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January 5, 2015
Hope everyone has a wonderful and successful year.
Our site is based on years of research and the contributions of family and personal studies.

November 5, 2014 - From Dea's Desk
Due to personal responsibilies, William Brackett has decided to resign as our county coordinator for this site. He will be greatly missed. But please keep
sending your family histories etc. to us and we will place all on site.
Deanna Branson West

November 20, 2013
- Today I revamped and restructured the Index page.
Also added was a Brick Wall page for those who are stuck on finding what
happened to their ancestors once they came to Berrien County.
I combined some of the duplications and moved a few of the state links to the
resource page.
Fall of 2013-JC Carlson contributed a Strunk family history. Located a Civil War Veteran burial in Buchanan of Van Buren Clendenen for Neil Wright. Howard Fox allowed me to transcribe and post a Memory Book for Elizabeth Hinish of Berrien Springs. Carol Stone contributed her Beall Family History. Many cemetery updates and updates to Old Time Schools Graduates were made. Several obituaries have also been added.

Old Updates -

May 2013

Thanks to Chet Pelton for his contribution of Penn Yann School photos and the student listings.

Fall months - 2012

Many of the older burials for some of the cemeteries have been added. Try our search engine to see if any of you ancestors are now included.  If you have newer or older known burials and would like to honor those loved ones, let us hear from you.

In November we also added more school information. And also in November and December viewers sent in more biographies and photos of ancestors that once lived in this great county.

Many thanks to Cindy Hester who contributed several  photos of grave markers in the Pine Grove cemetery in New Buffalo.

List of things needed for the site.

Item Date Limits Added comments
(Sources should always be noted when known)
Biographies Ancestors of Berrien County Up to 1975 Please no gedcoms
& no DOB's for any living individual
Cemetery information no time limit Individual or cemetery listings of burials
County Scenery and Building photographs no time limit Old and new county photos welcome
Death Dates no time limit Person should have once lived in Berrien County
Family photographs Up to 1950 Individual or group photos are great!
Family Records up to 1950 Bible, Journals, Letters, Notes
Houses of Worship no time limit Photos and/or information on some of the histories of same
Obituaries Up to 1975 Please include cemetery buried in, if not
stated in obituary and if you know burial location
Old news paper clippings (typed) up to 1950 For our Family and County tidbit pages.
Schools up to 1950 School photos and/or class rosters
and photos of old schools
Veteran Information no time limit Let's salute our Veterans and their final resting places.
Send your Veterans name and place laid to rest.

Have something news worthy, contact us at:

Sharing:   If you haven't shared your family information with us, we'd love to have it. And keep checking out our search engine from time to time to see if one of your ancestors is on our site. Help us fill in some of the histories on them or even the area you grew up in. We continue to build our data for today's viewers and also generations to come.

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