. Uriah Eberhart authored a book, History Of The Eberharts In Germany and The United States; from A. D. 1265 To A. D. 1890-625 Years in 1891 and it was published by Donohue & Henneberry Printers and Binders.  In this book he states that three brothers, Peter, Michael and Joseph Eberhart came to America from Germany in the year 1727.  Tracing back through his work it is Michael who is the ancestor of George Everhart of Stark County, Ohio.  Michael arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship “Friendship” on 16 Oct 1727 and “settled in what was then Northhampton, but now Lehigh county, Pa.”.  The author states:  “I do not know how many children he had, but know he had a son by the name of Henry … and one named Paul, who was born on the ocean, coming over from Germany”. 

Paul Eberhart would be the next descendant of interest.  Rev. Uriah Eberhart states that Paul “was raised in Northhampton County until he was forty-six years of age, when in 1773 he moved to the Manor settlement, seven miles from Greensburg, Westmoreland county, Pa., where he engaged in tilling the soil”.  He also states Paul had four sons, “viz., Jacob, John Henry, Christian and Frederick.” 

History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties Pennsylvania, by Africa J. Simpson was published in 1883 in Philadelphia by Louis H. Everts it contains:


“During the years intervening between the close of the first struggle with Great Britain and the year 1810, many other families had taken up their abode in this portion of the Cove. Among those who were residents in 1800 we find mentioned Christian, Leonard, and John Acker, George, Jacob, John, John, Jr., and Conrad Brumbaugh, Emanuel Ludwig, David Coughenour, Abraham Ditch (the latter two operating a grist- and saw-mill on Clover Creek), Casper Dil-

linger- (who owned a saw-mill), John and George Everhart, Nicholas Fouse, John, Matthew, and Richard Hutson, Christian Hoover (who owned an oilmill on Piney Creek), Abraham Longenecker, Philip Metzker, Samuel Mobley, Harmon Obenour, Paul, Jacob, and Christian Rhodes, James Spencer, Jacob Sheets, Stoephel Shrom, Jacob Smith, Adam Sorrick (who then owned a grist-mill), Henry Solliday, Henry Wisour, and Jacob Willhelm.


Among additional residents mentioned in 1810 were Joseph Everhart, George Foutz, Samuel, John. Frederick, William, Jonathan, Martin, and Jacob Hoover, Andrew Metzker, and Daniel Wiltrout. However, for names of other residents of that year, also during the years 1820 and 1830, the reader is referred to the history of Woodberry township, of which Huston then formed a part.



1801.— John Scholes, constable ; Jacob Rhodes, Philip Oiler, supervisors ;

George Everhart, Jacob Hoover, overseers of the poor; Zacliariah Albaugh, Paul Yerger, appraisers.

1809. — William McGimpsey, Jacob Rodkey, and Peter Swoope were successively appointed constables in the spring of 1809, but refusing to serve were lined by the court forty dollars each. Samuel Hoover, Jacob Rodkey, supervisors; Joseph Everhart, Tobias Henline, overseers of the poor.


1810. — Samuel Hoover, George Everhart, and Jacob Hoover were also fined forty dollars each in the spring of 1810 for refusing to serve as constable. 
1830. — Alexander Campbell, constable; Joseph Everhart, Jacob Brumliaiigli. supervisors; Jacob Bosler, Jacob Rodkey, Jr., overseers of the poor; William Campbell, Davis Gibboney, Abraham Solliday,”

Notes:  George Everhart moved to Stark County, Ohio in 1819.  John Henry Eberhart moved there in 1809.  You also will find a Barnett Everhart in Stark County, Ohio in 1820 who was the son of a Frederick Everhart. The name Jacob Everhart is also seen in Stark County, Ohio.  Jacob and Frederick appear to have been brothers of John Henry and sons of Paul Everhart.  It is also interesting that George Everhart may have had an association with Washington County, Maryland as does John Henry.  This county is just south of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania where George reportedly immigrated from when going to Stark County, Ohio.  Also of interest is that this area are of Maryland is known for its clay deposits and that John Henry Eberhart was “engaged in manufacturing earthenware before moving to Stark County, Ohio. One of John Henry’s sons, John, “taught school for seven years in Washington County, Md.”  These references lead me to believe that the John Henry and George Everhart of Stark County, Ohio were closely related. If George’s father was John then it is likely John was a brother to Paul who was John Henry’s father.  Since John Henry was in Stark County, Ohio in 1809 he may not have been the John Everhart who seems to be the brother of George and is seen in the 1800 and 1810 census of Huntingdon County, PA.

A problem is that often these German families would have more than one person of the same formal name such as; John Henry Everhart, John George Everhart and John Jacob Everhart.  These individuals often went by their second name.  The John Everhart who is seen with George Everhart 1800-1810 may have been John Jacob Everhart.  George may have been another son of Paul Everhart.

John and Catherine Quick were married in Berrien County, Michigan on 17 Aug 1842 at the home of J. Critzer (Kreitzer).  John Quick was 30 years of age and Catherine was 18 years of age.  According to this document Catherine's maiden name was Raver.  John Critzer and Eli Raver witnessed this marriage ceremony.  The record clearly shows the spelling is Raver as written by the clerk.  This name later appears in Berrien County as Raber. 

The first marriage record for Catherine Raver reads: 

“State of Michigan

County of Berrien   Jesse Helmick a Justice of the Peace within and for the of Berrien aforesaid Do hereby Certify that on the 17th day of August A.D. 1842 at J. Critzers I bound in marriage John Quick of the age of Thirty years a resident of the County of Berrien State of Michigan and Catharine Raver of the age of Eighteen years a resident of the County of Berrien State of Michigan on the presence of John Critzer and Eli Raver residents of Berrien County State of Michigan.

Dated this 17th day of August A.D. 1842                              Jesse Helmick

Recorded Sept. 24, 1842                                                        Justice of the Peace

A Burnete … B.C.”

There has been debate as to whether Catherine’s maiden name was Creitzer or Raver.  If she was 16 in 1842 she would have been born in 1826 and that would place her birth before the marriage of John “Kritzer” to Elizabeth (Everhart) Raver in 1831.  This would mean her maiden name was Raver, as this marriage record indicates.  John “Critzer” would have been her step-father and Eli Raver was most likely her brother.  Elizabeth (Everhart) Raver-Kritzer was the daughter of George Everhart of Stark County Ohio.  John Critzer the son of John and Elizabeth was born on 25 Dec 1834 in Ohio and died on 04 Apr 1911 in Berrien County, Michigan.  His death record states that his mother was Elizabeth “Evenhart”.

The 1850 census of Berrien County includes John and Catherine Quick with their children:

Mary Quick age 7 years

Lewis Quick age 5 years

Elizabeth Quick age 5 years

Isaac Quick age 3 years

Caroline Quick age 2 years

Margaret Quick age 2 months

Elizabeth Quick married John Harner on 25 Feb 1862 in Lake Township of Berrien County, Michigan.  Their daughter was Jennie Harner.

Jennie Harner married William Upson in Berrien County, Michigan in 1897. 

Their daughter Cora E. Upson married Walter M. Brackett in Berrien County, Michigan in 1915.

Their son Harold Earl Brackett married Ula Arvena Daniel (nee Hambrick) in Berrien County, Michigan in 1947.

Their son William Brackett married Jane Hauch in Lakeside, Berrien County, Michigan in 1970.

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